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selena gomez who says video hairstyle. Selena Marie Gomez
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  • dethmaShine
    Apr 13, 10:51 AM
    Sorry, refuse to see what ? You posted a TechCrunch article which refuted itself. You did not post an engadget story. What am I refusing to see exactly ? I'm reading the links you supplied. Supply links that at least support your position next time, and I won't "refuse to see it" like you say.

    Next, your Engadget article was refuted. Hardly justification to propose as fact that apple "envisionned" anything as far as Thunderbolt goes.

    I'm not questioning that they played a role, be it major or minor, I'm questioning the importance Chuppa is giving Apple which his choice of "envision". All history of TB points to the contrary. Your engadget article is the first to say that Apple envisionned it and it was quickly refuted.

    So again : Citation Needed.

    Cool it down.

    It is possible that Apple 'dictated'. It is possible that intel did it on their own. No one has a concrete answer to this. So it's better to let it go.

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  • torbjoern
    May 1, 11:50 PM
    for what?

    For extracting information about the rest of al-Qaeda.

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  • Hal Jordan
    Apr 22, 07:43 PM
    Meh. It's an Apple. Really getting bored of the Apple look and iOS. To me they just look really cheap now. Already made my decision to get the Galaxy S2. Sorry but if Apple sticks with the 3.7inch screen, they're only gonna fall further back. Let's be honest, the iPhone isn't that great as a phone. It never was. Transmission, reception, and voice quality are poor to average. There's a reason why the iPhone 5 is being delayed. Apple took one look at the current competition and went back to the drawing bored. And that's fine. Any good company should do just that. I've never been a full on blind fanboy, hence my move to the GS2. At the same time, I don't want Apple turning into the next RIM. :o

    I love tech that's on the bleeding edge. Right now for me, that's hardware. The tangible undisputed specs. And Samsung's high end GS2 oozes bleeding edge tech. The camera and 1080P video is ridiculously amazing. I'm not the emotional type that gets all caught up with the brainless "it just works" crowd. You know what?, they all "just work." If you don't know how to adapt to any OS, then maybe you just shouldn't even use any device at all. Seriously, they're all easy to use and get used to. Don't get me wrong, Apple to me is still a great brand, but for me the honeymoon is over so to speak.

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  • but i hope Selena

  • iJohnHenry
    Apr 23, 07:29 PM
    His commentary was laughing at the situation, I believe. It is also reported that they stole victim's personal items.

    Oh, thank you. I choose not to watch the vid.

    So, good riddance, laughing arsehole.


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  • selena gomez who says music

  • clintob
    Oct 23, 10:27 AM
    Why is anyone surprised about this? It goes without saying that MS will try to squeeze every dime they can out of Vista, and that includes making non-PC users pony up for the most expensive version. It's the way it's always been with MS... nickel and dime all the way. Just yet another checkmark in the "why I can't get away from MS fast enough" column.


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  • millerb7
    May 4, 07:07 AM
    pfft, this should not be front page news, hell not even second page... just a bunch of hearsay from a CR that knows nothing about it and speculates BS.

    A rumor... imagine that.


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  • selena gomez who says music

  • appleguy123
    Apr 28, 01:09 PM
    Looks like I had the wolf roles backwards. Oh well. I'll be watching to see if my prediction holds up. :D

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  • selena gomez who says video

  • tjb1
    Jan 26, 11:11 AM
    Wish I could get my taxes done, worked 3 jobs last year and only got my W2 for one of them :( didnt make much though...probably about 4k so maybe a $200 refund if that. Anyone have a guess? I always mark no dependencies or whatever so they take all the taxes out.


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  • selena gomez who says video

  • bcaslis
    Apr 22, 01:22 AM
    Cool. Then in a couple months, when the new macbook air is released and its as thin, or thinner than the current model AND includes a backlit keyboard, you'll come back here and admit you were ignorant, right?

    Wow, are you this much of a jerk in person?

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  • johnnyjibbs
    Mar 31, 11:51 AM
    Firstly, I'd be very surprised if this was Gold Master considering how early it is and I was expecting there to be a few UI updates prior to its release given that the Leopard look is quite old now.

    But now they've given us this, a hark back to the whole brushed metal fiasco of early Mac OS X, where there was a mixture of ghastly brushed metal and aqua (yes and that brushed metal Finder ;)). The original reasoning behind the brushed metal was that it was supposed to be reserved for things like iTunes, where certain apps were supposed to resemble their physical counterparts (sound familiar?) but then Apple had to keep amending the UI Interface rules to cover off its many own violations!

