domingo, 22 de maio de 2011

selena gomez bikini monte carlo

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  • FireStar
    Nov 6, 04:53 PM
    5. Shirts? :D$pdp-265$$pdp-265$

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  • Melrose
    Mar 9, 08:16 AM
    The man is trying so hard to be Lindsey Lohan..

    He's really whacked. Reminds me of the ending of Sunset Boulevard, with Gloria Swanson descending the stairs.. "Alright Mr Demille, I'm ready for my closeup!"

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  • htcbug
    Apr 20, 10:34 AM
    I'm baffled about how a few LEDs can determine your choice between two totally different notebooks

    that's easy, macbook without backlit keyboard is too ugly to me.

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  • jojojeronimo
    Mar 17, 12:23 PM
    Anyone have any luck with CSUF or UCI?


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  • Chupa Chupa
    Apr 12, 05:37 AM
    Usually, when a new technology comes out from Apple like Thunderbolt, (mini display port in look a like), I usually think "Why would other "non" Apple manufactures like WD, Promise etc... adopt Thunderbolt? as USB 3.0 or eSATA is their bracket... where as Apple likes to keep to themselves only tailoring to their own devices (eg. using WDS (or extenting wireless via Airport Express), for example. is not possible unless you have Time Capsule (Apple) )

    I guess I was wrong when I saw this one on MacRumors.

    The major difference between TB and FW adoption is that FW was 100% Apple whereas TB was envisioned by Apple and then handed off to Intel for development and implementation.

    Since Intel is a major supplier of MBs to PC box manufacturers it can more easily push TB than Apple could FW. Moreover USB 3 is an Intel creation too so it has even greater power to play puppet master.

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  • ro2nie
    Oct 24, 09:14 AM
    Is it me, or Apple is also offering new 750 Gb Hard drives as an option for Mac Pros and iMacs?


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  • mdelvecchio
    Apr 26, 04:40 PM
    Just ruined my freakin day. I was really hoping it would be an added benefit instead of a paid feature.

    why would you let an unconfirmed rumor ruin any day?

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  • thatsmyaibo
    Apr 16, 07:28 PM
    I'm running this with my Core 2 Duo and it's pretty sluggish. I don't what what's going on in the background but my browsers are slow and my 2TB hard drive get's accessed when I access things that aren't even relevant.

    Also, is it me or is Time Machine extremely annoying in Lion?


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  • twoodcc
    Jul 24, 10:50 PM
    Sounds like someone didn't take the time to read the post. If you wouldn't use it much you're implying you wouldn't use the iPod... period.

    sorry, i said it wrong. i guess i meant to say that i wouldn't go out and buy a new ipod just for this feature

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  • ArchaicRevival
    Apr 28, 10:28 AM
    Rock on, :apple:


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  • thunng8
    Apr 19, 05:01 AM
    I've looked at Anandtech, Macworld and a whole bunch of other benchmarks. Intel IGP either performs slightly worse or slightly better than the NVIDIA 320M.

    Those comparisons showing the HD3000 being almost as good as the 320M does not relate to the Macbook Air. The next Macbook Air is likely to use the ULV Sandy Bridge which is hugely underclocked compared to the HD3000 used in the MBP.

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  • enda1
    Jul 25, 11:49 AM
    Anyone considered how this (technically) will work? How will the iPod detect where your hands are?

    I seem to remember a rumour about apple developing a display which emebdded motion sensors or CCD's between the pixels in a screen. Could this be what they will use to see/sense what you are doing.

    As an aside, it would be cool if they could inplement this into all their screens. How cool for flicking between pics of a laptop of changing songs in itunes.. endless posibilities!


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  • SchneiderMan
    Sep 16, 09:11 PM
    I also think the trackpad is better than the mouse.

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  • spencers
    Sep 14, 09:07 AM
    hubba hubba. i guess? hahaha

    3 month supply set me back $70 with copay. $370 with no insurance!! :eek: Boys are lucky.

    I feel like such a scientist (well, I am) when I giggled at the structure. :D
    Yet, I'm sad nobody else understood it. How is pharm going?

    edit: Ordered a new faceplate for my worn out radio. (


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  • Plymouthbreezer
    Nov 16, 10:43 AM
    A new pair of Ray-Bans, for sure...Otherwise, nothing specific. I'm trying to simplify this year; I have a lot, and it's nice to give for a change.

