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  • dethmaShine
    Apr 13, 01:53 PM
    Wait, for something to have meaning it must have emotions attached to it ? Whatever happened to cold objective debate ?

    Meaning is derived from the content, not from the emotions behind the statements. We're in a debate of facts, not in a subjective discussion. Emotionality has no place in the text.

    That's not what I meant. You're trying to mix things up now. All you said was:

    'Written text has no emotionality.'

    You sounded as if it were a general statement or a fact which is absolutely false.

    Or am I not understanding what you mean here ? My post was objective in that I was not refusing to view the evidence, I just found his evidence to be contradictory and self-refuting and thus not applicable. I stated it as such and further explained when told I was "refusing to see" something that just wasn't there to begin with.

    There was nothing to "cool down".

    The only reason why I said 'cool down' was because he did mention in his last post that his citation isn't consistent with any fact. And then you... :rolleyes:

    His statement was not an argument. It was as a fact. And the Engadget article is not a citation to support the fact since it has been refuted by CNET, according to the very source AppleCorps used initially, TechCrunch.

    He did rest his argument down, but you didn't.

    Cool down *.

    *Conditions Apply.

    - Only if you haven't already.
    - Only if you were 'cooled' down in the first place.

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  • Parkin Pig
    Apr 10, 08:02 AM
    In one of the cooling towers at the abandoned power station is this foreboding text.
    Hope I won't get too much flak for the heavy use of photoshop.
    Vignetted, poster-edged, and graduated-blurred, but I was pleased with the comic book result

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  • kevin.rivers
    Jul 28, 10:40 AM
    That's the funny thing, though. You're not locked into DRM with the iPod. You don't need an iTMS to use your iPod, just iTunes. It plays standard MP3 files and non-DRM'ed AAC files.

    If you want to buy music online, you ARE locked into to DRM. Which is what people hate about the iPod/iTMS model.

    If you have your own MP3's great. In that regard MS and Apple will be the same. Apple does however offer an end to end solution. That is what MS wants. They don't want to just have a player. THey want to offer music for download online, and with your purchase you get a full slab of DRM.

    So no, it is not the funny thing. Unless MS starts wrapping DRM into your ripped collection. There is no advantage to buying an iPod over a Zune. Which is bad for MS because there is already tons millions if iPod users to sway.

    I don't think they will get them with the, share files over WiFi but I guess they could...

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  • Grimace
    Jul 21, 11:46 AM
    Walt Mossberg wrote a very interesting article in the Wall Street Journal about 2 weeks ago in which he said independent research had noted that 19% of all college students now use a Mac. That number is expected to grow leaps and bounds by this time next year.
    I would love to see this article -- can anyone PM me a link or post it here??


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  • DJRizzo
    Nov 4, 09:57 AM
    I just got an email from VMware about beta testing VMware for Mac. Can't seem to download the stuff because their store is having errors. Hopefully once I get to download it, I can give you guys some results.

    I'm on a PPC but plan to go MacTel next year when Adobe releases Universal versions of Creative Suite. I have some questions about VMware & Parallels if you don't mind me adding it to the thread:

    1. Do they require Windows partitions, and if so how much disk space is needed?

    2. If a partition is needed, can you run the partition on an external drive so as to free up space on your internal? (I'll be using a MacBook Pro so that's why I ask).

    3. Can anyone tell me anything about syncing a Palm device with Parallels or VMware? In particular I'm wondering how easily (if at all) I could sync my Treo with Windows apps as well as OS X apps. This would be huge to me.


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  • Thunderhawks
    Apr 28, 12:35 PM
    Quick, somebody make up some rumors for the man. ;)

    Heard from an analyst who knows a reputable source that ios 5 will be released next Tuesday.

    The date makes sense since it coincides with the 3rd of the month, which is also a prime number.

    For now the ios has the code name: ios5 as insiders confirm.

    Apple is close lipped as usual, but we hear 3 engineers who were asked: "What's new?" gave each other
    high 5's in public and were thus arrested for releasing company secrets.

    Verizon will have this ios too and it comes in white


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  • coder12
    Nov 13, 12:14 AM
    I think that the article meant to say, "SkyFire's", not "SkyFires" in the middle paragraph :P

    Just sayin' :)

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  • HasanDaddy
    Mar 15, 08:49 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_6 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8E200 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Hanging with Mystikal at Fashion Island - very few people in line - FINGERS CROSSED!!!


