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lars von trier

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  • MagnusVonMagnum
    Apr 26, 05:07 PM
    What a freaking RIP-OFF. You could buy 20 new songs a year for that instead (well not on Apple anymore sine they royally screwed everyone on some BS basis of "85 cents songs" to offset the "$1.29" ones except that as most of us predicted, there are hardly any 85 cents songs in existence yet a heck of lot of $1.29 ones. In other words, all they did was jack up prices to cover crap artists who can't sing and don't write their own songs and make farting noises and call it art.)

    Meanwhile, what good would this service do? Do you seriously think they're going to let you access your music that you did NOT buy from iTunes??? (i.e. your CD collection dumped to iTunes) NO WAY. You'd have to UPLOAD the entire library first. How LONG would that take? Ridiculous. Then you miss a payment and they delete it all.... It's far more likely it's only for songs you already bought (in which case you could already just 'buy' them again and download them for free; in other words the service is worthless).

    What most people would prefer I think is a flat fee music-on-demand service where you can listen to ANY music you want from the entire library. Pandora, Sonus, etc. already offer this service so Apple's "retrieve your own library online" is stupid, IMO. You could rent some storage somewhere and just upload your music there and download it anywhere on the Net WITHOUT APPLE even being involved. The whole thing strikes me as a cash grab from Apple to make you pay for the music you already paid for ALL OVER AGAIN. Bought 100 songs? 5 years you bought 'em again. No value.

    My entire music library is only 70GB in AAC without music videos. That would almost fit on an iPod Touch 64GB or USB 64GB stick as it is, let alone my Netbook which has 160GB on it and my MBP which has 500GB. So the ONLY way this service could be useful is if I could access ALL MY MOVIES from anywhere on the Net. That would require 2.6TB of storage, though. I don't see Apple covering that and I wouldn't even want to TRY to upload all those movies from my own library (and Apple doesn't even sell (let alone in good quality) 40% of them and 95% of the HD ones.

    No, a flat fee for unlimited rentals (music and movies) would be a good deal. I don't see Apple offering that any time soon, if EVER.

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  • Lars von Trier (the quot;vonquot; was

  • Popeye206
    Apr 13, 02:00 PM
    Will it support Flash???? :p

    lars von trier. Lars von Trier
  • Lars von Trier

  • lordonuthin
    Oct 16, 09:03 PM
    You should be able to pull 20k ppd with that machine only with the bigadv units...

    I will have to try it when I get home tonight.

    lars von trier. Lars von Trier
  • Lars von Trier

  • neko girl
    May 1, 11:14 PM
    If anything this will have just made our foreign policy situation worse. Get ready for the blowback, because this event definitely pissed off some extremists.
    Why does it sound like you are hoping something like this will happen? Bitter much?


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  • O diretor dinamarquês Lars Von

  • jazz9
    Sep 14, 08:31 PM










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  • lars von trier the kingdom

  • 63dot
    Mar 1, 12:01 PM
    All you need to do is look at him to know that it's not a show. He definitely wants publicity, but I don;t think it's going to get him the results he wants. Most people I know are horrified and of the opinion that he just ruined his career. I have to agree.

    I think with both Sheen and his producer (Chuck Lorre) he is fighting against, people will eventually forget this whole mess over what appears to be control on the show. It's not the first time a show's boss and it's top star have clashed. The series makes so much money that some infighting and typically huge and unrealistic egos will end up on page 10, and then disappear. When "Friends" was on, the backstage stories were giant, but now that the show is a memory, people will believe they are "friends". ;)

    Sheen has probably always been this out of control, and the same with other actors, producers, directors, and other powerful people in Hollywood. It's sad to see a person sink this low, but it doesn't shock me being in the field he is in with other meltdowns (Kramer-dude, Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise, Phil Spector, and others).

    The same field that attracts independent, creative, and motivated individuals has many of those same individuals fashion themselves as larger than life. They start to believe their own press releases.


    lars von trier. Lars Von Trier
  • Lars Von Trier

  • splintah
    Oct 24, 07:40 AM
    well that was about time

    good to see the ram bumb
    rest was expected

    hopefully they changed the hdd replacement
    and the heat issues

    looking foward on the macbook release
    hopefully with gma x3000 graphics

    lars von trier. Whenever Lars von Trier debuts
  • Whenever Lars von Trier debuts

  • Darrin Bell
    Jul 13, 01:31 AM
    I hope microsoft has the name 'iBox' trademarked.. wouldn't want apple to ever make an iBox...I know that's facetious, but I agree. I'd rather avoid brand confusion. I still remember having a hard time convincing an elderly friend that her piece of crap computer was not an Apple iMac, it was an eMachine.


    lars von trier. Lars Von Trier#39;s Breaking
  • Lars Von Trier#39;s Breaking

  • Charlie Sheen
    Mar 11, 03:26 PM
    who's charlie sheen?

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  • Lars von Trier:The law of

  • Billy Boo Bob
    Jun 7, 03:36 AM
    I like the idea of being able to "buy" a free app on the phone without a password. My iTunes account password is a long mix of letters and numbers, and easy to type on a physical keyboard, but it's a pain in the ass to type out on the phone's funky keyboard just to update or grab free stuff.

