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oprah winfrey house in california

oprah winfrey house in california. Oprah Winfrey is one of the
  • Oprah Winfrey is one of the

  • KnightWRX
    Dec 30, 10:43 PM
    Under normal circumstances, you're more or less right.

    No, I'm 100% right. Weight control is about calories. End of story. Calories in < Calories out and you lose weight. Opposite and you gain weight. There's no more or less here, that is the very basic premise. You want to discuss specifics that affect calories in/calories out, but that's flawed. Teach people the base first, and let them balance themselves out. You can very easily test your metabolic rate.

    However, many supersize people have participated in crash diets, drugs and other questionable regimens over the years in search of quick-fix thinness. Doing so can, after a while, sabotage the body's normal metabolic rate and endocrine output, making it much harder for these people to find the balance in their caloric equation without depriving themselves of needed micronutrients (vitamins, minerals).

    So you're saying these people have abnormally low "Calories out". It still comes down to that very simple equation. These people first have to fix their calories out, get their metabolism back straight, then they can fix their calories in.

    It is that easy to lose weight. People don't know this very simple and basic concept, they think "Fat/Sugar" has to do with weight, which is completely false. "Low Saturated Fat!" on a box of cookies means squat if the cookies are 170 calories for 3 vs 180 calories for 3 of the same cookies with normal saturated fat. You still can't eat the whole box in one sitting and think "hey, it's low fat, I can't gain weight from this".

    You'd be surprised how many people think this way.

    I don't have a dog in this fight, but the question that runs through my mind is: if it's so easy, why do people struggle with it? Why are there entire industries built around people that struggle with losing weight on their own?

    People struggle because like someone pointed out, they lack willpower and I'll add that they lack education. Calorie control is the only way to lose weight. There's seriously no other way, since weight is based off of calories and calories alone. To lose weight, you need a calorie deficiency. To be more precise, 3500 calories = 1 lbs, each way. So you need to create a calorie deficiency of 3500 calories before you lose 1 lbs. My metabolic rate is around 1740, that's what I burn each day without lifting a finger. Add in my normal routine, and I'm around the magic 2000 calorie diet. Let's not add in my gym routine. So to lose 1 lbs in 7 days, I need to go on a 1500 calorie diet per day. That's going to give me a deficiency of 500 per day, times 7 days, 1 lbs lost.

    There's entire industries because they profit from it. Some people like to buy "instant" solutions. 1 lbs in 7 days ? Bah humbug, too long, I have 100 to lose! There's no instant solutions to weight loss, quite the contrary, the entire weight loss industry makes money by keeping people fat and coming back for miracle cures. Their proposed plans of "1 shake/bar for breakfeast, same for lunch and a balanced diner" is awful. First, it should be the opposite, a good breakfeast and then their bars/shakes for lunch and diner. Breakfeast is where you get your day's energy. Second, that's not calorie control since it doesn't explain that it is trying to create a calorie deficit. So people just still overeat, they compensate the calories they didn't eat at breakfeast/lunch with a huge "balanced" diner.

    I'm going to just assume you are young and have time on your hands. Because when I was young and had time staying trim was quite easy., Let's talk when you're in your 30's and are a busy professional :rolleyes:

    I'm 32, work 35 hours per week in IT (sitting down on my ass), am on call with tons of pages coming in once every 2 weeks. I have a girlfriend, a mortgage and a dog.

    Again, staying trim has nothing to do with having time or being busy or not. If you spend less calories, eat less calories. Balance your calories in to your calories out and you'll stay trim. Sure it means doing a bit more research into what you're eating, but that's not impossible. It also means listening to your body. Feeling "stuffed" means you overate. You should never feel full or stuffed. A donut is not faster to mow down than an Apple. It's not more filling either. It's tons more calories though.