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  • arnebanane
    Apr 15, 03:20 AM

    analog Pentax ME, iso 400, kodak b/w, scan from print

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  • Mystikal
    Mar 15, 01:40 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_6 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8E200 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Mystikal - that was a ton of fun hanging out, brother!

    We'll have to do it for iPhone 5 this summer - lol :)

    If im eligible for an upgrade ill be there. Love my iPad :D.


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  • johndallas999
    Apr 28, 05:21 PM
    So you don't think it's a problem that a regular iPhone 4 case doesn't fit the white model. Ok.

    No kidding! Why do people get so upset when someone criticizes Apple? It's not like their dad owns the company. That is a huge issue when it comes to cases obviously.

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  • shanmugam
    May 3, 07:54 AM
    add/modify SSD yourself, that machines looks nice for the price.

    i am booting from external SSD, pretty fast for two year old machine


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  • nies
    Apr 26, 05:24 PM
    Eldiablojoe, from what I understand appleguy123 and Chrmjenkins are both ok, plutonious was the only one lynched

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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 22, 11:44 AM
    I can read Wiki too...

    GPL is a license. GNU is a foundation. The guy i quoted said about GNU - i corrected him as to the licensing terminology..

    I didn't read any Wikis. None of my links are to wikis. And again, you're wrong. GPL is a license. GNU is a project. The Foundation behind this project is the FSF, the Free Software Foundation.

    The guy you quoted was me. You didn't correct me at all, you posted a ton of wrong information.

    And licensing terminology ? I didn't even get it wrong. I said Bash was part of the GNU project, you said "No, Bash isn't GNU, it's GPL", which is both very wrong and quite misunderstands the terminology used by the FSF.

    Look, you were wrong, drop it, you're only digging yourself deeper into your hole here.


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  • oingoboingo
    Oct 18, 06:26 PM
    Guess Im still pissed at Apple for discontinuing the Cube a few weeks before I could afford one!:mad:

    Step 1: Buy Mac mini.
    Step 2: Repeat mantra "Mac mini is the new Cube, and I don't care about the integrated graphics" 5000 times.
    Step 3: Enjoy!

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  • leekohler
    Mar 2, 09:44 AM
    Well, his kids have been taken out of his custody. Wonder what's next?



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  • Blasterzilla
    Apr 29, 03:29 PM
    Mp3 = :(

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  • NT1440
    May 1, 11:31 PM
    you guys are really reaching ... Osama Bin Laden is as big as they come as far as Terrorism goes ... that is a fact.

    I'm glad you get to decide what facts are facts. I guess someone has to do it.

    It's true he's big. A big figurehead.

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  • billysea
    Apr 14, 11:32 AM
    Give me some wise decision guys�

    I am badly in need for a new iDevice. My last device was the iPod Touch 1st Generation. I am planning to get both the iPhone and iPad, but will only get one now and wait for the other one in the next update.

    So which is better now?

    Get iPhone 4 White, and wait for iPad 3�
    Get iPad 2, and wait for iPhone 5?

    I am leaning towards the first option because the iPhone 4 feels like a revolution while the iPad 2 feels like a small upgrade and I wish it has a retina screen. But on the other hand, the iPhone 4 feels old now and iPad 2 just released.

    Apr 14, 07:01 PM
    Oh great. I'm going to have to tie up my Internet connection for a long period of time to update my 4G iPod touch and iPad 2 for the 4.3.2 update. :rolleyes:

    I REALLY hope that Apple does incremental updates of iOS starting with iOS 5.0 to save us from tying up the broadband connection for such a long period of time.

    Wow. If a little 700MB download ties up your internet, I think you need a new internet.

    Apr 22, 06:57 PM
    Having the back like the ipod touch would be quite bad.

    And it's aluminium:p

    Mar 15, 10:12 AM
    I am also in line at brea. About 11th in line... Using the white one I already got haha. Waiting for a friend

    Ha saw you walk in and jealously immediately set in when I saw yours. I'm about 4 behind you in a green hoodie.

    Btw I'll post Brea updates here as soon as I hear.

    UPDATE: Brea is passing out tickets!!!!

    Apr 14, 01:18 PM
    I've just downloaded the update on mymiPhone and iPad and i noticed in the General Setings now there is a multitouch gestures button to enable this function. It suports 4 fingers up to show the app switcher, 4 fingers to the sides to switch apps and 5 fingers to the centre to go to the home screen.

    It works great!

    Can anyone else confirm this? How about on iPad?

    Feb 1, 08:24 AM
    @Gem�tlichkeit: Yup, it's my favorite BR album.

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