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conan the barbarian 2011 film

conan the barbarian 2011 film. Conan the Barbarian (2011)
  • Conan the Barbarian (2011)

  • Chas2010
    Apr 14, 04:18 PM
    I've just downloaded the update on my iPhone and iPad and i noticed that on the iPad (not iPhone) in the General Setings now there is now a multitouch gestures button to enable this function. It suports 4 fingers up to show the app switcher, 4 fingers to the sides to switch apps and 5 fingers to the centre to go to the home screen.

    It works great!

    I have the iPad 2 running 4.3.1 and I have no such setting available.

    conan the barbarian 2011 film. Conan the Barbarian (2011)
  • Conan the Barbarian (2011)

  • kirk26
    Apr 14, 03:02 PM
    Things seem to be smoother with my VZ iPhone 4 opening and closing programs. I always though my iPTouch 4G was snappier than my VZ iPhone but I think they are on par with each other now. This probably has nothing to do with it, but I just did a speedtest and I have yet to ever hit those numbers until now. I was averaging anywhere from 650-1200kbps and sometimes 1500kbps on rare occasions.

    (Picture will resize if it is huge. I apologize. It just takes a little bit of time for Photobucket to catch up.)

    Don't believe it! Everyone here thinks it's lies! :rolleyes: :D

    conan the barbarian 2011 film. conan the arbarian movie
  • conan the arbarian movie

  • !� V �!
    Apr 28, 05:26 PM
    If you look at other photos it looks exactly the same.

    That photo has a weird angle to it. You can see the other side of the white iphone.

    Someone from "a" news service is bending a no story into "A Story." ;):D

    conan the barbarian 2011 film. Jason Momoa Conan film,
  • Jason Momoa Conan film,

  • JsR
    Sep 13, 02:01 PM


    conan the barbarian 2011 film. Conan the Barbarian (2011)
  • Conan the Barbarian (2011)

  • c.hilding
    Dec 4, 12:41 AM
    I agree. Tough love is best here. It's better to have the vulnerabilities exposed in this manner than in a live scenario. Let's just hope the press from this is enough for Apple to fix the problem before we have something bigger than a proof-of-concept exploit.

    Yeah, when the poll was loading I expected 80-90% to be concerned about security, turns out only 40% are. So many ignorant "blissful" people that excuse Apple and think "It's Apple, of course it's safe". Obviously it's not. Ten serious exploits in about as many days of looking (they spent 30 days total, about an equal amount on linux and mac, and the rest on other OS's, so 10 should be right) and that is just scratching the surface. I was shocked that Apple actually had so many vulnerabilities, and for those that didn't find it scary that someone can install a program with kernel access simply by having you download their dmg file (not even opening it), well they're just being silly and need to realize that this is and some extremely bad things can happen if we are to go by that analysts words (saying OS X is not hot on security and that it is easy to find new hacks). :p

    conan the barbarian 2011 film. The most legendary Barbarian
  • The most legendary Barbarian

  • Plutonius
    Apr 20, 05:26 PM
    Well this has been slow going...where are all the rest of the usual suspects? No Jav? Or Ravenvii?

    I said that I would play but I don't think Intell wants me since he hasn't added me to the list :P .


    conan the barbarian 2011 film. conan the arbarian 2011 news
  • conan the arbarian 2011 news

  • morespce54
    Jul 26, 10:39 AM
    ...all the rumors are getting a bit much, next thing the ipod will be a all purpose video edeting aplience called the... macbook! :p

    when I first bought my iBook, I used to call it "my big iPod" :D :D

    conan the barbarian 2011 film. Conan The Barbarian is
  • Conan The Barbarian is

  • duklaprague
    Oct 24, 08:11 AM
    I'm probably not as hard core as a lot of you guys, but it seems a pretty good update to me.

    The low end MBP is now �1349 in the UK, that's a better spec than what �1699 would have got me yesterday. 1GB RAM finally as a starting point, HD up from 80 to 120 - things that I would have tried to stretch to the �1699 model until now.

    I'm probably not looking to replace my trusty G4PB until next year anyway - but I'm happy enough to see those pennies going further with each revision.

    The G4PB cost me �1999 back in Jan 04.



    conan the barbarian 2011 film. conan the arbarian movie
  • conan the arbarian movie

  • masterthespian
    Jul 12, 10:54 AM
    Knock Knock

    Who's there?


    Argo who?

