domingo, 22 de maio de 2011

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  • Cboss
    Oct 21, 07:16 PM

    Not that I usually condone this type of thing... I want to do it because I have never built a computer before, and just because I can.

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  • boncellis
    Jul 25, 01:56 PM
    i totally called this! and was told i was wrong... ;)

    As did I, only 80+ posts prior...;)

    Seriously though, the tech is cool, but it's one more thing to drain on the battery. I'm looking forward to the days when all iPods will be flash memory--sleeker, better battery life, and faster. I'm not too interested in the magnificent disappearing scrollwheel.

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  • twoodcc
    Jul 24, 10:50 PM
    Sounds like someone didn't take the time to read the post. If you wouldn't use it much you're implying you wouldn't use the iPod... period.

    sorry, i said it wrong. i guess i meant to say that i wouldn't go out and buy a new ipod just for this feature

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  • Al Coholic
    Apr 28, 10:37 PM
    Steve takes a leave an all hell breaks loose in the "thin" department.


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  • epmadsen
    Apr 30, 06:01 PM
    Great! Commoditize an art form and degrade it even further.

    It's bad enough we've already hacked music apart by turning it digital, now we're treating it like soda pop. Everything is a bargain bin price war.

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  • Marx55
    Nov 4, 02:55 AM
    I can say that when Parallels has its VM Flags set to VM Cache as the primary caching logic, its disk speed is near native, but OS X apps slow down dramatically. Change that to Mac OS X primary caching logic and the VM's disk access slows down noticeably, but not horribly.

    How to do such changes? Thanks.


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  • rekahs
    Jul 28, 09:07 AM
    This sounds just like what they said with Xbox. They want it to do something new, they expect it to be the next big thing, and it's gonna take a few years. I think once Wii is released, we'll see 360 take a market dive just like 360 did, and Zune may well face the same fate.

    surely if you look at it that way the ipod is in the position the 360 is in and the zune is like the wii.

    however i really dont think microsoft will ever be able to compete.

    they're fighting against a huge marketshare.
    and ms will never be as "cool" as apple.

    apple would have to do alot wrong to lose their position now.

    as for microsoft calling it a "long-term project"
    yeah...long-term like getting vista working?

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  • leekohler
    Feb 28, 04:26 PM
    According to this, he's demanding a 50% pay increase...


    Oh yeah, he thinks he's underpaid. :rolleyes: They're gonna tell him to hit the road and end the show.


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  • stroked
    May 1, 10:34 PM
    President Bush gets credit for starting the military effort that killed him. President Obama gets credit for continuing the military effort that killed him. The people who actually KILLED him are the minds and wo/men of the US military. They get all of the credit in the world.

    I don't know who wrote this, but I agree. I'm going to have a beer to celebrate.

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  • Prom1
    Nov 28, 02:09 PM
    Hello broken bones and doctor bills:D

    He's probably under 20 ... bones don't break that easy they bend still. Also they think their indestructible! You remember those times right?! ;)

    That is a SERIOUS board. I'm from the old school of Schmidt Stixx and Powell & Peralta. I'm looking for a board with totem poles on either side of a temple. I'm unsure which of those companies made them Stixx or Peralta but its hasn't been in production since 87. if anybody knows and can find the name/picture it would be helpful (Yes these where the days when the young adult Tony Hawk ripped the scene just prior to showing that the 720 was possible and doable with STYLE).

    My wish list:

    1) Have my current job past February 2011 - was granted I'm here until May 2012. OT is looking up and a raise. I can NOW finally invest and debt is getting paid and lower :D .

    2) I'd LOVE to have a 13" MBP with a Core i5 and equal or better than 310/310M Nvidia that is current. My Al_MB is pushing hard in Logic Pro 9.0.1.

