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oprah winfrey house interior

oprah winfrey house interior. modern china interior middot; oprah
  • modern china interior middot; oprah

  • KnightWRX
    Dec 29, 11:13 AM
    Old news, she tries to maintain a 12k calorie diet/day. She's going for a record. She was all the rage last summer.

    Guilty or not guilty has nothing to do with eating right/wrong. Eat what you want, just make sure to keep your calorie absorption within limits (metabolism + physical activity) and you'll keep an healthy weight. There's nothing wrong with sugar/fat/alcohol and other non-"good for you!" foods and ingredients, it's just that these tend to be much more calorie dense and thus are much less filling per calorie eaten, so you end up ingesting much more to get that "full" feeling you should never get anyhow (if you fell stuffed, you over-ate).

    It's all about quantity. I baked a cake and made some very delicious gingerbread cookies for christmas. I ate 2 types of "tourtieres" + turkey + deserts + tons of appetizers at the christmas diner. I didn't gain a single a pound.

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  • Oprah Winfrey adopts puppy

  • FoxMcCloud
    Apr 25, 04:59 PM
    Here's a rumor I heard from next doors westie who knows a yorkie owned by an engineer at Apple. He said that incremental updates will happen to all Mac lines this year starting with the MBP.

    Next year will see a major refresh of the Mac line probably starting with the MBP again for the Ivy Bridge release. Apple will have Ivy Bridge one month before PC OEM manufacturers get them. We will be blessed with USB3 and triple channel memory in desktop products.

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  • toniv
    Dec 2, 01:50 AM
    Hi, you all!

    This iAdware thing is old news and has been already fixed in latest security update by Apple.

    Greetings from Finland,


    CVE-ID: CVE-2006-4404

    Available for: Mac OS X v10.3.9, Mac OS X Server v10.3.9, Mac OS X v10.4.8, Mac OS X Server v10.4.8

    Impact: When installing software as an Admin user, system privileges may be used without explicit authorization

    Description: Admin users are normally required to authenticate before executing commands with system privileges. However, the Installer allows system privileges to be used by Admin users when installing certain packages without requiring authentication. This update addresses the issue by requiring authentication before installing software with system privileges.

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  • iEvolution
    Apr 22, 12:59 PM
    Two companies I really don't care for.

    Apple makes some sweet hardware (hence I visit this site) but they seriously lack in the software programming and ethical department.

    Samsung makes some crappy TVs (I really don't know why they have such a good reputation for TVs, I've got two of them and they look like crap in comparison to my $400 Emerson), not to mention crappy cell phones that are guaranteed to break in a year. (I've gone through three, 1st the slider started to stick, 2nd one the speaker on it broke, and the 3rd one it would double entry the 6 key when I tried to text).

    Good for samsung though for trying to strike back for that ridiculous suit Apple did about the Galaxy.


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  • siurpeeman
    Mar 12, 04:12 AM
    UGh. What a mess. Waited in line for 8 hours and they are sold out. So angry right now.

    really sorry to hear that. reading about the insanely long lines at the apple store in brea, i headed over to best buy in fullerton instead. arrived at 1p and was 13th or so in line. i wish you all the luck in getting an ipad soon.

    Nobody seemed to be touching those Verizon iPads with a 10 foot pole.

    and i find that really surprising. despite at&t's faster (when available) data speeds, i've always found coverage to be completely spotty, especially in fullerton and brea. opted for a verizon ipad.

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  • Foucault
    Apr 12, 11:25 AM


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  • arnop
    Nov 8, 09:25 AM
    Two tickets for the UEFA CHampion's League final in Wembley next year :)

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  • Proud oprah winfrey show,

  • timmillwood
    Oct 24, 08:54 AM
    is the HDD removable?

    The userguide online is still the CD MBP


    oprah winfrey house interior. Nate Berkus - interior
  • Nate Berkus - interior

  • junker
    Jul 28, 09:26 AM
    What aren't you understanding?


    He's Canadian!! just kidding...

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  • Oprah+winfrey+chicago+home

  • BoyBach
    Jul 21, 03:12 PM
    Well, it's official now.



    oprah winfrey house interior. Nate Berkus, an interior
  • Nate Berkus, an interior

  • rnelan7
    Dec 4, 03:49 PM

    You'll shoot your eye out kid

    oprah winfrey house interior. Random House Concept Designs
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  • Plutonius
    Apr 26, 03:32 PM
    Just a reminder: About 45 minutes to go and you vote must be bolded or I won't count it. Eldiablojoe I'm looking at your post/vote.

    I believe Aggie's vote was not bolded either.