    You made an assumption about me and you were wrong. You should look at yourself and what you are or aren't doing that is making you fat, not make up excuses.

    look. I'm not trying to make excuses. I'm not THAT out of shape. I do bikram yoga 4 times per week and walk a lot. I just can't be as extensive about it as I was in my youthful years. I'm very healthy but I do need to drop 20ish lbs. per doctors orders. I've completely cut out any sugar drinks other than water and a few organic smoothies and an occaional glass of wine here and there. But at my age and with my busy schedule it's just not as easy as it was when I was 25. Not an excuse, just a simple fact.

    But again, it's just because you don't understand your caloric need for a day and you either overeat or eat just the right amount to maintain your weight. You don't even need to exercise to create a calorie deficiency. I think you're the perfect example of what I'm talking about, you don't understand the very basic concept, which has nothing to do with time spent, but rather food ingested.

    People need to get it out of their heads that it is about exercise. It's 10% working out, 90% food. Get your nutrition right and you won't need to exercise a day in your life. If you want to get fit however, make sure to balance your nutrition around your added caloric need to not drop weight too fast or at all if your goal is maintaining.

    oprah winfrey house in california. at Oprah Winfrey show.
  • at Oprah Winfrey show.

  • tny
    Oct 23, 08:33 AM
    Did you read any of the thread so far?

    You can use Vista Home standalone in a virtualization environment legally.

    This is purely a misinterpretation of the EULA.

    If they didn't understand this on /., they're not going to understand this here, either.

    oprah winfrey house in california. Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama
  • Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama

  • cantthinkofone
    Apr 24, 01:20 PM
    By some other aspect of her character I guess.

    It is a dumb question (sorry). Female toilets only have stalls, so the victim's surgical status is moot.

    Well....Unless something along the lines of "I can't wait to have this thing removed" was said...Just sayin' :p

    oprah winfrey house in california. In 2005, Oprah Winfrey
  • In 2005, Oprah Winfrey

  • cmaier
    Apr 12, 08:56 AM
    As a typical consumer, same as a prosumer, or pro -- speed. For example, backing up your iDevice, importing big megapixel photos and HD videos will be a whole lot quicker.

    It will also make connections easier as TB can handled video, audio, and data in the same cable.

    It's amazing how people who hang out at a site dedicated to Apple don't really know anything about Apple R&D. This is so old news. But here for your edification:


    Take hard note of the sentence: "Developed by Intel (under the code name Light Peak), and brought to market with technical collaboration from Apple."

    That doesn't say anything remotely similar to "envisioned by apple.". In fact, it suggests the opposite - intel thought of it, and Apple helped "bring it to market."


    oprah winfrey house in california. oprah winfrey house inside.
  • oprah winfrey house inside.

  • andrewbecks
    May 3, 08:45 AM
    Any idea when these new iMacs will begin showing up at Amazon or Best Buy? Just curious if they're usually available immediately after they are released or a few days later.

    oprah winfrey house in california. Oprah Winfrey#39;s Montecito home
  • Oprah Winfrey#39;s Montecito home

  • inmotion
    Nov 5, 03:40 AM
    so i just installed vmware... and ive got to say... its really not up to par with parallels... its sluggish on my MBP 2.0ghz with 2gigs of ram.... and i mean real sluggish... rebooting doesnt seem to want to work.... i do like the interface though but overall, its not that great to work with compare to parallels.... i do realize that this is a private beta but even in the beta stage parallels was much better.....
    hope that the next build is more promising

    also... i didnt see a way to change the amount of ram dedicated to the virtual machine other then by creating a new vm....


    oprah winfrey house in california. oprah winfrey house pictures.
  • oprah winfrey house pictures.

  • ViViDboarder
    Jun 6, 11:29 AM

    And you're basing this conclusion jumping on, what? You win for the most ill-informed, knee-jerk, baseless response in this thread.

    I always wonder why people decide to respond to the post below mine which says the same thing but with less proof...

    Above I said the same thing with a specific example. It's not as fun to argue with someone who makes a good argument though, is it?


    oprah winfrey house in california. Oprah#39;s house.
  • Oprah#39;s house.

