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leonardo dicaprio wallpaper hd

leonardo dicaprio wallpaper hd. leonardo dicaprio wallpaper hd
  • leonardo dicaprio wallpaper hd

  • ro2nie
    Jul 24, 05:55 PM
    I hope this mouse has more customization features than the current mighty mouse.

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  • Category: Movies Wallpapers

  • IJ Reilly
    Jul 10, 05:45 PM
    Part of the problem is the way they market it. There was such an emphasis on templates and graphic-intensive stuff when it was first demoed in MacWorld 2005 that it's hard to think it can be a good word processor. My first thought was how it looked 100x better than Microsoft Publisher.

    Again, I think this latest rumor shows that Apple will address some of the perceptions (or misperceptions, depending on who you ask) by allowing people to dive into word processing mode and adding better search and research functions. It just might make me a convert.

    I entirely agree with you on these points. Apple is barely marketing iWork at all, let alone in a way which would help people understand its value. At MW last January I made a point of mentioning the Mac owner confusion over what Pages does to one of the reps on the floor who was demonstrating the new version. He also happened to be on the Pages programming team. (Which game me an opportunity to show him a bug I'd found. :))

    He seemed surprised to be hearing what I was telling him, and I wasn't entirely sure he believed me in the end, but perhaps this rumor reflects some understanding on Apple's part that they're not getting the message out about these applications, particularly Pages. Maybe they'll get serious about marketing in version 3.

    One other thing, I think Apple ought to be bundling iWork with most if not all of their systems, and not necessarily because we like to get free booty. The more Mac owners used iWork, the more who would see the value in forking out for the upgrades. This is exactly how Apple already markets iLife, so why they're not doing this for iWork is just plain mystifying.

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  • Leonardo DiCaprio; leonardo dicaprio wallpaper hd. actor leonardo dicaprio andrew; actor leonardo dicaprio andrew

  • emotion
    Jul 25, 10:00 AM
    I've been checking the UK store (Higher Ed + Normal) since the announcement, the Wireless Mighty Mouse is still not up there. Are you sure you're not confusing the Mighty Mouse with the wired one? ( The Wired Mighty Mouse is is �31.73 H.E, �35.00 Retail)

    Plus, I think we've already had a link to MacWorld showing the price at �49.99

    Sorry for the confusion, see my edit above.

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  • xUKHCx
    May 3, 08:50 AM
    The biggest question I have is whether the dual Thunderbolt will support 2 external monitors.

    Imagine a triple 27 inch setup! (Brain explodes at thought)

    And don�t worry about a single drive or peripheral tying up the Thunderbolt port: You can daisy-chain as many as six devices plus a display. The 27-inch iMac includes a second Thunderbolt port for even more expansion possibilities. Connect up to six more devices or a display or two.


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  • Doctor Q
    Jun 6, 01:25 PM
    I believe that there has to be a "cooling off period" - at least here in the UK - after making a purchase at which point you are entitled by law to return the product. Normally that period is 7-14 days but individual stores may be even more lenient than that.
    That would be a problem for the iPod touch apps that tell you the secret for doing a magic trick. More seriously, there are a lot of apps you might use on a vacation, e.g. finding restaurants or transportation or people in another city. It wouldn't be fair to their developers if you could buy their app, take it on vacation, then return it when you get home in a week or two.

    Perhaps return policies should be based on how many times you launch the app, not on elapsed time. You could return any unused or one-launched app for a full refund within a certain number of days, assuming the iPod touch could keep track of that.

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  • leonardo dicaprio titanic

  • morespce54
    Oct 23, 03:50 PM
    Remember once someone sells you something they can not tell you how you can use it. That like you buying a car and in the purchase agreement they tell you your not allow to wreck the car. Grant it, they do not have to warranty it after you wreck it, but if you want to wreck it, that is up to you.

    Does it apply to purchased iTMS songs too? :rolleyes: :confused: ;)


    leonardo dicaprio wallpaper hd. leonardo dicaprio wallpaper hd
  • leonardo dicaprio wallpaper hd

  • ChrisTX
    Apr 22, 08:08 PM
    I don't like this wedge fetish Apple is on. Tell me this thing will look better when I sober up. :eek:

    I'm sober and it's not looking all that good from my end. :-/

    leonardo dicaprio wallpaper hd. dicaprio wallpaper titanic
  • dicaprio wallpaper titanic

  • macinhand
    Apr 14, 05:33 PM
    For anyone with multitasking gestures enabled, is it me or has the animation for when you use four fingers to swipe left or right to switch between apps changed?

