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  • fs454
    Jan 25, 06:35 PM
    It definately did drop more than all the other stocks out there, i'm curious as well.

    Maybe we were all hoping for...you know, some ACD updates, a tablet, more refreshes, etc >_>

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  • motulist
    Aug 15, 09:14 PM
    Is anyone else bothered by the button to buy more batteries?

    Yes, it seems like a Microsoft thing.

    It's actually a very Apple thing to do. Apple has always been about making a totally integrated, complete end-to-end computing environment and Apple has also always been dedicated to transforming things that had been difficult for non-techies to do into some so simple and effective that even advanced technical users decide it's the best method. This is probably not the first time an option to buy hardware has been built into software, but just like Time Machine is revolutionary because it's the first SIMPLE file-by-file backup system and not because it's the first backup system ever, so too this "Buy Battery" button is revolutionary because of how simple and integrated it is.

    I'm hardly an Apple apologist, I complain quite loudly when they do things that are lame. But I think this is a very Apple thing to do and a feature that isn't just a built in advertisement. If I had an OS X button to buy a new battery when I wanted one, rather than tracking down the battery model number I needed and having to worry about who to buy from and bothering with technical details, I'd definitely appreciate being able to just click that button.

    Making the entire computer experience simple, easy and fun is what Apple has always been about, and this is a natural continuation of those ideals. In fact, I hope they expand this functionality to include upgrading ram and hard disks (as long as they don't go overboard with the prices like in the b.t.o. options at the apple store).

    Really this is a wonderful new breakthrough in Apple's quest for computing easiness.

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  • 2992
    Sep 30, 12:07 PM
    ATT, go check out HK to learn how to do it.:cool:

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  • mandis
    Jul 21, 11:09 AM
    Exciting to hear.

    Hopefully they've entered a period of sustained growth, one that can carry them far into the future.

    Given that they're at 4.7% (averaged), I'll guess they'll cross 5% within the next calendar year. (Though I suspect it may happen before MWSF)

    Increased market share can only be a good thing.

    Most people I know however, who were using macs at uni or at work, have all switched back to windows in the last year or so and they are not looking back. I suppose marketshare in the UK is not in par with the US. It would be interesting to do a survey of this increased user base and discover the role of the mac platform as it has evolved these days.

    I suppose my question is: Has the mac/osx platform changed direction towards its function and purpose? What is a mac with osx good for these days?

    A few years back the mac was the platform of choice for the creative class such as designers, photographers, Video editors, etc. Most of these people, with the exception of video editors, have now switched to windows because of the better choice of software and better upgradeability.


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  • brainwave89
    Jun 16, 07:36 AM
    There was no reason why this issue shouldn't have been resolved at the Apple store level. That store manager deserves needs to be enlightened.

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  • Simgar988
    May 1, 11:32 PM
    I guess Osama Bin Ladin's iPhone tipped Pres. Obama off.


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  • triceretops
    May 3, 09:15 AM
    The i7 isn't the default processor?:confused:

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  • timerollson
    Sep 17, 10:47 AM

    For 99cents this game is incredible!:D

    For the life of me, I cannot get past the 2nd one on the 2nd set of levels.:mad:


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  • mratlantis
    Oct 24, 08:28 AM
    i bought a MBP 2 weeks ago and its just about to be delivered?
    i want a one of the new upgraded ones, just my luck!
    anyone with some tips?

    thanks in advance

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  • iApples
    May 2, 01:12 AM
    300 lb virgins with A cups, facial hair, and gonorrhea

    enjoy yourself Osama

    Some people may dig that sorta thing. :D


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  • Popeye206
    May 3, 11:37 PM
    Since the iPhone 4 is a strong hardware device and now that we have the iPad 2 out, I think most of the focus for the short term has been on Lion and iOS 5. iOS 5 could bring some really great features to the existing hardware and buy Apple the time to make the next hardware change more significant.

    We will see... but in the long run, it should be good.

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  • Satori
    Apr 14, 02:33 AM
    Maybe a sign of universal iOS+Mac apps?

    Seems most likely since the placeholder has 'Mac' in the title.


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  • Steelers7510
    Apr 15, 07:09 AM
    For once BGR isn't just talking out of there arses.

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  • gkarris
    Jan 30, 07:35 PM
    Interesting, considering there are only 194 recognized countries on Earth. Which planet are the other 6 countries located on?


    1. The Arctic
    2. The Antarctic
    3. Canada
    4. Texas
    5. California
    6.+ The Independent Countries located in the Florida Keys...



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  • parapup
    Apr 28, 12:54 PM
    How about the expression, "A rising tide lifts all boats."

    All boats except Symbian (it's too huge a s[t]inking ship to be lifted by any tide) and Windows Phone 7 ( they made a paper boat in the hope of getting lifted but sadly it looks like the tide is too big for it to ride)

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  • purelithium
    Jul 24, 07:52 PM
    Damnit! 3 Weeks after I buy my regular mighty mouse...


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  • EricNau
    Aug 15, 06:24 PM
    does anyone know a rough date for its release?

    (March 20 to June 21)

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  • twoodcc
    Nov 29, 05:49 PM
    I now have 2 gpu's running which should put up some additional points. I have stopped the cpu folding on that machine, it wasn't doing nearly as many ppd in windows as it was in linux. Hopefully I can push over the 400k ppw mark but we shall see.

    I am used to win xp at work but win 7 has been a challenge to figure out, so many things have changed...

    nice. both 275s? how do you keep up with the wattage?

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  • hobbyrennfahrer
    Jan 31, 12:19 PM
    from here ricardo.ch (http://www.ricardo.ch)

    i live in switzerland :cool:

    May 3, 09:12 AM
    I have an external Mac display cerca 2008 with a the apple display port that I hook to my Macbook. When I got a revamped mac book I had to buy a mini display adapter to use it.

    I want to get a the new iMac, and want to use my external display still. But I haven't been able to find info on Mini/Display port to Tunderbolt.

    I know half the charm of these thunderbolts is running HD video from an external drive and separate monitors. But I haven't found what I'm looking for.


    If I understand you correctly, you want to plug a mini-Display port on your MacBook Pro to the Thunderbolt port on your iMac. All you need is a mini-Display Port to mini-Display Port cord. Thunderbolt uses the same connectors.

    May 1, 11:13 PM
    Twitter is the best news organization.

    I first heard the news while randomly checking Facebook. And then the ESPN iPhone app alerted me. :p

    And then the CNN app did last. :D

    Apr 22, 07:03 PM
    Not sure if anyone said this earlier but what about a liquid metal enclosure. That ought to keep dents and scratches away and allow for a thinner design.

    Edit: If it is gonna be Liquid Metal then this might be the iPhone 6 not the iPhone 5. Then in a similar way Joshua Topolsky was wrong about the iPad 2 with retina - he was getting rumors for a device that is further down the pike.

    Oct 18, 04:34 PM
    As always, the iPod is Apple's real cash cow.
    Pity you didn't read the figures before commenting:

    Oct 24, 08:45 AM
    Not sure if anybody's noticed yet, but they've changed the design a bit too. Specifically, the optical drive. Notice how now instead of just being a slot in the front, it seems to have a bit of darker grey plastic around it.
    Yeah! I saw that its like a boarder around it.. Me liking it :)

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