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arnold schwarzenegger now and before

arnold schwarzenegger now and before. Now that we#39;ve dispelled some
  • Now that we#39;ve dispelled some

  • orangerizzla
    Apr 1, 09:18 AM
    That is really ugly... Is it my imagination or has the general design @ Apple been going a bit haywire recently?

    arnold schwarzenegger now and before. arnold schwarzenegger now and
  • arnold schwarzenegger now and

  • yellow
    Dec 4, 08:59 AM
    That is different then having AppleTalk active on a network connection.

    How so? That means the AppleTalk network stack is loaded.. needlessly, and potentially wasting resources, no?

    Regardless, I find it rather odd that the service should be enabled by default given it's depricated status. I mean.. MacTels cannot run Classic, yet a major banner of the Classic OS (pre-8.6) is enabled by default? No one else sees that as odd? <shrug>

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  • Arnold Schwarzenegger may be a

  • Bentobilly
    Apr 28, 11:08 PM
    Seriously, why not an Imac with touch-screen right now? Will we need to wait for the next iMac update to see this technology implemented?

    Apple is surely working on it:

    And, besides that, OS X Lion will be 100% focused on touch technology... and we�re not talking about an Ipad OS...

    Are you planning on nursing your iMac in your lap?:rolleyes:

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  • Arnold Schwarzenegger tells

  • decimortis
    Mar 31, 10:53 AM
    Apple unveils iPad 3, complete with iOS Lion. ;)

    Storms coming...



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  • Snowy_River
    Jul 25, 01:20 AM
    Wave your hands in the air controls?

    Wait, I've seen that before somewhere?! Hmmmmm.


    As long as I don't have to wear those gloves. uuugh.

    Did anyone here ever play Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time? That came out before Minority Report and they had this kind of non-touch interface, but they didn't have to wear funny gloves! ;)

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  • Chef Medeski
    Oct 18, 05:18 PM
    That nothing.
    I made 600 million profit selling lemonade on my street just last week.
    Thats a whole lot of lemons and suger.... unless u used too much water!!!!!:eek:




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  • tjsdaname
    Nov 25, 12:53 AM
    gonna be getting this for myself


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  • Schwarzenegger has enacted

  • proehrich
    Sep 30, 01:30 PM
    We could be trying to use the Iphone on T-mobile. :D


    arnold schwarzenegger now and before. arnold schwarzenegger now and
  • arnold schwarzenegger now and

  • NT1440
    May 1, 11:53 PM
    People's perception of reality matters more in these situations than actual reality. The fact that the average guy in the street probably still thinks/thought of him as the head of al-Qaeda is the important part.

    This acceptance of perception being more important than reality is exactly why everyone hates politics, its how this kind of thing works. It's a huge part of the problem when reality doesn't matter any more. It's an immense danger.

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  • Mac Marc
    Apr 25, 12:29 PM
    In the past, Apple has offered a discount on an impending OS release if you buy a new Mac (but wait for the announcement or ask at the Apple Store).

    Do you guys think there will there be another refresh with Lion pre-loaded this summer?


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  • *LTD*
    Apr 13, 07:47 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8G4)

    It doesn't really matter at this point. Black or white, it's the iPhone. It'll still sell out.

    yah the white iPhone looks fresh as hell!

    I'll admit it does look pretty sweet. The metal and white. It seems to work from what I can tell from the pics.

    arnold schwarzenegger now and before. arnold schwarzenegger now and
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  • spencers
    Sep 14, 09:07 AM
    hubba hubba. i guess? hahaha

    3 month supply set me back $70 with copay. $370 with no insurance!! :eek: Boys are lucky.

    I feel like such a scientist (well, I am) when I giggled at the structure. :D
    Yet, I'm sad nobody else understood it. How is pharm going?

    edit: Ordered a new faceplate for my worn out radio.
    http://img529.imageshack.us/img529/4438/204619.jpg (http://img529.imageshack.us/i/204619.jpg/)


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  • kbmb
    Apr 12, 09:16 AM
    Aren't we quickly getting to the point where it's all about the software?

    Ok, so we know iPhone 5 will get dual core A5....big deal. It'll be nice to have the extra power, but the iPhone 4 now is no slouch.

    Added RAM.....yeah, that would be nice....but not going to suddenly sell more phones because it has more RAM :p

    Display won't get any better resolution-wise. Doubt they'd go with a larger screen either.

    Better cameras....ok.....still, the iPhone 4 cameras are no slouch, and it's not like it will reach the quality of a nice DSLR with those tiny sensors.

    Better graphics processing.....sure.....but it's not like it has to drive a 9.7" screen like the iPad.

    I'd say Apple is smartly switching into software mode. Kick ass with iOS5, revamp notifications, make some much needed overhauls to the system, and optimize performance for todays devices (iPhone 4, iPad & iPad 2).

