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dead space wallpaper 1080p

dead space wallpaper 1080p. dead space wallpaper 1080p.
  • dead space wallpaper 1080p.

  • AFPoster
    Mar 22, 01:05 PM
    You opinion may be true of some people- not all. I did not choose to be attracted to guys. I also could never have sex with a woman. It's not physically possible for me, if you get my meaning. Stop telling other people that you know everything about them. You don't. Not everyone is the same.

    In any of my comments I never said I new anything about them. I am speculating from pure observation. I am basing everything I know off of my friends experiences and what I've heard from them and what they saw to communities and towns during there speeches. No, I don't get your meaning either. So many ways to guess that meaning that I wouldn't be right if I guessed.

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  • JimmyB248
    Sep 6, 06:51 PM
    Can people please stop with the whole, I want 1080p resolution download files!

    It's insane, it would never ever work, Apple would sell far more movies at the current resolution than if they did HD. Sure, you guys would probably buy, if you had the patience to wait for 2 and a half days to download the film, and then be able to fit maybe 2 or 3 onto your hard drive, and that's it! Not going to happen. The majority of the world is not as obsessed with quality, they'll choose convenience. Nobody thinks "I fancy watching a film, maybe I'll go buy it off iTunes so I can watch it in 3 days time". The idea is convenience people, if it takes longer than 4 hours to download it will never fly.

    HD would be awesome, when the hard drives are big enough and the internet speeds are up to it. But that is a good 4 or 5 years off.

    My thoughts are, DVD quality, quite possibly 720p if we're very lucky and Apple have a form of compression that no one is expecting up their sleeves.

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  • AFPoster
    Mar 22, 12:44 PM
    Yeah, but homosexuality is a choice.


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  • celticpride678
    Apr 1, 12:01 PM
    Has anyone else experienced that the temps has gone up with this release?

    my macbook 5,1 2ghz core 2 duo seems to run well over 70 celcius all the time which means that my fans are going crazy, and i hate that high sound. its fine in idle mode, but as soon i start a program like Xcode or Netbeans or just browse the web.

    its idling at 60-6x celcius.
    and nothing is running at all only activity monitor.

    this didn't happen in preview 1
    or on my SL partition.

    It's likely that Spotlight is still indexing.

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  • isgoed
    Nov 27, 01:35 PM
    20" is the new 17", duh. :cool:<= So right.

    And 17" widescreen?? :confused: That is just small. That is about the samy height as my 1996 performa's 14" screen.

    No, but no thanks.

    And apple just can't compete with other vendors when you consider the general price-point of these things.

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  • dead space wallpaper 1080p. dead space wallpaper 1080p. dead space wallpaper 1080p. d.perel. Mar 19, 07:15 PM

  • codymac
    Jan 8, 12:22 PM
    my 2003 540i M Wagon. upgraded w afe intake and remus exhaust. custom catback piping + resonator delete. stock 290HP/320torque :) 92K miles. next mod is prob full aluminum radiator + electric fan. i heard the cooling system starts degrading around 100K. got the water pump (replaced OEM plastic w metal impeller) and hoses done when i first bought it
    took on a 3200mi road trip last year-- really fun on the highway and surprisingly gets good highway mileage

    Great looking wagon!

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  • Evangelion
    Aug 29, 01:23 PM
    The pricelist from Intel themselves (PDF). (

    Core 2 Duo: Merom pricing.

    Yonah prices in normal font, Merom in bold
    1.66 GHz - $209/ $209
    1.83 GHz - $241/ $241
    2 GHz - $294/$294 etc. etc.

    They cost the same! Intel hasn't announced any price drops yet.

    you can be certain that the price-difference is there. since merom and yonah are 1:1 compatible, why would anyone use yonah istead of merom? but since the two will be sold side-by-side, yonah obviously has some benefits that merom does not have. and that benefit is most likely price.

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  • imac_japan
    Mar 27, 06:45 AM
    its my understanding that apple made this browser BEFORE MSIE was pulled from the mac. M$ pulled IE because they believed Safari was better and faster and could better serve the mac. it was also part of a marketing plan by M$ to remove IE as a stand alone browser from Win and Mac. Think before you post and do your homework. The rest of use don't want to read something that's not true or thot out.