  • Macnoviz
    Jul 12, 03:37 AM
    I think Apple has most to fear from M$ in the price battle, an iPod copy that costs significantly less would probably catch on pretty fast, of course, the popularity of the iPod brand is still larger than XBox.
    Although I doubt that the design will be quite as dull as that picture
    I'm thinking it will be more organic, like the XBox 360, with some curved shapes maybe.


    oprah winfrey house in california. Oprah Winfrey Harpo
  • Oprah Winfrey Harpo

  • Jetson
    Jul 11, 09:30 PM
    I read some of the reader comments at the end of that article. This "Argo" is just vaporware, yet people are saying they'd rush out and buy it.

    Other commenters got upset because someone pointed out how the "Argo" is an iPod ripoff. It IS a ripoff - you'd have to be as blind as a mole to not realize that Microsoft wouldn't have a clue of how to build this thing without copying the iPod. That's what Microsoft does - copy.

    Another thing Microsoft does well is to market a product as a loss leader - for years if necessary. Remember how they started giving away their IE browser and just buried poor Netscape. Microsoft has money to burn.

    Microsoft doesn't mind putting a piece of crap on the market. They know that the lemmings will buy anything with the MS logo on it. Then they will take years to iron out the bugs and end up with a fairly serviceable product. Not a great product, but one that works well enough for a world that follows the crowd.

    And why is Microsoft supposedly launching their "iPod killer"? Because they just can't stand the thought of Apple dominating the market that Apple built. Ballmer says they are going after this market because it's there. He says they want 90% of the market or nothing.

    oprah winfrey house in california. Hollywood stars flock to Oprah
  • Hollywood stars flock to Oprah

  • appleguy123
    Apr 22, 06:44 PM
    Who thumbed down every post on this page?
    Except one from aggie...

    The posts start at 0, not one.
    Did you thumb them back up, or were you under a misconception?


    oprah winfrey house in california. Oprah Winfrey#39;s home is at the
  • Oprah Winfrey#39;s home is at the

  • LagunaSol
    Apr 28, 12:23 PM
    No in bogo they BOTH make money. Verizon, Att, Tmobile and Sprint have already paid retail for the phone before customers recieve the contract price. Apple, Samsung, HTC etc have already made their money. Telcos now have to make their money over time with the contract. Telcos now have to make their money over time with the contract.

    One must assume the carrier would prefer to sell an iPhone, where they don't have to make up the cost of a "free" Android phone over time. Carriers thus would want to sink more advertising dollars and apply more sales pressure for the more profitable iPhone.

    Again, let's get the iPhone on Sprint and T-Mobile and see how it all plays out.

    oprah winfrey house in california. Oprah gives a private tour of
  • Oprah gives a private tour of

  • southernpaws
    Apr 22, 02:07 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)


    oprah winfrey house in california. Oprah Winfrey#39;s Montecito home
  • Oprah Winfrey#39;s Montecito home

  • maclaptop
    Apr 13, 06:45 PM
    It's all rather moot till they get authentic to the standard, and use Fiber Optics!

    Substituting old fashioned wire is so misleading.

    A bit faster yes, but nothing like Fiber.

    oprah winfrey house in california. HollywoodNews.com: Oprah#39;s
  • HollywoodNews.com: Oprah#39;s

  • Winnychan213
    Apr 14, 06:24 PM
    if someone actaulyl waited all this time for whtie iphone 4 than u really got problems XD

    Not if they update their cpu to A5, or hopefully upgrade the ram to 1GB as well.


    oprah winfrey house in california. Oprah Winfrey and Rob Lowe
  • Oprah Winfrey and Rob Lowe

  • whooleytoo
    Apr 14, 07:49 AM
    Guys, I didn't want to start a new thread, but...

    Should I buy the ix.Mac.MarketingName now? I've heard the ix.Mac.MarketingName 2 is going to be much more betterer. Should I buy now or wait? I was waiting for the price to come down, but it hasn't changed in the entire 5 minutes I've known about this product...

    Sent by ix.Man.NotVerySerious

    oprah winfrey house in california. Francois Rabelais - Oprah
  • Francois Rabelais - Oprah

  • lordonuthin
    Oct 26, 09:50 PM
    The 80k PPD is a 32 core AMD system...