    When you activate the app switch, the page drops back and the different apps are separated, then zooms back out on release? i thought the last one was a continuous image with no separation?

    Please ignore me if it was the same!


    leonardo dicaprio wallpaper hd. leonardo dicaprio wallpaper hd
  • leonardo dicaprio wallpaper hd

  • Orme
    May 2, 12:43 PM
    I really hope that it comes tomorrow as my apple store credit card is on fire waiting to be spent. ;) however @dpdesilva on twitter is rumoring that apple will delay imac refresh due to leaks and rumors being overshadowed by Bin Laden's Death. Personally I think it might be B.S. I care more about my Imac than the story of his death.

    Sounds like a load of bs to me.. someone is fame hungry.. Why would the news of Osama's death overshadow rumors/leaks of the new iMac.. they are both on totally different scales and subjects. One is world breaking news.. one is not and I don't see how it's going to stop people like me from being worried about other things like my life, daily routine and this iMac that I want ever so desperately..

    [Edit] and if it's true that the refresh is going to be delayed because of Osama's death.. THEY'RE SO LETTING HIM WIN!! :mad::mad::mad:

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  • fisty
    Nov 3, 09:07 PM
    Elegant post but sheesh!

    Yeah it already is.

    indeed it has :D

    just created iso image from the xp sp2 cd i have lieing around.. never seen xp installing so fast lol

    tho still a bit bumpy as its a private **** its bumpy lol


    leonardo dicaprio wallpaper hd. leonardo dicaprio wallpaper
  • leonardo dicaprio wallpaper

  • Mord
    Apr 24, 02:06 PM
    I'm going to ask a dumb question here: if the victim had already undergone the surgery, then how could the perpetrators know the victim was genetically male? I'm not trying to be snarky, but there's a logical disconnect, unless I'm missing something.

    Surgery isn't a magic wand.

    Some transgender people "pass" better than others. It's not just transgender people who have their gender challenged either, it happens plenty to anyone that appears gender ambiguous.

    Bullies latch onto any and all perceived insecurity and take advantage of it, in this case it had profoundly unpleasant consequences.

    leonardo dicaprio wallpaper hd. Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Leonardo DiCaprio

  • Stellarola
    Mar 31, 11:23 PM
    Heinous. Absolutely hideous.

    And I'm a fan of eye candy.

    The faux leather is almost as bad as this "Marble" OS X mockup, from back in the day:

    I'm calling B.S. on this photo. That image isn't from Apple. Prove me wrong, please.



    leonardo dicaprio wallpaper hd. Leonardo DiCaprio (Shutter
  • Leonardo DiCaprio (Shutter

  • solvs
    Jul 22, 02:35 AM
    wow that was the funniest bunny lovin i've ever seen
    I could've posted something even funnier, but I didn't want to get banned.

    leonardo dicaprio wallpaper hd. leonardo dicaprio wallpaper
  • leonardo dicaprio wallpaper

  • amac4me
    Jul 11, 02:50 PM
    If Microsoft is indeed developing such a device, Apple surely knows about it and will have a product to counter it.

    Apple is using the current "video capable" iPods as a test bed for the true Video iPod. I'll place my bet that Apple has some cool innovative products up its sleeve that we can't even imagine.


    leonardo dicaprio wallpaper hd. leonardo dicaprio titanic
  • leonardo dicaprio titanic

  • mdelvecchio
    Apr 26, 04:53 PM
    Apple has 1 datacenter, and zero experience running a cloud service.

    and i cant think of ANY example where apple got into a new field and kicked the crap out of the old hats. can you? hmmm.....

    gotta go, phone call -- on my apple cell phone!!

    leonardo dicaprio wallpaper hd. leonardo dicaprio wallpaper hd
  • leonardo dicaprio wallpaper hd

  • Fatdog
    Apr 25, 11:49 AM
    Wake me when iMacs have matte screens again.