    Sorry but I disagree - what you say here is just something you made up !!!! Safari is a good browser and Apple only made it cause MS pulled IE. Think about it. Apple may have money but it needs to do something else to kick start growth....The Ipod doesn't have long to go...Itunes will still do well but it doesn't give Apple enough money !

    Don't forget - please sign the petition.....

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  • kresh
    Jan 13, 01:59 AM
    GreenPeace will go Ape Shite if the MacBookAir is charged through induction. It will not be near as efficient in power transfer as a direct connection would be. (nothing transfers with 100% efficiency)

    I can see GreenPeace attacking Apple now because the new notebooks will cause a 15% spike in electricity consumption, dumping 15% more carbon into the air. Death to Apple!

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  • cderalow
    Jan 23, 08:43 AM
    Right, Recaro makes race and sports car buckets. I doubt they make a single baby seat. They are probably licensing their name to it.

    actually, they make the seats themselves.

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  • Mattsasa
    Apr 2, 08:45 PM
    I believe! But I'm still not buying one.

    "This is what we believe. Technology alone is not enough. Faster, thinner, lighter...those are all good things. But when technology gets out of the way, everything becomes more delightful...even magical very nice. That's when you leap forward. That's when you end up with something like this."

    The iPad IS Magic.

    Steve jobs said so...

    And he's God!

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  • spicyapple
    Aug 29, 01:54 PM
    Hope they bring back the $499 price point, Merom or not
    I agree. :)

    I was shocked when the price of the core duo minis increased in price above $500. As mentioned several times, that is the reason to buy a Mac mini. I think we'll see meroms in the iMacs as they represent the mid-level Macs in Apples line-up.

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  • IbisDoc
    Mar 25, 04:31 PM
    I recall some of the naysayers around here not even a year ago stating that such a device would never be suitable for gaming. And here we are. With HD output to your TV.

    Vision, people. Vision.

    How does your vision plan to implement any non-steering games on the big screen? You can either look at your iPad, or look at the television. There is a reason physical buttons are important for big screen gaming. Touch screen gaming will always suck for anything more than flinging birds into bricks.

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  • tablo13
    Sep 19, 12:28 AM
    He got it from Hong Kong.

    He's being sarcastic. :rolleyes:
    EDIT: nvm, he bought two :p

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  • QuantumLo0p
    Mar 7, 12:41 PM
    As with most things :D I do have an opinion on that. I am very interested in diesel, but I am in the minority as far as that is concerned. When I mention the benefits of diesel to my friends, most of them say something like "Really, you're kidding, if they are superior in areas such as mileage then why doesn't the car companies make and sell them?" I believe the answer is because of the ridiculous emissions standards placed on the manufacturers by agencies such as the EPA. I believe that our government knows the benefits of diesel technology, but that too many powerful people are bought and paid for by giant corporations. You can call me a tin-hat wearing conspiracy theorist is you want to, but I really do think that is why many good things are being suppressed here.

    I agree. Case in point; I believe one of the Aptera prototypes was rear drive and used batteries in conjunction with a diesel generator. At full charge the car would run off batteries and as they depleted the generator would contribute more and more electricity. Aptera's fuel efficiency figures were impressive, leaving EVER?THING currently offered in the dust. Sorry I can't quote data but if you look at archived site pages you can probably still find it; I did while back.

    As fate would have it the diesel generator Aptera prototype has yet to make it into production and now they seem to offer only a total-loss battery car. I don't recall the range being very impressive which relegates it as an urban novelty and not in contention for serious real-world commuting.

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  • DanChosich
    Oct 23, 06:12 PM
    Could he (your contact in the AS) have been anymore vague? Could it not simply be that he frequents the same websites we all do and noticed the increased MMBP chatter, or that his colleagues or perhaps the customers have brought the subject up. It doesn't take an "inventory control specialist" working in an Apple store to make that sort of prediction, these forums alone are proof of that.

    I'm not saying you're making it all up, it's just I would have thought someone in a position like that would be able to provide some substance to backup such claims.

    I, like the majority, hope he's right though.

    I completely agree. I think it's lame how vague it is. I would love to say "full laptop refresh tomoroow." But I don't know what is happening, all I know is what I told you. I thought it was worth sharing that he said something is definitely happening tomorrow. He never went out of his way to do that before, I wish it was more specific. :-/ Sorry.

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  • arn
    Jan 1, 05:55 PM
    I don't think there's been any compelling evidence to support that, sadly. At least, several very seemingly viable component technologies, such as ULV C2D's, are not available yet.

    not only that, but none of the rumors really pointed to MWSF for a compact Macbook.


