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  • mac1984user
    Apr 13, 08:16 PM
    Well, with a sample size of 2, my wife bought a white iP3G and I bought a black one...

    This made me chuckle. Thanks for that! =)

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  • Moyank24
    May 1, 11:19 PM
    yep they would have and my opinion on the matter would be exactly the same.

    I do hope Obama and the Dems do the right thing and not try to use it as political capital. Hopefully the fear of it will keep the GOP from trying to use it.

    As do I. Though, you know secretly Obama is loving it after all that ridiculousness with the birth certificate.

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  • coder12
    Apr 28, 11:55 AM
    Anyone else find these stories on market share to be completely boring?!?

    Can MacRumors setup a Page 3 section to put these on and keep the interesting rumors on the first page (new Macs, new iOS, etc)?

    Until Apple announces they are stopping production of the iPhone due to low sales.....I don't care who sells the most. :rolleyes:

    Thank you! I was thinking the same thing here...

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  • MacAddict1978
    Apr 26, 09:03 PM
    Amazon charges its cloud service too. Why should Apple give anything away for free? :rolleyes:

    Amazon does give a decent amount of free storage. 5 Gigs for music is pretty impressive. I have a 20 Gig collection, but I'd only need about 3 to store the stuff I'd really want on a whim anyway.

    Would apple give it to you free for a few purchases like amazon? Hmm.

    Personally, I don't see much use for such services except as a backup solution. Sure it would be convenient to want to hear some odd ball track and being able to pull it from the cloud, but my life wouldn't end, and I wouldn't pay money for the novelty of it.


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  • Don't panic
    Apr 30, 08:30 PM
    So long, and thanks for all the fish!

    come on boys now, make me proud!
    I'll keep following and update the spreadsheet in my sig (maybe not til monday) as a minimal satisfaction (plus a bigger one if the village win), i have a perfect record this game, only voted to lynch the wolves!
    go villas!

    There Moyank!, I hear your apres-mort parties are to die for!
    I've got some Ol' Janx Spirit....

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  • andiwm2003
    May 3, 08:02 AM
    I hope I'm not the only one disappointed that you see an i7 in 3 out of the 4 MBPs, but i7 is only available for an extra $180 in the iMac.

    The i5 2400 costs $150 @ MicroCenter, and that's the processor they use in the $2000 iMac!!! This is why people say Macs are overpriced (and they most certainly are). That having been said, I'll be buying an MBA or MBP 13 soon enough.

    i7 in MBP is not equal to an i7 in an iMac


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  • coder12
    Apr 13, 10:04 PM
    LOL. White iPhone 4 will be the duke nukem forever of iPhones.
    Lol, I get it! 'Cuz Duke Nukem Forever is finally getting released! ;)

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  • bartszyszka
    Apr 13, 02:25 PM
    It would be interesting if they provided the parts to other manufacturers for "comes with Apple tv" TVs. The only time they've done something like that though is the Motorola ROKR with iTunes built in and that didn't work out very well at all.

    I can't imagine them selling an Apple-branded TV unless they decide to integrate Apple TVs into the cinema displays? But it seems like most people are buying 40-60" TVs these days and Apple only sells 27" displays now.


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  • Rowbear
    Apr 8, 08:52 PM

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  • Zonz
    Dec 31, 05:29 PM
    And yours about me weren't ? Look, I made my presumptions based on some facts you posted :

    - Too busy to work out (which isn't an issue for weight control)
    - Having to lose weight (Doctor's orders)
    - Thinking Yoga is an effective weight control.
    - No mention of food.

    I made a presumption that you don't understand the basic premise of weight control. I hope my post at least opened up your eyes and you can go from there to learn what works for you, with your busy schedule, instead of thinking a busy schedule is a reason to stay the way you are.

    It's her choice up to a point. There's nothing wrong with 20 lbs overweight, give or take a few. Doctors will always tell you to be in the "zone" (healthy weight with a BMI between 18-25) but mostly there isn't much harm until later in life. Just like there's nothing wrong with taking fast food in reasonable quantities, or smoking if done occasionally.

    However, what she is doing is not just affecting her and her family. Morbid obesity affects all of society, be it through requiring services reserved for the disabled (she's not really disabled, she just chooses to be). The problem, like in all things bad for you (fast food, alcohol, smoking, drugs, whatever) is not occasional use, it's abuse. This woman has an abusive food consumption. Your examples are wrong because they try to equate what she is doing with what people are doing within reason. Your list should have been more :

    - Alcoholics should be able to stay that way! There's nothing wrong with 2 glasses of gin to wake up
    - 3 packs a day of smokes is perfectly fine!
    - Gambling all your money away and then borrowing some to gamble more is a person's choice!
    - You can never have enough Crystal Meth.

    The fact is, these are abusive tendencies which stem from deeper problems or addictions.

    BTW, I run about 5 km, 5 days a week. I ski (doing mostly Park, so climbing uphill on foot dragging my equipment), I do weight lifting too. I think I can sit and post on Macrumors a few times :D

    Thank you for presenting a reasonable argument, it seems very few people on blogging websites can actually respond without feeling personal injustice. So yes, I pretty much agree with you. My comment was more directed to the tone of this forum and not the information.

    And the examples I gave were to point out that no one can truly draw that line between reasonable and abusive behavior. When does a casual drinker become an alcoholic? When does a gambler have a gambling problem? The definitions given by professionals change consistently, and people on this forum with absolutely no qualifications whatsoever feel so sure they know the answers that they need to berate a persons lifestyle. I'm not usually such a prude, but it really pissed me off.