    3. and most important wish:

    1 WEEK during this Xmas holiday's ... to have
    a) EVERY poor child under 19 fed healthy and hearty!
    b) Every homeless person to have above and a warm & safe shelter and shower, a swap for smelly clothes! I HATE having to not go into a store or shun them on the subway because they SMELL so bad. They ARE still human beings and nobody is above them. Sure most made STUPID decisions to end up that way, or life was harsh all at once and no recourse to be a bum. I STILL remember not too long ago I lived in a shelter for 1.5yrs had nothing more than 3 days of clothes no job and no money. I stole for used clothes only and ate when I could BUT I worked my ASS off to get the ********* job and go back to school. MANY of you that have wealth take things for granted and within just a few days can loose it all. BUMS have one thing going for them ... either they don't know HOW or just self respect society NOT to attempt robbing a bank. if successful they can clean up - if not then at least food and shelter is gauranteed, even some basic health needs are covered - but it puts a strain on our taxes.
    c) FAMINE to be put to a ground STOP in ALL the world just for a week.

    #3 is an important wish to my heart - I have no resources to do it myself, no energy to convince those with cash that its important and unfortunately hard to trust those doing it actually can have a life doing this for a few years and NOT get paid; yet enjoy travelling to so many countries. HOW the HELL does RICE solve hunger and provide nutritional value to those with bloated bellies and starving for months/!?!?!?! :confused:


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  • odedia
    Jan 27, 10:08 AM
    Apple's stock (APPL in NYSE) has plummeted $68 in the last 30 days (from $198 to $130 or 35%) does anyone know what has caused this? Curious...


    Yes, I know why: I bought the stock.

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  • rasmasyean
    May 1, 11:09 PM
    Dollar rises upon death of Osama (

    Interesting, haha

    Yeah, it's interesting that although they just anounced that like 3/4 of companies reporting profits and they expect markets to the morning headlines will be "Markets open higher on death of Bin Laden". :rolleyes:


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  • TimeArrow
    Apr 14, 01:22 PM
    Can anyone else confirm this? How about on iPad?

    Doubt it. If the 4-finger gesture is enabled in 4.3.2, apple cant wait to announce it.

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  • leekohler
    Apr 27, 01:27 PM
    Fair enough, not fact but a blatantly obvious observation which by no means is false, as others have agreed. It may be difficult for you to put things in perspective, perhaps due to the strong emotion after watching what unfolded.

    How can you be sure of that? And you're calling me out on applying the word "fact"? Quite ironic.

    I seem to have hit a nerve for pointing it out as not genuine, my initial post wasn't even focused on that specific point, but the other poster appeared to be profoundly upset with my reasoning.

    No- you hit a nerve when you tried to claim speculation as fact. That annoys me more than anything.


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  • bman1209
    Mar 31, 11:05 AM
    totally agree! BAD colour but could deal with the layout

    I dont like those random things they are doing. Like changing the "minimize, close window"-buttons on iTunes and App Store. Now this?

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  • Pegamush
    Apr 14, 03:46 PM
    In the mean time, might get the white one for my girl, she's still on my old 3G and it hurts me to see her still using that thing.

    just because a new device is out doesn't mean your old one dosen't work anymore / you suddenly need it..

    Give me some wise decision guys�

    I am badly in need for a new iDevice. My last device was the iPod Touch 1st Generation. I am planning to get both the iPhone and iPad, but will only get one now and wait for the other one in the next update.

    So which is better now?

    Get iPhone 4 White, and wait for iPad 3�
    Get iPad 2, and wait for iPhone 5?

    I am leaning towards the first option because the iPhone 4 feels like a revolution while the iPad 2 feels like a small upgrade and I wish it has a retina screen. But on the other hand, the iPhone 4 feels old now and iPad 2 just released.

    badly in need of something and you don't even know what you need? iphone and ipad are two completely different things...

    seriously, it really seems people buy apple eyes closed, without even thinking about their (supposed) needs. if you want to be cool, and you can afford it, then it's ok, otherwise you're just victims of the advertising and rumoring.
    didn't want to offend anyone, just want to make people think a bit before spending their money.