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  • Link2999
    Sep 26, 11:41 AM
    Try using the griffin website. :)

    It isn't on there. Just as some of the Grip Vue colors are unavailable.

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  • 63dot
    Jan 6, 10:13 AM
    If properly maintained, mileage holds no bounds! BMW's will go to 250k easy.

    Any car will go 250K miles if properly maintained, yet some cars would need more proper maintenance.

    There is nothing better looking on the inside and out as the new BMWs, and if I could have a company car for 5 years, it would be a BMW. But today's BMW (engine longevity wise) is not the same company in any way as the one who put together the very rugged 2002 model. There may not have been the same attention to looks and style, but what counted was that the engine was made to last forever. You wouldn't believe how many of those rusted out and ripped up 2002s there are out there, but they keep on going. Kids get them from their parents and soon grandkids will have them from their grandparents.

    That being said, today's automobile safety standards are far more strict. If I got hit, or crashed, I would want to be in a new BMW with airbags vs. an old BMW 2002. And I am sure the new BMW could simply kill the 2002 on a slalom course. And as far as chick magnets (or what some guys use as an accessory), the new BMWs have all the looks going for it.

    The maintenance on indestructible cars like the BMW 2002 series, and cars like my 70s/80s Volvo DL-GL series amounts to making sure the upholstery is not too ripped up and the rust is kept to a minimum (bondo, sanding, etc) but what you have is a car, as ugly as the weather and age can pit the hell out of it, which will go for 40 or 50 years without any major engine work. And to be fair, my mechanic says the new Volvo engines of the last decade are pretty fragile. A three year old Volvo engine appears to have more wear than my '84's engine according to him. Of course, the sheer durability and weight of my old Volvo engine does amount to a heavier car that doesn't handle any better than a school bus, and gets terrible mileage. ;)

    And when you look at where American cars used to be in terms of reliability compared to anything post 1970s, it's sad. Take a look at Cuba who got left behind after Fidel Castro. Many of the cars people have that are still running are 1950s American cars, back when America used to build everlasting cars.

    The Beatles
    Apr 3, 12:18 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Hmmm... not really. I hate marketing. Nothing they say will change that. They also need to stop calling the iPad "magical". It really isn't. It's very nice, but not magical.

    Keep up that attitude and continue wondering why no one talks with you as you type on your laptop in the middle of the coffee shop across from De Anza college. Sure, you may have helped get DB2 started and you still work in a DOS window but don't blame your wife for leaving you as you worked late at night too long. How much of the money from the IPO went to family attorney and court fees?

    What in the world are you talking about? He just said he thought the iPad was nice but not magical. And that he doesn't like marketing. Chill out.

    Feb 17, 06:15 PM
    First few posts to the forum! Long time reader though, so I've seen some pretty amazing set ups that put mine to shame.

    College dorm room set up:

    Jul 18, 01:25 PM
    1. The reports are coming in that the BR DVD picture is....well, lousy-while the HD picture is said to be primo. You can buy an HD player NOW (and discs-soon)for under $500.
    For all intents and purposes, $1000 Blu Ray players are as scarce as George Bush's IQ numbers-if there are even any to be had at all...

    2. *VERY Important: SONY has yet to produce a single BR disc under the promised new HD Codec 1- the prime reason to buy BR HD in the first place-the ones they are selling now are just 'prototype', being rushed to market so they can say "We were first!" which is like selling a car without spark plugs-youll just have to be patient until some arrive.

    Yes, a "Better Future" is just around the corner, as they like to say defensively-well I say- PRODUCE THEM-then we will believe-other wise, it is VAPORWARE.
    So you are in effect buying v.1 BR discs down at Best Buy-while v.2 discs are still being worked on-possibly to arrive by Christmas.
    Who would buy a BR disc that will be obsolete in a few months-that is-if the Codec 1 discs ever arrive at all-?
    They are having manufacturing problems with these still- [Corpspeak: "we are 'fine tuning' them"] which is the reason for the delay.

    2. SONY JUST GOT KICKED IN THE BALLS #1: (Reuters) a UK high court ruling Friday declared that the the giant SONY/BMG merger is not legal, and must be broken apart, worldwide.
    If this ruling stands, SONY will be sucked dry, in order to either fight this, or to seperate, as they have streamlined and folded the two companies in together so tightly-like two Octopi in battle-or love, that it will drain much time, money and resources from the company to fight the ruling, or to re-separate as two distinct entities should they could in fact, this SINK SONY.