    Your a park skier. I used to be too. I could easily argue that the benefits of the entertainment of park skiing under-weigh the injuries sustained and the cost in medical bills. In fact I could say the same thing about any extreme sport. I'm paying for it in my taxes aren't I? So couldn't I berate you about what a menace to society you are?

    (FYI I'm not attacking you, don't take offense, it's just an example.)


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  • rmhop81
    Apr 26, 01:38 PM
    It'll be a pathetic excuse for a cloud if it'll only stream in the US (which if they continue with this 1 datacenter model will be the case). Amazon will beat them here, hands down. Have you seen how many datacenters they have?


    ^ That vs 1 datacenter...lets think...who's going to get the better performance...

    Also, the point of the cloud is redundancy. What happens WHEN the 1 datacenter goes down (e.g power problems, network problems, natural disasters, etc)? Apple's will be wiped out in one move, Amazon just fail over to another DC location.


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  • iliketyla
    Apr 26, 07:13 PM
    I worked at McDonald's for a couple months when I was in high school. I was never "trained" not to intervene in conflicts. It never even came up.

    But just being who I am I can tell you right now I would've thrown those bi***** through those windows if I saw them molly whopping on an individual who wasn't fighting back.


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  • jbanger
    Nov 29, 01:58 AM
    I'm from the old school of Schmidt Stixx and Powell & Peralta. I'm looking for a board with totem poles on either side of a temple. I'm unsure which of those companies made them Stixx or Peralta but its hasn't been in production since 87. if anybody knows and can find the name/picture it would be helpful (Yes these where the days when the young adult Tony Hawk ripped the scene just prior to showing that the 720 was possible and doable with STYLE).

    that kind of sounds familiar, let me put my thinking cap on....

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  • digitalbiker
    Jul 12, 07:19 PM
    Show me where Apple calls Pages a consumer app (http://www.apple.com/iwork/pages/).

    Oh come on at least give the guy something!

    It is common knowledge that Apple markets two principle lines.

    The consumer line which used to be prefaced by an "i". iWork, iLife, iBook, iPod, etc.

    And the Pro line which used to be prefaced by power or Pro . Ex: PowerBook, PowerMac, Final Cut Pro. etc.

    I am also sure that if you review the introduction of Pages at MacWorld it was intended to compete as a consumer product and not a replacement for Word by Steve Jobs. He is always very careful about how he phrases things so that he doesn't upset, MS or Adobe, when they come out with these apps.


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  • dsnort
    Aug 2, 07:28 AM
    No it is not and I dare you to prove me wrong!

    :confused: :confused: :confused: How old are you?

    The majority of the creative class uses pcs period. Software titles like Autocad, 3d Studio Max, Rhino etc. don’t even exist for the mac.

    Not sure about 3d Studio or Rhino, but pretty sure Autocad is for engineers, not traditionally considered creative because engineering is bound by rules and laws of materials and physics, ( although some can be very original).

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  • Funkatronic
    Nov 1, 07:45 AM

    PS3 Slim


    Rock Band 2 Special Edition


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  • lilo777
    Apr 23, 04:33 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Seriously? An apple rumors forum is no place fo a shareholder? That's absurd.

    "As you can see 260K people bought HTC Thunderbolt since Verizon started selling them (about a month). This translates to about 3 million phones annually. Clearly the demand is there. Also, you keep forgetting that other phones have swappable batteries."

    If you want to play numbers, the iPhone on Verizon (same carrier as thunderbolt) sold 2.2 million in two months, compared to a quarter million in one month for tbolt. Saying that equals 3million annually 1) makes it compete better with the iPhone over two months on a single carrier and 2) assumes that the numbers remain constant. Being that people are figuring out that the battery life is dreadful (and you forget that the majority of the market doesn't want to swap batteries like it's 1999) and that android phones have a short cycle of being the hottest new thing, I don't think there's a basis to assume consistent sales in line with their opening month. Numbers can say anything when there's no common sense behind it.

    I mentioned these numbers to prove totally different point namely that there are plenty of people who want LTE. Also, HTC probably has ten or so smartphone models. If all of them were as successful as Thunderbolt HTC would already be ahead of Apple :D

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  • Nord
    May 4, 01:58 AM
    Good so.
    It's the return of the Mac, Steve Jobs said it so, so let's focus on Macs now and iPhone in second plan for this year at least; it's already a huge success, so...

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  • McKs
    Apr 1, 04:51 AM
    this iPad-ness of Lion has me a bit worried. I don't want my interface looking like some cheap toy.
    Hope they'll come up with something classier to match the hardware :mad:

    Mar 31, 10:46 AM
    Looks ok, I don't mind it. I really don't care that much about looks more than functionality. I want something more like Outlook. On an exchange server Outlook does wonders. Email, calender, and contacts all unified in one program that offers great communication with the universal address book on the server.

    Jan 31, 01:12 AM
    He sooooooo resembles his fictional character in Two and Half Men in true life! :p


    Apr 12, 09:12 AM
    Breaking news, iPhone 5 to come out within the next 10 years :rolleyes:

    Apr 26, 09:52 AM
    and Plutonious, are you voting for me only since i voted for you?

    The first turn is tough since we don't have much to go on. I would have voted for Jav if I was responding to a vote for me but I figure he's still very pissed at me for getting his WW hung last game (he said I was very annoying last game so he probably considers me his new Aggie :D ). However, it is possible that he's a WW trying to get rid of me (like last game).

    In your case, I have to agree with Appleguy that your voting post was somewhat strange like the last game when you were a WW. That's why I switched my vote to you.

    Nov 9, 08:13 PM
    Does VMWare for Windows and Linux have direct access to the physical graphics hardware? A friend would use that instead of Parallels or Boot Camp in a heartbeat if it did. He's a gamer.

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