    Something tells me we're not done yet. Expect Address Book to be the next to 'go leather'. And I wouldn't be surprised if that was it.

    From what I remember, Leopard looked like Tiger did for most of its development, before a release just prior to Gold Master made everything the dark grey gradient as you see today. It wouldn't surprise me if the end Lion product looks nothing like the Leopard/Snow Leopard look that you see right now.

    When Steve said he wanted to see more of the iPad on Mac OS X, at least we now know he wasn't kidding ;)


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  • chrmjenkins
    Apr 28, 04:26 PM
    First, the volume switch issue, then this. I feel sorry for case manufacturers. What a nightmare.

    Oh shucks, people have to buy all new cases to fit this slightly varied iphone.

    Bill, I guess open another vault for all the extra money. We just ain't got no more places to put it.

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  • jeevesofRKdia
    Apr 3, 04:46 AM
    It'sa me on-a Flickr! (http://www.flickr.com/photos/jeevesofrkdia/5584180139/)
    250mm (55-250 IS)

    This photo is from my recent trip to India. I had asked about some gear and stuff before leaving (this is my first (D)SLR and my first foray into more serious photography). C&C on everything I post is welcome, as I would like to grow as a photographer!

    Also, don't peek at my photostream, as I'd like to post some of those in the upcoming days here. :D

    I posted this in the March thread... Way to go, me. We're obviously 3 days into April now. XD


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  • selena gomez who says video

  • leekohler
    Feb 28, 01:52 PM
    I'm not saying that I don't think he's abusing some serious drugs, but I think he has more control over what he's doing/saying than we think.

    Very doubtful. He sounds like my ex boyfriend who would call me at 4:30 in the morning to tell me that we need to get back together because he's out of rehab now, all while slurring his speech. He's got more wrong with him than substance abuse.

    It is sad, but he is just having a total mental meltdown. He is clearly delusional if he believes any of the crap he has been spewing lately.

    Oh yeah. And if he thinks he's going to get $3 million an episode, I've got some nice property in Florida real cheap. He's on the fast track to the gutter.

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  • AndroidfoLife
    Apr 24, 04:38 PM
    Thanks for the anecdote.

    The iPhone sets the bar. Google has to flood the market with a lot of junk to achieve higher share. That's hardly impressive. Google is the MS of mobile. Hardly a compliment. License out your beta OS to anyone that can slam together a box, give it away, and away you go.

    The iPhone is still the #1 selling handset. Where are the iPhone killers? There aren't any. Because the competition doesn't know how to make one. Because Apple approaches tech from a totally different place.

    The iOS platform still dominates, and given the iPad's success, it'll be that way for the foreseeable future.

    Android enjoys highest smartphone market share. Yet the OS is pretty brutal and their ecosystem is a mess. So why do they have greater share? Not because they make a superior product, but because the only alternative to an iPhone was an Android-based device, and Eric T. Mole got to work licensing it out to everyone with no regard for design or User Experience. If you flood the market with what, 70+ (probably a lot more) devices and let everyone and their dog make the devices you'll eventually enjoy force of numbers.

    Android is given away free to anyone to manufacture, to make as many POS devices as they wish, to sell for peanuts, in massive volume.

    That's all it is. Market flooding at every price point and you get some sort of touchscreen and some sort of app store. And given Google's Microsoftian horizontal business model, that's all it'll ever be.

    For instance, THIS is the kind of total junk that Google puts their name to:


    And guess what: Dell went ahead and copied it. The DELL XCD28. Same junk. But Android market share just went up!

    Here's another amazing Android device:


    Anything to be proud of? But hey, they're dirt cheap. And uh . . . "open" or whatever.

    If Google actually *cared* about what they put the Android name to, if they actually gave a damn about the USER, would they allow this? Ask yourself that. That's the difference. There are some things Apple *will not* allow to exist - namely: garbage.

    Yes, highest market share. Until you go hunting for the REASON.

    Its only in opinions which OS is better. I know Windows is better for me because it allows me to build my own hardware. Not all android phones are dirt cheap. The top selling ones are not the dirt cheap ones it is the ones that compete directly with the iPhone in the high end smart phone. There are a lot of phones out there that top the iPhone. The Atrix, the G2X, Evo and multiple other ones are all better phones then the iPhone 4. The iPhone is a good phone, But is far from the best. It will never turn into a one horse game. There will never be an "iPhone Killer", And android is here to stay.