    Argo **** yourself Microcrap!

    my 2.5 scents....


    conan the barbarian 2011 film. In movies like this,
  • In movies like this,

  • tarjan
    Oct 24, 09:06 AM
    triple: 20-30 dollar cost difference, probably less in quantity. It is just coming from apple not wanting to put a high res screen on the laptop for some reason, probably their misguided attempt at hitting a specific dpi count until resolution independance.


    conan the barbarian 2011 film. Tags: Conan the Barbarian
  • Tags: Conan the Barbarian

  • SPG
    Apr 11, 05:45 PM
    Thunderbolt is absolutely amazing and I think most people here aren't looking far enough ahead. A single connection that can handle massive bandwidth, is scalable in the future, can handle display as well as just data throughput, and can do this over long distances is good for more than just hard drives. Imagine a wall of displays with one cable. Imagine a stack of external processors. Imagine owning your own private data center!
    Thunderbolt is faster than the hard drive today, but when one component gets faster it lets the others get faster too. Without a data bottleneck in the cable, there is now an incentive for drive makers to develop faster storage. If you can move this kind of data around, why not build cheap little add on processors? You could buy a laptop and then buy a couple external processors that would bump you up to 12 core tower speed while remaining cheap and portable.
    Who cares if you have a bunch of USB stuff today. Think forward!

    conan the barbarian 2011 film. Conan The Barbarian
  • Conan The Barbarian

  • h0mi
    Apr 29, 09:25 PM
    Amazon also expanded their $5 album selection to about a thousand instead of the usual hundred. But I think that is just for this week.

    My only beef with their mp3s is the category chosen in the mp3 tags. I bought some Christmas music that was tagged as miscellaneous not Christmas... That is annoying.


    conan the barbarian 2011 film. watch Conan the Barbarian
  • watch Conan the Barbarian

  • Lurchdubious
    Sep 12, 06:32 PM

    Mental Case for iPhone.

    conan the barbarian 2011 film. Conan The Barbarian 3D Poster
  • Conan The Barbarian 3D Poster

  • Btrthnezr3
    Feb 1, 01:07 PM

    Got tired of the lime green one...I'll get it back out sometime and switch back but for now, I'm ready for sleek black.

    Love this case, btw.

    Oh and...


    Yay! I feel like I have a new phone!


    conan the barbarian 2011 film. Conan the Barbarian 3D
  • Conan the Barbarian 3D

  • Sodner
    Apr 14, 01:36 PM

    I can't confirm this because I already had Gestures enabled once and with every new update, it hasn't gone away. But if they are now enabled without needing XCode, then I guess enjoy because I love using these Gestures (I rarely use the Home button anymore).

    @#*(&$(# and I bought Xcode to get those features a few weeks ago. But they are sweet!!!! I use em all the time.

    conan the barbarian 2011 film. Conan the Barbarian 2011
  • Conan the Barbarian 2011

  • StopSign24
    Sep 13, 01:30 PM
    Finally pulled the trigger and bought a Pentax k-x, been wanting a DSLR for a while now.



    conan the barbarian 2011 film. Conan the Barbarian,
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  • diamornte
    Apr 12, 11:04 AM
    omfg i am never going to buy apple products again because of this, how dare they, no way, the world is going to end


    conan the barbarian 2011 film. The film has a tentative 2011
  • The film has a tentative 2011

  • Eraserhead
    Jul 11, 11:12 AM
    Better mathematical notation input
    The exact opposite is why I shelled out the £35 for iWork, it can have the best mathematical notation support (far superiour to Word* and better than OpenOffice)

    If you download LaTeXiT (http://ktd.club.fr/programmation/latexit_en.php) and have LaTeX installed on your system (see this post (http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?p=2247154#post2247154) for how to install LaTeX) you can set up a shortcut in the preferences of LaTeXiT (say Command - /) so that you can automatically create an equation from LaTeX written in Pages (using the Services menu), because Pages is a Cocoa App.

    *If you shell out $100 for MathType, Word is probably better than with just Equation Editor, I have never used it though.

    EDIT 2:Reading this thread is great, I don't feel like the only person in the world to like Pages, I'm looking forward for an excuse to give Keynote a go as well.

    conan the barbarian 2011 film. CONAN THE BARBARIAN MOVIE 2011

  • Fotek2001
    Aug 15, 04:40 PM
    Still... meh.

    Care to explain why? From what I've seen (as someone who's used Leopard and not just looked at screenshots), it's a huge leap in many subtle ways...

    People seem to want new gadgets and gizmos yet the most requested changes are subtle improvements to current features like grid spacing in the Finder and simplified backup... What do you want...?

    Apr 13, 06:35 PM
    what are they gonna call it? Apple tv?

    Sep 17, 08:04 PM
    Picked this up at Georgetown University's bookstore today, they had it beside the new models and it was marked down to $27 brand new.


    Apr 28, 09:40 PM
    So does this mean I can't replace the back of my black iPhone 4 with white glass?

    Apr 22, 08:59 AM
    Samsung, what's going wrong?

    Mar 16, 09:43 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Mobile/8B117 Safari/6531.22.7)

    They let us inside of Cerritos today looks like they might have some, about 50 people in line.

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