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recent earthquakes

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  • recent earthquakes 2011

  • Rogue.
    May 3, 07:36 AM
    And the specs?

    UK store still down at this time...

    So enough of the speculation, and post when you have something worth posting ;)

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  • AlligatorBloodz
    Apr 13, 07:53 PM
    Apple makes monitors. Apple makes Apple TV2s. Take the back panel off the monitor. Insert Apple TV2. Put back panel on. Apply duct tape. BOOM. A smart tv.

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  • ChrisGonzales90
    Jun 6, 08:43 PM
    Sorry, Shaniqwa was the first name I could think of when I thought of 8 kids and irresponsible parenting. My apologies.

    Well there is always this woman


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  • Jasperjax
    Nov 28, 09:03 PM
    Keeping it simple this year, a new toy & a book to curl up with lol


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  • macFanDave
    Jul 21, 02:44 PM
    They're behind Gateway in number of units shipped. Gateway produces and ships more units than Apple.

    Michael, read shawnce's message #61. It's exactly how I wanted to reply to your statement, only better.

    About market share, there is an optimal level, I believe. Too low and the issue of third-party applications and peripherals becomes a problem. However, if Apple's marketshare gets too high, there could be some anti-trust problems.

    Let's face it: Apple is a monopoly, but with such a small market share, it is a monopoly that we have freely chosen to deal with. We Mac consumers cannot go to the DOJ and claim we have no alternatives (just because your alternatives suck doesn't mean you don't have them.) If Apple were wildly successful and exceeded this threshold market share, their business model may be interfered with by the government.

    10% should be far below that threshold.

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  • cleanup
    Sep 14, 08:04 AM
    Iv'e got good taste.

    Not if you go to clubs that play Linkin Park.

    Or if you like Linkin Park, for that matter.

    Anyways, it's a new year, so it's time for a new toner cartridge slash printer, and the printer was on sale! :) I'm not sure if it comes with only half the toner or a third, but I'm hoping it's the former...



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  • Eidorian
    Apr 13, 02:06 PM
    I think the changes to the latest Apple TV is a sign of where Apple wants to be headed. The next Apple TV will be even smaller and come free when you buy a Mac, iPad, or iPhone. Wait and see! Just like giving e-mail away helps Google's ecosystem, so does getting Apple TVs into people's houses help Apple's ecosystem.I want to believe.

    Then again we are talking about the company that is nickel and diming for nearly every formerly included accessory now.

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  • mkehll
    Apr 16, 06:18 AM
    Noticed a new Safari error message. For example try visiting: http://safarierrormessage.com/ Getting more and more polish! Hope we get GM soon!


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  • dXTC
    Dec 30, 12:11 PM
    This will be a thread hand-grenade, but let's face it - depending on her/your/our healthcare situation, you kindof are paying for this. ...

    ...I'm all for personal freedoms and not letting people tell others what to do with their bodies, but I don't want to subsidize stupid behavior like this. I say make her carry her own weight, and I mean that both literally and figuratively.

    I don't disagree with you on this. I am by no means whatsoever advocating that everyone should gain a hundred or so pounds just because I happen to like plenty of curves. What this person was hinting at doing is indeed physically dangerous, in fact just as dangerous long-term as a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass or other drastic weight-loss measure.

    Thank goodness she recanted her statement afterward. I think she was starting to enjoy the publicity after the first couple of media appearances-- it's not everyday a big girl gets attention, y'know-- but after a while she saw the negative aspect of that publicity and decided it wasn't for her.

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  • recent earthquakes usgs map

  • jbanger
    Oct 26, 09:19 PM
    the picture at the top of this page freaks me out :eek:


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  • recent earthquakes usgs gov

  • ClimbingTheLog
    Jul 24, 10:27 PM
    Make it easy to clean, or I'm sticking with my Kensington Trackball. 10 years, the same design. And I can replace the white trackball with my favorite snooker ball.

    Bah, I upgraded to the USB model after both generations of ADB models finally bit the dust.

    I'd love to get the thing wireless so I can leave it on my desk and show up with my iBook and use it. Same for a full-sized keyboard.

    Has anybody seen a Bluetooth to USB adapter that can present a USB keyboard and mouse to a Bluetooth computer? You'd think such a thing should exist, but I've searched high and low. Complicating things is that there are thousands of USB to Bluetooth adapters that give a host computer Bluetooth functionality which clutter the google results.

    No need for battery powered either, I want a USB keyboard and mouse into one end, power into the other, and Bluetooth out an antenna. I have to believe somebody in Taiwan is churning these out.