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  • Anonymous Freak
    Apr 27, 06:30 PM
    If you don't have a daughter, then you don't have a clue.
    I have seen some transgenders, and I have nothing to say to them.

    I, on the other hand, do have a daughter. And if I saw someone who was obviously transgendered (as opposed to 'obviously pedophile cross-dresser',) I would have no problem with them entering the ladies room at the same time as my daughter.

    We don't have the complete story behind the video, just as we didn't have the complete story behind the Rodney King beating video up front; but on the face of it, this is a group of young women beating a transgendered person until she has a seizure. All the while, being egged on by the employees of the store.

    Now, if the 'transgendered person' was really just a creepy crossdresser, someone who does not regularly self-identify as female, and exposed himself to the young women, then I would not have a problem with the young women defending themselves. But once it was out in the open part of the restaurant, with the 'offender' on the ground, that person is no longer a threat. And once they leave, any return to fight is purely wrong.

    At best, the attackers had a legitimate complaint, and took it waaaaay too far. At worst, they committed felony assault as a hate crime.

    oprah winfrey house interior. oprah winfrey house inside.
  • oprah winfrey house inside.

  • sevimli
    Apr 21, 10:20 PM
    Go samy go!


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  • Room Interior Arrangement

  • DeathChill
    Apr 22, 02:58 PM
    Really? So the fact that they did not have laptops with mainstream mobile quad core CPUs before Sandy Bridge when every other computers manufacturer had them is "immaterial" now? With LTE it's the same story all over. After they finally get in a year or two you'll probably be able to say again that it's immaterial. I bet it's very material to those who want iPhone with LTE now. Another major problem here is that Apple sticks to having just one model of iPhone (CDMA vs GSM differences aside). As if all people wanted the same thing. They don't.

    Of course not all people want the same thing. That's why Apple isn't the only phone manufacturer in the world. You don't like their phone? Buy somebody else's.

    oprah winfrey house interior. of Oprah Winfrey
  • of Oprah Winfrey

  • seanpholman
    Mar 16, 10:01 AM
    At this point I would settle for a 16 wifi.



    oprah winfrey house interior. oprah winfrey house island
  • oprah winfrey house island

  • Btrthnezr3
    Jan 26, 10:27 AM

    Oh gawd...that looks awesome! Yummy!

    oprah winfrey house interior. thing Oprah+winfrey+home+
  • thing Oprah+winfrey+home+

  • zorinlynx
    Apr 13, 08:58 PM
    They could have avoided all this drama by just not announcing the white iPhone until it was ready, but noooo.

    If no one knew it was planned, there wouldn't have been all this bitching, and Apple could have surprised us with it.

    oprah winfrey house interior. Oprah Winfrey isn#39;t going
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  • twoodcc
    Nov 29, 05:49 PM
    I now have 2 gpu's running which should put up some additional points. I have stopped the cpu folding on that machine, it wasn't doing nearly as many ppd in windows as it was in linux. Hopefully I can push over the 400k ppw mark but we shall see.

    I am used to win xp at work but win 7 has been a challenge to figure out, so many things have changed...

    nice. both 275s? how do you keep up with the wattage?

    Oct 16, 02:52 PM
    To become a relevant team, we need to reach 250k units per day, almost double the current rate. We need 70 more iMacs/MacBooks or 5 8-core systems.

    You buy the mac pros and send em my way and I'll get em set up :p

    Apr 22, 10:09 PM
    When are we going to start? I can't wait to chomp down on some villagers...


    Mar 31, 11:38 AM
    I love these new UI touches.

    But UI changes are not enough for me to spend $129 on alone. If it were $29 like Snow Leopard was, then that'd be different, but I highly doubt that'll happen this time around. Let's see some real features (ones that haven't been mentioned yet).

    !� V �!
    Apr 25, 02:30 PM
    Yes. Usually from the time the launch day is announced to a month or two after it ships. In the past there has been a $10-20 media charge but if 10.7 ships via the app store I guess it will be free or some nominal amount like $1 to satisfy any accounting rules.

    Ditto. :apple: Usually sets a timeframe, or Mac model that would have been released shortly before the next major OS upgrade. They do this to lure in developers to the newer version of they OS and to demonstrate to the press that the Mac community in majority have adopted the new release. Anything else is just marketing and supposed accounting. :)

    May 3, 08:45 AM
    just confirmed with Apple...hopefully they'll remove that.

    Anyway, looking forward to the spec bumps for the Mini, the Air and the Pro.

    And really hope that everyone's iMacs will behave and be okay this time around.

    I just found that out too and I want to cry :-(

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