    Because of this ruling, Warner Bros. have already backed out of a deal to merge with EMI.
    And while spokemen at EMI declared 'This will be no problem,'
    Warner Bros. spokesfolks retorted with-'We wouldnt bet the farm on that if we were you'
    The deal is on HOLD and possibly withdrawn.

    Anyway, this will be a HUGE drain on SONYs already shaky financial structure-they are literally betting the whole company on Blue Ray-hoping it wont become another Betamax. There is also much infighting in the ranks of SONY, according to reports. (also, they themselves admit they have lost 3% marketshare worldwide, since the merger (If thats so, why would they APPEAL the decision?!)

    3. SONY JGKITB #2: Reports are coming from the chip manufacturing plant that for every FIVE PSP-3 chips created, only ONE is usable-SONY still has to pay for the other chips. (Wednesdays
    (they are too complex, and they are rushing this whole thing to market too fast)
    What this means is that SONYs expected cash influx from selling these will be nill-in fact, this will bleed the company big time.

    What it will mean for the consumer, is that the PSP-3 may be very hard to find, as there will be supply and distribution problems, if this is not corrected PRONTO.
    SONY was counting on being able to flood the landscape with these in order to better 'push' BR.
    But apparaently not any longer.

    And we all know what it means when a desired product is scarce-much higher prices.

    SONY has alienated much of the CD community with the secret DRM implant from a few months ago.
    They have alienated much of the DVD community with subpar DVD releases of late.
    ie: too many pan and scan releases, or cancelled titles.

    And will they finally decide on flagging these BR discs so the folks with non-upconverting HDMI Monitors (or no HDMI outs at all) will be unable to play their discs in prime mode, if at all?
    If they do-all you thousands of folks with the non-upconverting/compliant "HD" Bigscreen TVs will have to donate them to GOODWILL, and buy a new one.

    While these trial discs dont have the feature yet, the *whole rational* in BRs security architecture was to keep
    people from copying or PLAYING 'unauthorized' discs.

    When SONY finally chooses to implement this essential (in their minds) baseline feature:

    1.You will be unable to download BR movies onto your computer from disc or Internet.
    2.You will need to connect to the internet through your player to get "permission" from a SONY server to play any title-not just SONY-Columbia movies.
    I do not know if HD discs/players have the same feature, but doubt it.

    Aside from the intrusion into your privacy, your player would be shut down via a signal from SONY if you tried to play a 'pirated', a backup disc, or one copied/borrowed from a friend. (It is not clear whether you will be locked out from that title only, or your WHOLE player will be shut down-and become a piece of junk-until the situation is rectified with SONY over an 800 number-remember, however, -thought criminals-er, pirates-you will have no reason to complain-or have recourse-what you did was ILLEGAL, so no amount of whining may save you-or your useless player.
    (While this is still conjecture-it is a likely and very real possibility-as they spent billion on just this sort of feature)
    They WILL NOT be burned by a cracked CSS code and wholesale DVD copying again.

    They are serious about "piracy"-and your friends borrowed copy of a title-maybe even if legit-will shut down your player just as if playing a dubious Chinese-made copy of PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN disc bought today.

    I dont think APPLE or anyone, should jump into BR just yet-It is not OUR duty to shore up a flagging, unproven-or any-HD format.

    Let the war of the marketplace and the better player decide, before you buy into another potential Laserdisc or Betamax-whether BR or HD, then make a decision

    It clearly looked for a moment that HD was the underdog, but that has changed overnight.
    While at this point I have a slight bias towards HD for no particular reason,
    I am sitting out ALL HD out until:

    1. ONE format emerges as the clear winner.
    2. Second generation of players and discs are available - a year or two from now-and most of the kinks are worked out.

    Mar 22, 05:00 PM
    Do people seriously have that many songs?!!! seriously?!!!

    220gb = 50,000 songs?!!!!! That is totally not necessary.

    Apple discontinue that dinosaur! It makes you look bad to just have it on your website.

    135 GB and not a single pirated song/album in there!

    Some people really, really, love music!

    Jan 6, 05:40 AM
    Woot I'm not the only one!

    Here is mine. 72 Super beetle. (

    Love the colour! nice

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