    The iPhone can not meet everyones needs some people need a physical keyboard, Larger screen, SD slot, Smaller screen, HDMI, High end camaras, various things that end the end the Single model of the iPhone will not work for them


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  • tjmrpm04
    Jun 6, 07:36 AM
    $1000 worth of a beating he'd get if i were his parent. Luckily for kids, i hate them and would never have one. Ever.

    Going out on a limb here, but I am guessing this is not going to be an issue. Now go upstairs because your mom just finished cooking the brisket.

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  • rdowns
    Feb 28, 06:10 PM
    Between him and Cryer, that's still half of what the show brings in. And you're still not factoring in production costs.

    Remember that CBS gets to air reruns and also owns part of the show to sell into syndication. That damn psycho has probably generated a billion dollars for CBS.

    Here's a list of what some TV stars earn. (http://www.tvguide.com/News/Top-TV-Earners-1021717.aspx)

    Says Sheen gets $1.25 million, Cryer at $550K and the kid at $250K.


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  • dr_lha
    Oct 18, 05:04 PM
    Wow, amazing how emotional people always get whenever I make a statement that could sound slightly anti-iPod... I know you love your iPod and all (I am very fond of mine myself), but over the last few years Apple has been focusing a dispropotional amount of energy into their cute little gadget which has massively boosted their profits. For those of us that don't salivate over all things iPod, I think this is too bad.

    That is all.
    Apple revamped their entire line of computers this year, a massive change over to a new CPU architecture and sales have increased accordingly. What more do you want from them exactly?

    Personally I think your vision is very skewed. The iPod line up has languished this year in comparison to the computer line up.

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  • Mochi Hana
    Apr 18, 05:05 PM
    Nice. :D

    selena gomez who says video hairstyle. selena gomez who says music
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  • TheDrift-
    Apr 9, 10:43 AM
    A lovely day in Lincolnshire, C & C Welcome

    http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5301/5603743528_9b6abcc6e0_b.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/52607317@N04/5603743528/)

    Apr 24, 03:03 PM
    That's pretty much exactly what you're doing.

    Oh please, get off your PC high horse for a second and come back to reality. Yeah, no one should get beat up and bullied. I'd also love for the world to be filled with rainbows and unicorns all the time too. However, if I walk around drunk in a bad part of town flashing a suitcase full of cash, well I shouldn't be shocked that I get robbed. I know people don't like to take personal responsibility for their actions these days and everyone's ready to sue someone else because nothing is ever their fault. But most reasonable people should realize that being drunk in the ghetto as a transgendered guy isn't the brightest idea.

    Mustafa Monde
    Dec 1, 04:25 PM
    iAdware is an ugly development to-be-sure, but not a big an scary one. As most Mac users know, proof of concept is not the same as actually having this kind of thing happen in the wild.

    Still, Apple should take this seriously and anticipate similar developments in the coming months. If something like this does take off, it'll likely be through spoofing type sites and so on. For now I'm not going to loose any sleep over this and trust that Apple, as it angles itself-towards dominance in the marketplace, won't make the same blunders MS did with their buggy OS.

    Apple knows that MS has them in their sights and any slip would be exploited. You can just see them shouting from the rooftops, "My Gawd, Apple has viruses, malware and adware!" as if that paralleled the umpteen thousands of virus developed to exploit their own sub-par software.

    I suspect it's being looked into now by Apple's security team with an update to emerge long before this pup is found in the wild.

    Jan 29, 01:52 PM
    Ordered this last week...it arrived and I installed it today.

    Super easy upgrade and cheap! 2x2gb...so my total iMac Ram is now 8gb.


    Apr 23, 11:51 PM
    I just seen a T-Mobile commercial where they threw an iPhone 4. :(

    Apr 29, 04:56 PM
    I'm willing to bet you'll see Amazon's share price take a jump again as the media starts to say that Amazon is going to steal iTunes market share. Wall Street just loves market share. I think they just enjoy the controversy. They'll connect Android's growth rate with lowered mp3 costs and figure through some immediate impact that Amazon will steal away iPhone and iTunes customers away in the long run and pull them to the Android platform.

    I say that it's not wise to just lower prices if you're going to lose money on every sale. I still believe Wall Street will let Amazon get away with it. I'll stick with Apple's pricing model since I'm sure they know how to balance their books the best. Since the record companies approved of Apple's tiered pricing model, I think Amazon might be sticking its neck out again if this new pricing model isn't approved by the record companies.

    I wonder what your response would have been if Apple had reduced their pricing model and Amazon had the higher one....

    I'm guessing you'd praise Apple for the strategy. Maybe I'm wrong. But I am sure plenty here would.

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