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justin timberlake album cover

justin timberlake album cover. rihanna-album-cover-photo-
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  • Rad99004
    Apr 22, 07:56 PM
    Nobody mentioned WHERE IS THE MUTE SWITCH?

    justin timberlake album cover. justin timberlake album
  • justin timberlake album

  • jweinraub
    Jun 8, 04:09 PM
    15 minutes?

    45 Seconds is all it took to get the facts...

    Google search: "android market return policy"

    First result: http://www.google.com/mobile/android/market-policies.html

    For those too lazy to click...

    "Returns: You have 24 hours from the time of purchase (not download) to return any applications purchased from Android Market for a full refund of any applicable fees."

    Summary: 24 Hours, not 15 minutes.

    the fifteen minutes he was referring to was the second part of the guys question on the time period/grace period until it requires a password again, not it took him 15 minutes to figure out how to do this on an android. his sentence structure while poor, was understandable. your critical thinking skills seem to be lacking, however.

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  • timberlake, justin timberlake

  • bellman
    May 2, 12:23 PM
    I really hope that it comes tomorrow as my apple store credit card is on fire waiting to be spent. ;) however @dpdesilva on twitter is rumoring that apple will delay imac refresh due to leaks and rumors being overshadowed by Bin Laden's Death. Personally I think it might be B.S. I care more about my Imac than the story of his death.

    If that is true then im going to buy Windows 7 and a PC and pretend I like it...:cool:

    justin timberlake album cover. justin timberlake album cover.
  • justin timberlake album cover.

  • chuise
    Jun 6, 09:54 AM
    Nothing as serious as a $1k purchase, but my (almost) two year old purchased an album from iTunes, by accident, on my iPad last week. I used the "report a concern" link that was on my receipt to report the problem. I got an email from an Apple rep the next day saying that they would give me a refund, but it would be a "one time exception."

    From email:

    Please note that the iTunes Store Terms of Sale state that all sales are final, so this is a one-time exception.

    The best way to avoid unintentional purchases is to use the Shopping Cart. That way, you can consolidate and review your selections carefully and buy them when you're ready. Here's how to use the Shopping Cart:



    justin timberlake album cover. 1-album-cover.htmlquot;gt;Justin
  • 1-album-cover.htmlquot;gt;Justin

  • AndroidfoLife
    Apr 13, 03:56 PM
    Stop being a fool.

    The Mac Mini has HDMI out. Why on Earth would Apple not include HDMI on a television? Also, my Harmony remote has no problem mimicking the AppleTV remote. that and apple TV are the only ones. Not the PCs

    justin timberlake album cover. justin timberlake album
  • justin timberlake album

  • steve knight
    Apr 18, 01:22 PM
    Dialup? Download took a few minutes for me. 4.27 for Verizon.

    nope not a clue why it took about 3 hours total. wife and I were both getting it and it was slow for both of us. you would think the crunch was done by yesterday.


    justin timberlake album cover. justin timberlake album
  • justin timberlake album

  • chrmjenkins
    Apr 28, 04:26 PM
    First, the volume switch issue, then this. I feel sorry for case manufacturers. What a nightmare.

    Oh shucks, people have to buy all new cases to fit this slightly varied iphone.

    Bill, I guess open another vault for all the extra money. We just ain't got no more places to put it.

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  • nonkn4mer
    Apr 14, 02:33 AM
    Just purchased an app on the ITMS, and it said Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and ix.Mac.MarketingName.


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  • Justin Timberlake attends the

  • flopticalcube
    Apr 11, 02:42 PM
    I've seen what TB can do and it's great. But what I'm saying is that it will be HARD for TB to step into a USB-dominated computer industry and just kill USB altogether from all angles. Will TB be faster than USB 3.0?...in real world use by 90% of the consumers/prosumers out there? Maybe. Maybe not. It's like asking Bluray to come in and just dominate the DVD market...it's been trying and 3+ years BluRay is doing well, but the average Joe understands he needs to re-purchase all this movies as well as purchase a hi-def tv and stereo receiver to take advantage of all the features of Bluray (I love Bluray, by the way). It's time, money, and not everyone sees the value or HAS A NEED for that value.

    Will people throw out all their USB devices and twiddle their thumbs waiting for TB devices other than hard drives (cameras, printers, video cams, keyboards, mice, flash keys,)? No. Of course not.

    Speed vs. Speed is 1 argument...versatility is another. But again, what I'm really saying is to look around you and ask yourself if the world is just going to dump USB technology for TB? Nope. TB will likely coincide with USB 3.0 just like eSATA and Firewire.

    We'll see in a few years where we are.

    My issue with USB has always been that it goes through the CPU. At the speeds of USB 3.0, this could really bite performance.

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  • The studio album features

  • danvdr
    Apr 25, 04:52 PM
    Whaa? That young? I have a 4 year old MBP that just about copes with aperture.

    I've been taking a photography class and I'm getting tired of beachballs and seeing the word "processing".


    justin timberlake album cover. justin timberlake album cover.
  • justin timberlake album cover.

  • SeanZy
    Mar 16, 10:58 AM
    I have a white 32gb wifi in a sealed box that I want to exchange for a 32GB black AT&T. If anyone wants to trade plus difference in cash, let me know.

    Would you be willing to sell it? Since you would have to wait in line to exchange anyways?