    Apple is going to stay ahead with software. That's the way Apple is and always has been.


    arnold schwarzenegger now and before. arnold schwarzenegger now and
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  • Moyank24
    Apr 25, 10:56 PM

    Thanks! You are now my favorite God.


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  • Arnold Schwarzenegger Now

  • tjanuranus
    Apr 22, 04:31 PM
    I seem to remember everyone saying ip4 looked ugly and horrible before it came out. Let's just wait and see!

    arnold schwarzenegger now and before. arnold schwarzenegger now.
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  • milo
    Jul 21, 01:20 PM
    5-7% is possible. Don't ever expect Apple to get above 10 again though.

    Why not?

    I think there's some upper limit that apple may hit, I just don't see why it would be as low as 10%.

    Generic businesses will likely stay with windows for quite a while, regardless of what apple does. But I don't see any reason many creative businesses, schools and home users couldn't switch to macs.


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  • cjbryce
    Apr 14, 10:27 AM
    I always wondered if the rumors of the iPad3 for September is actually a smaller tablet designed to compete against the Barnes & Noble Nook Color and (possibly) an upcoming Amazon Kindle Android tablet. It would feature iOS 5, Retina Display (for easier reading), the iBookstore, and could run iPhone or iPod Touch apps. Market it as a separate product, and maybe even use the iBook name again.

    Then again - after seeing a TV commercial for a Samsung TV that has a bunch of apps, maybe the Apple HDTV set isn't a bad rumor either.

    Well, If I was in product development at Apple*, I might look around and see what the biggest iPad competitors were producing and come to the conclusion that if I produced a 7" iBook running iBooks and a few other iOS Apps and priced it to compete reasonably well with the Kindle, then launched it shortly before Christmas then I might hook quite a lot more customers into the Apple ecosystem.

    At the same time I'd hopefully attract the I-have-a-laptop-so-I-don't-want-a-tablet-but-an-eReader-would-be-nice segment of the market which, judging by the number of MR posters saying that here, is quite large.

    *But I'm not. However I'll have a tenner on at Ladbrokes that that's what's coming in September.:)

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  • Iconoclysm
    Apr 21, 11:42 PM

    That and Apples incredible profit is what makes them look so paranoid, petty, and stupid.

    Instead of acting like the world class company they could be, Apple comes across as fools.

    I must admit, I'm much happier being seen with my Galaxy S.

    When one is seen in this town (New York) with an iPhone they look at you like "oh, you're one of those snobs".

    Yet the irony is they're a dime a dozen here.

    Actually, the irony is that the people who are looking at you and judging you based on your phone are the snobs.

    Apple certainly doesn't come across as fools for protecting their designs. And if you know a little bit about how this works, you'd know that by not protecting it, they forfeit the right to protect it in the future if the same thing happens. Then again, that's for corporate lawyers to handle, it's not a marketing decision. And...being a public company, they have an obligation to their shareholders to not allow these kind of infringements. But yeah, I can see how this is easily percieved as bullying, or stupid, by people who can't see the forest through the trees such as yourself.

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  • Their favorite arnold

  • msb3079
    Apr 28, 04:25 PM
    It's definitely not perspective. You can see the metal piece is raised higher because the white sections are thicker than the black sections. A 2 year old could figure this out.

    Apr 3, 02:32 PM
    Took my camera out yesterday for the first time in about four months: a bit like getting back in a car when you haven't driven for a while, to find you're thinking about something you used to do automatically...


    Apr 27, 12:10 AM
    I bought an iMac April 16. If apple releases a new model May 3rd, will they pity recent buyers and allow exchange/return for the new iMac????

    You have until the 30th to return it with the 14 day return policy so I would return it now and just buy the new one when it comes out

    Apr 30, 03:42 PM
    That's what he said. Reread what he wrote.

    Eldiablojoe can be our token blonde in the afterlife?

    Mar 31, 12:13 PM
    I'd prefer a clean modern OS with usability first and foremost.

    Who says they haven't? Maybe the iCal developers are so solidly done that they are dinking around with skins now?

    And out of curiousity, what does a "modern OS" look like anyway? Is there some standard or generally accepted look for that? Or perhaps by "modern" you mean "not done before" ? I'm honestly curious about the answer to this.

    Screw the gratuitous eyecandy�

    Eye candy that gets in the way of functional is stupid. Otherwise, as long as I can modify it, I couldn't care less.

    Oct 28, 07:57 AM
    I just jumped to 19th place on the team when my bigadv unit was posted. better get that i7 going and figure out the gpu2 problem. (scratches head)

    I think we might catch back up to Team Lithuania :D

    Nice. Those amd machines add up since you have so many. How do you deal with heat?

    Well, I'll hop on the bandwagon. My measly old MBP should be able to cope with it. I'll get my PS3 onto the game as well, just to see how much I can get out of it.

    (far out you guys are well equipped)

    glad to have you!

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