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  • trekkie604
    Apr 22, 05:43 PM
    That thing is extremely ugly...

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  • Phatpat
    Jul 25, 08:21 AM
    I'm still wondering about battery life.

    And they list the wired as Windows compatible, but not the new bluetooth version. Any reason it wouldn't work on Windows?

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  • Snowy_River
    Jul 12, 01:55 AM
    By the way...

    A little off topic, but seeing as how this thread seems to be being frequented by Pages-ophiles, I have a question...

    I'm working on a booklet that's designed to simply print to 8-1/2 x 11 pages, and be folded over, giving a 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 booklet. Does anyone know of a straight-forward way of getting this to print out properly? (Right now I'm printing each page separately, which means that each piece of paper goes through the printer four times, if you see what I mean).

    I'd be delighted if anyone has an easier way to handle this...

    (P.S. I didn't see an easy way to do this in MS Word either... ;) )

    Jul 13, 07:41 AM
    They will. Microsoft doing this will definitely cause Apple to be less stingy with the R&D and get some great small products to market.

    God, I really hope that Leopard is more of an upgrade than Tiger was.

    Are you referring to the tons of "exciting new products" Steve promised all those months ago?

    Seriously though, what the hell happened to all those new products and updates? Where is the Mighty Mouse BT or the new ipod Video? Does anybody still remember those rumors about the iPhone? Or even those long overdue updates of the Airport Express and Airport Extreme, which would allow for video and higher speeds?

    There are now fewer Apple products in the market than 2 years ago... :confused:

    May 1, 11:43 PM
    Osama is dead, so what? The U.S needed him alive.

    Actually this works out great for our PR. When he was alive he was a very powerful image to conjure up support for the ongoing wars, a great emotional appeal. Now that he's dead he can be trotted as an example of how we are winning and need to stay the course regardless of facts, reasoning, or actual reasons for getting our military into the Middle East again.

    Nov 17, 10:54 AM
    Thanks ! Been looking into it recently but my banker told not to even think about it ! :D

    I just talked to an old friend. He got himself a PAM270, which is like �10,000 here in Europe. Put it this way: PAM005 is 3 times cheaper.:D

    May 1, 05:27 AM
    Of course there is. iOS runs on two currently available Apple smartphone models: 3GS and 4. The iOS that runs on these phones is sufficiently different in feature sets from the iOS that runs on Tablets, media consumption devices, and Apple TVs:
    -Larger resolution on tablets
    -Communications handled separately - No phone app or visual voicemail on Tablet or iPod Touch
    -No installable apps on Apple TV

    AppleTV isn't being counted. If it had apps, it would be. For now, while it's running iOS "under the hood", Apple and analysts aren't actually mentioning that or using it in counts.

    And the differences between iPad / iPod / iPhone are orders of magnitude less than the differences between the ultra-high and ultra-low ends of what is being counted as Android "phones".

    This whole "smartphone OS" is something dreamed up in the last few weeks by Android apologists, after the numbers showed that Apple has the most popular OS and the most popular piece(s) of hardware in the mobile industry.

    Apr 26, 03:03 AM
    Looking forward to owning my first glossy display too. I imagine it's beautiful for photo editing+gaming.

    Get ready for disappointment. The glossy screen sucks for both photo editing and gaming. Once you have some dark colors on the screen there are reflections all over the place, even in a relatively dark room. Imagine working on a night shot or running through ravenholm in half life 2 with constant reflections from pretty much everything around you - including you.

    I used to be a fan of the glossy, but any more I get so irritated with it. I have a matte screen at work and I kept thinking, the colors and textures are so rich. Oh wait, its because I can actually see them. I may go Mac Pro for the Video card and 3rd party monitor option next time.

    I sold my 24" glossy iMac last summer for a low end 2010 Mac Pro + 27" Dell screen and have not regretted it ever since. A propper gpu & a matte sreen offer a way better computing experience for me that was well worth the price. :)

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