    I have a friend that is REALLY looking for a 32 gig white one. He leaves back to Arizona in a couple days, it would mean a lot if you considered it.

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  • justin timberlake justified.

  • trule
    Jan 30, 05:09 PM
    I understand the theory of what you say, that gold has intrinsic value. However, the theory has never been tested in a true crisis. Trust me, if everything went bankrupt (stocks, bonds, t-bills, banks, etc.), then gold will be of little value as well. The ONLY thing of true value under those circumstances will be food and those things that can be used to barter for food (gold would have some value in that case, but so would a box of ammunition) The fact that someone paid $1000 or $2000 an ounce for gold before a crisis will mean nothing. It will be worth only as much as someone is capable of paying, and that will be very little.

    The last run-up in the price of gold in the 80s was met with a rapid drop less than two years later to the $350 range, which is where gold sat for almost twenty years. While I have no idea how much more it will increase in value over the short term, the problem is that when the fall comes it will be quite rapid.

    The biggest difference I see between gold and stocks is that one is based on negative gloom/doom thinking, and the other is based on positive/growth thinking. I have little to no interest in investing in gloom/doom, and history is the reason why. Periods of negative thinking tend to be short-lived.

    I can only suggest you look at the history of other nations, it happens quite often that complete economic systems collapse. Try Mexico, Argentina, Germany or any war torn nation. In these nations those with gold maintained their wealth, those without had to start from scratch.

    Its insurance, just in case...for example when all the things I listed happen at once like they are in the USA right now.


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  • at cd album cover Justin

  • Digitalclips
    Apr 29, 03:00 PM
    considering that amazon sells mp3 format and apple sells their non-universal format, it still doesn't matter to me. Until apple gets real and starts selling MP3s I will continue to buy from amazon. But I guess they don't care.

    You like lossy compression? How 1990's of you.

    justin timberlake album cover. justin timberlake album
  • justin timberlake album

  • pmz
    Apr 22, 05:32 PM
    Yep, a touch sensitive home button is the way to go. Will act as the unlock button too. It was about time we got rid of that nasty plastic which breaks very easily.

    Um no, they do not break very easily. Maybe a gorilla might break it easily.


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  • Comes Around Album Cover

  • Kardashian
    Jul 25, 08:25 AM
    Not sure if this has been posted, but do you think it will come in Black, for the MB users? (and possible iMac users)

    justin timberlake album cover. Justin+timberlake+2011+
  • Justin+timberlake+2011+

  • twoodcc
    Nov 23, 09:29 PM
    Something just happened in the stats, we got a big jump and many teams too. Yet I don't think this is the whole catch up as we still miss points as a team and I still miss a big unit...

    That was enough to get us to #58 though, just by a hair...

    Yes indeed, we just passed club lexus, I'll have to take a look to see if I got my points back.

    yeah, but i still haven't gotten my points back yet


    justin timberlake album cover. timberlake+album+artwork
  • timberlake+album+artwork

  • jordey85
    Feb 25, 10:30 PM
    It sure would be a shame if the show didn't come back, it was (is) so hysterical!! It does seem like he is serious about staying sober though.

    justin timberlake album cover. justin timberlake 2011 album.
  • justin timberlake 2011 album.

  • kfscoll
    May 2, 12:41 PM
    Unless the form factor of any given product in the Macintosh line is radically different or re-designed, leaked pictures of such products are boring and uninteresting.

    Plus the iPhones are still the "New, hot thing" in Apple-land, so even a millimeter's difference in the case is a big deal.

    Then why all of the leaked photos of the new 2011 MacBook Pros and their boxes prior to release? The form factor of those computers literally didn't change at all.

    I'm really surprised we haven't yet seen any leaked photos of the new iMacs if they're indeed coming out tomorrow. I guess we'll see soon enough.

    justin timberlake album cover. Justin Timberlake Carries Out
  • Justin Timberlake Carries Out

  • Oestberg
    Mar 31, 11:02 AM
    I dont like those random things they are doing. Like changing the "minimize, close window"-buttons on iTunes and App Store. Now this?

    Apr 14, 07:44 AM
    Guys, which one should I get?

    I've been trying to score an iPad2 and now here comes the new ix.Mac.MarketingName, which sounds awesome! So between this and iPad2, ATV2, Air, MBP, iPhone, Mac Pro, Nano and iMac, what should I get?

    Mostly I would use this for web surfing and light photo editing, but it also needs to dry laundry and serve as daily transportation for my 8 mile commute. But, I'm worried the new ix.Mac.MarketingName requires Z-rated tires, which are quite expensive. I'm also curious whether, with the right apps, the ix.Mac.MarketingName can serve as a prophylactic or if it's better to have a dedicated device for that.

    So, whaddya think? What other ix.Mac.MarketingName rumors have you heard? :apple:

    Apr 22, 07:12 AM
    Germany is a painful place to defend a patent suit.

    because the law system actually makes sense?

    May 3, 08:25 AM
    Wouldn't it be smart to wait for Lion in 2 months and get that for free...

    Jul 25, 10:26 AM
    Anyone want to comment on the images I posted higher up on this page? Hopefully the regular Mighty Mouse will be getting the zoom functionality etc with an update to the MM drivers.

    May 2, 01:00 AM

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