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  • appleguy123
    Apr 25, 10:59 PM
    Thanks! You are now my favorite God.
    Was I your favorite god beforehand?


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  • Luba
    Sep 30, 09:41 PM
    Is Verizon and the competition any better? I don't think so, and that's why AT&T can get away with not investing in additional towers.

    AT&T is collecting our money, but not spending the money needed to provide the service we are paying for. I suppose it's great on paper for them and their bottom line, but at some point will this catch up with them?? We are at least a generation behind the rest of the world but AT&T can get away with it because the rest of the competition is doing the same.

    I wonder what is pushing the other countries into 4G, and at this rate we may soon be 2 generations behind. A similar situation exists with internet broadband where the rest of the world gets faster internet than us. :(

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  • jettredmont
    Oct 23, 07:22 PM
    This is actually an incorrect report that Microsoft has tried to correct, but it keeps getting reported.

    I know we jump all over MS for spreading FUD... We shouldn't do the same.

    Ummmm ... The Oct 18 Update in that link says exactly what we've been saying here: you can't legally run Vista Home editions in a VM. Period. See:

    Update 18-Oct: Microsoft has issued yet another "clarification." They say you really can't legally run Vista home versions in a VM. I say their agreement is incomprehensible and their policy is stupid and short-sighted. Details here.

    So ... FCT* then?

    (* Fear, Certainty, and Truth, as opposed to Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt)

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  • seanpholman
    Mar 16, 10:04 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    About 40 in line now at SCP.

    Ahh, sounds pointless then. Word has gotten out.


    Jul 24, 06:29 PM
    (Looks at watch)

    Is it time for another ****** apple mouse already?

    Apr 22, 02:23 PM
    The dates are wrong as the F700 was unveiled after Apple announced the iPhone at MacWorld in 2007

    It was Released a month after macworld 07, it takes far longer then a month to copy a design and put it into mass production. Apple is in the wrong on this one. Samsung can easily say it is continuing its original design and mixing it with android.

    Jason Beck
    Apr 10, 02:30 AM (

    Camera Canon EOS REBEL T2i
    Exposure 0.005 sec (1/200)
    Aperture f/9.0
    Focal Length 35 mm
    ISO Speed 100

    This photo made me thirsty for some Sprite. That is a cool tree right there. Liking the colors on it alot. Could care less about the fountain. : )

    Jul 21, 07:57 PM
    Sorry guys. I was asking how much of Apple does Bill Gates actually own via stock, not the market share that Apple has. This info is very hard to find.

    Microsoft bought 150 million in non-voting stock. Hardly a controlling interest. They have since sold most if not all of that stock for a tidy profit. Apple in turn dropped the "Look and Feel" lawsuit (which they weren't going to win anyway) and MS promised updates to "Office" and IE. Microsoft has NO significant financial stake in Apple.

    See this (

    Nov 6, 09:33 AM
    Just FYI.

    The "private" beta that's being circulated is a very old beta in the development stage. VMware has big plans, and is working closely with Apple to have a true Mac look and feel.

    Things VMware Final version will do:
    Be 100% Free
    Support Adjusting how many processors you use.
    64bit support and optimization
    Drag and drop into the VM window (just try dragging a file off your desktop into the VM now)

    ***And full support to use your bootcamp volume. So you don't have to have two disks anymore or one for Virtual Machine, and another for bootcamp with full video accelerations. You can just run your bootcamp volume right inside of VMware for those times when you don't want to reboot, and just need to do work. That way you only have one copy of windows on your machine! No VM needed!

    **Support for "Virtual Appliances" which VMware has a bunch of on their site. Thousands of companies make ready-made Virtual Machines, that you can download and run in VMware, such as a lamp server, special build of RedHat, or a Ubuntu for graphics, or a mail server, or anything you can imagine, there are over 100,000 Virtual Appliances available on the VMware site, and you can create your own "Virtual Appliance" and share it with your friends!

    I don't know about the free part though. If its just a player (like the current Beta), I can see that being free. But if they add all those extra features I don't see it being free at all. But then again, Macs aren't targeted towards the Corporations, so they might just make one version with a lot of features and not charge as much as VMware Workstation (for Windows).

    Yes, the current version is really buggy.

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