    That's what I meant.


    oprah winfrey house in california. Ms. Oprah Winfrey recently
  • Ms. Oprah Winfrey recently

  • Adidas Addict
    May 4, 07:57 AM
    The cheaper, smaller and mainly aimed at pre-pay iPhone Nano™ will more than keep the revenue going until later in the year after it's release in 3 weeks time.

    oprah winfrey house in california. Oprah Winfrey, perhaps the
  • Oprah Winfrey, perhaps the

  • morespce54
    Oct 23, 03:50 PM
    Remember once someone sells you something they can not tell you how you can use it. That like you buying a car and in the purchase agreement they tell you your not allow to wreck the car. Grant it, they do not have to warranty it after you wreck it, but if you want to wreck it, that is up to you.

    Does it apply to purchased iTMS songs too? :rolleyes: :confused: ;)

    oprah winfrey house in california. (including Oprah Winfrey
  • (including Oprah Winfrey

  • leandroc76
    Mar 8, 04:18 PM
    His character on "Two & A Half Men" is based loosely on his life. He's been this way for the longest time. He's been through enough rehab to know what the alternatives are (the "healthy" lifestyle), and he obviously doesn't want that. He enjoys living as he does, so who can begrudge him that?

    I'd rather have a short, enjoyable and colourful life than a long, boring one. Cheers to Charlie, I say. Damn that guys pulls some nice chicks��

    We need an upvoting system like Reddit. Here's a +1 for you.

    Who the hell are we to judge?

    Who said we have to live til 105 years old?

    I have met crazier "normal" people who weren't even on drugs!

    Jan 29, 05:59 PM
    KLM tickets: Amsterdam - Los Angeles on April 29 --- San Francisco - Amsterdam on May 8.
    Making the Highway 1 route from LA to SF with my father. It's for my 16th birthday. :cool:

    How much did you pay for the tickets?

    May 1, 10:26 PM
    What's going to happen with Pakistan relations? If he was in the capitol of Pakistan in a mansion, most likely the government knew.

    Oct 19, 08:18 AM
    Its clear Apple is missing something in the midrange desk top line. Its time for the Cube or Macintosh or headless iMac or Max Mini or something. iMac isnt for everyone and the world has billions of big beautiful displays just waiting for a midrange Mac but if Apple prices it again the same as the towers it will be another failure. Its way past time for the next Macintosh. Needs a real GPU, at least 1 expansion slot and should be priced right along with ugly iMac:D or a pinch below.

    This is not beyond the realm of possibility. I could see Apple modifying the Mac mini at some point to make the graphics card more accessible and upgradeable. But of course it would be a laptop graphics card and not a full desktop graphics card. Do ATI / nVidia sell something like mini-PCI graphics cards to consumers?

    But anyway, althought it's a possibility I think it's a slim one, since gamers are just not Apple's focus right now...

    Westside guy
    Nov 3, 10:06 PM
    Given that a number of VmWare's products are essentially free, Parallels will indeed have some significant challenges ahead if the OS X version is likewise free.

    I don't think this is a realistic hope. The equivalent Windows/Linux app is VMware Workstation, which is definitely not free.

    VMware's free apps can certainly be used on a workstation; but they're targeting the server space and lack some of the niceties of Workstation (such as experimental hardware video acceleration). But I do use the free VMware Server on a Fedora box for generic Windows stuff like IE testing, and it fits that bill just fine.

    I would think it likely that VMware's pricing will have to be somewhat competitive with Parallels - people aren't going to spend $180 on it unless it totally blows Parallels out of the water (which would be hard to do).

    IJ Reilly
    Jul 10, 12:33 PM
    Not for what I'm doing. Pages strikes me as something for newsletters, not writing well-researched articles and novels.

    Maybe that's the way it strikes you, but this isn't the way it strikes those of us who've been using Pages since it came out.

    But all of my work is poorly-researched, so maybe that's why I like it.


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