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  • dashiel
    Jul 21, 11:35 AM
    Phil Schiller recently that it isn't going to happen. "absolutely not, the R&D would be prohibitive and we�re not going to do it. Our solution is dual boot." (http://www.macworld.com/news/2006/07/07/windowsmac/index.php) At the same time, they are happy to promote Parallels (http://www.apple.com/getamac/windows.html).

    schiller also said � i think the day before boot camp was announced � that apple wouldn't prevent users from putting windows on the intel macs, but they wouldn't facilitate it either.

    apple is notorious for saying one thing and then turning around and doing the exact opposite the video ipod being a perfect example. i'm not saying it will happen, i'm just saying don't put much stock in comments from apple execs regarding future products.


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  • mucke12
    May 3, 08:21 AM
    Come on only Hyper-threading with the i7 -.-

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  • Cuthbert
    Apr 13, 01:49 PM

    I would be greatly interested in this. Likely would not buy the first generation. It would aso depend on size and actual features. Ive been greatly disappointed in the revamp of the apple tv and am looking for apple to do more for my living room than this past pathetic attempt at ATV2.


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  • themadrussian
    Apr 22, 04:25 PM
    Holy horrible, Batman.

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  • for quot;Recent Earthquakesquot;

  • macman312
    Apr 12, 07:11 PM
    While this is possible I don't think it will be true. Firstly Apple is one to keep to traditions and ever since 2007 the release/announcement a new iphone in june/july and a new ipod range in september. So apple please keep to your traditions of ANNOUNCING a new iphone you don't have to release it till JUly/september but just so the teleco companies can prepare and get a list of people who would like one please announce it at the WWDC :apple::apple::apple::apple::apple::apple::apple::apple::apple::D:D:D:D:cool::cool::D:D:apple::apple :


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  • AppleScruff1
    May 1, 10:15 PM
    It's about time! Too bad he didn't suffer.

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  • ct2k7
    Apr 24, 10:23 PM
    I hope stoked's daughter is more open that stoked himself.

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  • recent earthquakes in japan

  • ayeying
    Oct 25, 05:21 PM
    Does anyone know when GPU folding would be around... kinda wanna put my CUDA to use in OSX and not in Windows 7 here. I'm pumping out 12 minutes per frame using the 9400M

    Apr 13, 09:20 AM
    The Thunderbolt Wiki (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thunderbolt_(interface)) has a diagram showing the TB controller's access to things. The accompanying description ("Thunderbolt can be implemented on graphics cards, which have access to DisplayPort data and PCI express connectivity, or on the motherboard of new devices, such as the MacBook Pro.[5][17][22]") implies that a TB compatible PCIe graphics card could bring older systems up-to-date. That would be interesting.

    Do you trust Wikipedia? :) In fact the line above this one on Wikipedia says: Because the PCIe bus does not carry video data, it is unclear whether a standalone PCIe card could offer a Thunderbolt port. The Intel Thunderbolt Technology Brief does not give a conclusive answer.[3]

    Everything I've read that is sourced to Intel says an add-on card won't be possible. It's my guess that the integration for Thunderbolt needs to be deeper than an PCI Express card, especially with its capability to carry video/data. It may be that Intel does not want people confused by data-only Thunderbolt ports. OTOH, I'm not a Thunderbolt engineer, so I may be completely mistaken. :D

    Great find. Let's hope Apple releases a card for the Mac Pro.

    Technical issues aside - odds are that Apple would rather sell you a new Mac Pro with Thunderbolt onboard.

    Jan 30, 01:00 PM
    I heard on the radio that the first thing he did every morning was to pull up TMZ to see what Charlie had done so if he knew whether to go to work or not

    And I saw a tweet that said that Lindsay Lohan was worried about him
    You know if she is worried about him you have reached the bottom

    That's funny.

    I think the phrase, "partying like the Kennedy's" needs to be updated. :D

    Apr 28, 11:04 AM
    I'm honestly surprised by a lot of you. The whole "no single android phone outsells the iPhone!" argument, is foolish and weak. It's a platform war. You basically get ONE CHOICE with the iPhone. Now it's a great choice, but of course it's going to be a top seller as a result. There are so many good Android choices out there that a single model isn't going to dwarf the others. Since there are, you know, options? As a platform it seems iOS is getting whooped on. Does that not register, or are people that much in denial?

    Now myself, I like my iPhone, but come on...in this case we are talking about platforms...So weird...

    Apr 24, 03:29 PM
    Which doesn't mean much because it doesn't factor in the iPod or iPad, which both run iOS. It's better to look at platform marketshare rather than just smartphone marketshare.

    We where doing a simple survey on cellphone use on campus to answer the Research question "Do students use more smartphones now compared to last year."

    Sep 16, 09:17 PM
    I also think the trackpad is better than the mouse.

    I love my trackpad .. I can't even remember the last time I used the magic mouse. $70 wasted now

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