    As for the OP, I think Apple would have suffered a pretty bad PR rap if they didn't refund them.


    lars von trier. Lars von Trier#39;s - Epidemic
  • Lars von Trier#39;s - Epidemic

  • andys53
    Apr 22, 10:38 AM
    Have you used a 4.3" phone. They don't seem that much physically bigger but the screen size is awesome! Apple keeps getting squeezed with adding new technology because of the size limitations of the phone. Giving us a slightly bigger size with the advantage of a bigger screen size AND more components seems like an excellent tradeoff.

    Yeah - I know if will never happen because SJ is compulsive obsessive with never making things bigger.


    The current size is more than adequate for me, and I use reading glasses! The screen could possibly be increased I suppose if the black areas were somehow shrunk, but unless your hands are like shovels the phones already big enough.

    lars von trier. Lars Von Trier
  • Lars Von Trier

  • Sodner
    Apr 26, 08:32 PM
    I saw and got my hands on a possible prototype IMac that had a touchable screen and a smug free screen. It also had the earlier uncoded virtual keyboard in the Lion OS. though it was only a prototype but a very realistic one for production. I believe it to be the IMac I and my father both got our hands on earlier this year.:apple:

    Ah.... I cry foul. Not real at all.


    lars von trier. Lars von Trier#39;s Dogville.
  • Lars von Trier#39;s Dogville.

  • underdub
    Apr 25, 09:57 PM
    LOL. love all these posts.

    Can I start a post thats about how Im anxiously awaiting the END of all these "when is the new iMac coming out" threads?......

    .....please lets move on...

    Gosh. I wish I was cool like you. Do you own a Mac? Cool.

    lars von trier. Lars von Trier Since then, he
  • Lars von Trier Since then, he

  • interconnect
    Mar 31, 06:36 PM
    I hope to GOD this doesn't actually make it to the final product. This is so unbelievably ugly I can't even take it. One of the reasons I love OS X is because of how cohesive it is. Most of the apps follow the interface guidelines which makes it feel unified and not the cobbled together mess that is Windows. To me, this just looks cheesy. It works for iOS but not for the Mac imo.


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  • Lars von Trier with Charlotte

  • evil89
    Apr 1, 01:56 AM

    I don't want an iPad on my Mac, please.

    lars von trier. LARS VON TRIER

  • SciFrog
    Oct 21, 01:10 PM
    You just leave the computers on 24/7 just folding. Not everyone does though. Also trying to fold more might influence your farm or purchases. Also trying beta programs is a way to compete. Also being on a team gives you more satisfaction than just your personal crunching.


    lars von trier. Lars von Trier
  • Lars von Trier

  • Popeye206
    Apr 14, 05:13 AM
    Will iX come in white?

    lars von trier. Creepy trailer for Lars Von
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  • 15inchbrick
    Sep 30, 09:17 AM
    You have a point, but Apple didn't necessarily want an exclusive carrier. That does nothing for Apple's business. AT&T obviously paid for Apple's exclusivity.

    Um.... I am pretty sure that Apple gets a higher subsidy from having an exclusive carrier agreement, lowering the cost to their customers, yet still keeping margins on the device high.

    Someone to correct me if I am wrong.

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  • ScottInTheOC
    Mar 17, 10:21 AM
    Spectrum only got 12 units today, 6 16gb black wifi and 6 32gb black wifi - I got the 12th voucher - for a 16gb black wifi!

    what time did you get there this morning? Looks like it was a good thing I didn't head out, 12 units isn't very much...

    Apr 21, 11:03 PM
    Samsung spends all the money they make from Apple suing them.

    Nov 23, 09:45 PM
    Nope, I haven't either :mad:

    yeah, but i still haven't gotten my points back yet

    I think they will come either this last update or the next one. As if you look at the hourly graphs for any team a huge spike existed for the last hour. This is probably stanford processing log files. It may take time for them all to be processed.

    Apr 14, 07:22 AM
    What would be easy to accomplish would be making universal apps that combine the iPhone, iPad and Mac version in one app bundle. Say, download "OmniFocus Universal", which starts the Mac version on the Mac, the iPad version on iPad, the iPhone version on iPhone/iPod touch. Would only make sense when combining Mac App Store and iOS App Store someway while keeping the syncing of the iOS devices in iTunes.

    Think one step further. Why break it up? One device that can work both in Mac (desktop) mode and in touch mode, with apps having UIs for both.

    Apr 12, 09:30 AM
    Oh I forgot...yes...the "Specs" argument. My bad. AND the Closed vs. Open debate. Yes...that too. It's so open that I can't upgrade to the latest Android version, because it's not available for carrier XYZ. But that's not Android's fault, or the Phone's fault. You can root it though. That's awesome...root it, then download the newest launcher, then reset it, and do this, and do that. Then when that's all done, it's no better than it was when I started. But hey, my icons are Green! Cool...

    Also, Apple is Evil and you are living in Steve Job's RTF.

    and... and... 4G.

    and... widgets.

    Apr 14, 08:16 PM
    Downloaded and installed the new software on my Verizon iPhone, so far no problems.

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