    I'm surprised a third-party vendor hasn't started producing matte screens for the iMac. The glass is simple to remove on the iMac.

    Or you can buy an anti-glare film.


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  • Big Kahuna
    Apr 14, 04:23 AM
    Nope. It's the new iWatch!

    leonardo dicaprio wallpaper hd. leonardo dicaprio wallpaper hd
  • leonardo dicaprio wallpaper hd

  • Silencio
    Apr 11, 02:28 PM
    USB 2.0 is definitely not fast enough to saturate a hard drives speed, it's very limiting.

    Firewire 800 isn't fast enough to saturate multi-drive RAIDs, either.

    I'm really looking forward to Mac minis with Thunderbolt. Hook them up to some nice 4+ drive external RAIDs with Thunderbolt and I can replace a bunch of aging Xserves and PowerMac G5 servers with much smaller and much faster replacements.

    leonardo dicaprio wallpaper hd. dicaprio young wallpaper.
  • dicaprio young wallpaper.

  • wordoflife
    Apr 24, 03:32 PM
    You can't even see it. LOL

    Oh wow! Fail.

    Jul 21, 12:53 PM
    My thoughts exactly.

    I wouldn't care if their share is 1%. Just as long as they remain a sound business and keep up the R&D.Marketshare matters.

    Why? The biggest and the most obvious reason is that developing for and porting software to OS X becomes more attractive to developers. Greater market share also helps Apple in its dealings with major partners like Intel and Microsoft.

    The other big benefit for consumers is that we may see more product offerings from Apple as the number of macs sold increases. How about that Mac media center everyone's been talking about? Or the fabled Mac tablet?

    Apr 19, 04:56 AM
    We knew all this Graphics stuff already like a month ago from the Engadget review.

    We now have some actual game results now and it seems even worse than the 50% drop seen in the original review.

    Instead of 50% of the performance of the 320M, we now have:
    26% at a lower resolution in Wow
    34% for Lost planet

    Those numbers seem to suggest the ULV SAndy Bridge has even worse graphics performance than the previous generation Nvidia 9400M

    They said the Series 9 gets 25 mins less battery life (

    PCMag says the Series 9 gets almost an hour MORE battery life (,1740,iid=291739,00.asp). These reviews are all over the place, and only tell part of the story.

    it is only 29min. Not sure where you get almost 1 hour from. And it was measured in Windows, so I think this is the most comparable number. Mac OS is known to be better at using less power than Windows. From this, I'd say there would be a marginal increase in battery life by switching to Sandy Bridge - nothing major.

    Apr 14, 04:57 AM
    I'll see it when I believe it. :rolleyes:

    Apr 23, 01:18 AM
    Are you saying that only people who love each and every Apple decision should post here? Probably not but you sound like it. I thought we were just discussing the merits of tech gadgets here.

    No, what I'm saying is that there are many Android forums out there that would provide news about products that suit you more than iProducts do. You want a product that dies on you half-way through the day. The majority of us don't.

    Digital Skunk
    May 3, 09:15 AM
    It annoys me too but it works out pretty well for Apple and I'd much rather pay extra for the i7 than not have the option at all. Look at the latest MBPs compared to the previous ones, Apple bumped the GPUs up significantly but charged $200 more and yet everyone is happy.

    True, but I've always had the sense that MBP owners are just used to paying a lot more for a machine than most everyone else.

    I strongly suggest against a refurbished model of older revisions. It is similar to purchasing a Core 2 model. The base 21.5" Sandy Bridge once it hits refurb would be tempting at ~$999.

    Agreed about the Core2 models, but I still think it would depend on the price of the refurbed. There's a 3.33GHz core 2 duo on there for $1040, and a 3.06GHz Core i3 for $930; same GPU different HDD size. The i3 would be the better choice if one weren't able to get the extra $200 or so for a new model.

    This is the first worthwhile iMac solely based on the stillborn potential of Thunderbolt and the quad on the base models. It only took 5 years.

    QFT. My initial post in this thread mentioned the Old Skool Apple because at the very least we've got iMacs that don't offer 80% laptop parts with a nice screen. I'd say we are at 40% laptop parts now.

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