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keira knightley chanel

keira knightley chanel. Emma#39;s New Deal with Chanel.
  • Emma#39;s New Deal with Chanel.

  • tripjammer
    May 4, 09:49 AM
    August people...August 26th to be exact!

    I just heard from a informed source!

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  • Keira Knightley stars in a

  • unobtainium
    Apr 14, 03:03 AM
    Imac touch with ios apps as widgets? Imagine cleaning fingerprint smudges off a 27" iMac display. I hope Apple doesn't go there, and I don't think they will.

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  • Keira Knightley for Chanel

  • joeshell383
    Oct 19, 05:30 AM
    Apple didn't update the form factors was to ease people into Intel. Apple had to convince upgraders that they were still using a Mac, and that the inside was the only thing that changed (for the better). Now that Gen 1 Intel is complete Apple can update the form factors as they have proved Macs will always be Macs.

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  • Keira Knightley Chanel Ad 6

  • rmwebs
    Apr 28, 05:00 PM
    Here's another way to slice it (literally). Flipped half the image. Left the guidelines on this one as well.

    Image (

    I agree that this is no substitute for measuring the actual phone, but, at least in that photo, they are identical. Certainly not off by 1mm as the original post states.

    Take a closer look at those edges there...they aren't lined up correctly, still meaning the results are out. I agree that its certainly not 1mm, but its still not getting an accurate result. I might even go as far as to say the plastic is thicker, and the band is thinner.

    If you look at the middle gridline, you can see very light masking from the black overlapping the white...not a major amount but enough to be a few microns out of shape.

    Maybe we should just grab a couple of iphones for...ahem....testing purposes! :)


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  • Keira Knightley for Chanel

  • pit29
    Apr 2, 01:23 PM (

    keira knightley chanel. Keira Knightley#39;s Suspicious
  • Keira Knightley#39;s Suspicious

  • zombierunner
    May 2, 12:08 PM
    I am amazed as to why we have not seen a single "imac 2011 leak" ... pics of the new imac .. pics of the box ? etc like with the iphones lol .... i'm going to be seriously depressed if i go to tomorrow and still see that white iphone on there ... seriously

    ps - i just noticed i am no longer a macrumor newbie - I am a regular now .. woo hoo


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  • In This Photo: Keira Knightley

  • aardwolf
    Sep 30, 09:55 AM
    I get very good reception in the DC metro area (NoVA). I estimate only 1-5% dropped calls, which is acceptable to me.

    Same here in the Memphis metro area... I probably get somewhere near 1%.

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  • Keira Knightley Chops Off Her

  • zen
    Apr 16, 12:57 AM
    on my first gen ipad I had problems installing and had to do a restore, but after restore its working just fine.

    I've tried that. I get the same "device isn't eligible" error.


    keira knightley chanel. Keira Knightley
  • Keira Knightley

  • FireStar
    Nov 5, 08:18 AM
    REALLY, need some jeans...,.8,0,0&resmode=sharp

    Ooh, and this shirt.

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  • Keira Knightley dons a Chanel

  • katewes
    May 3, 07:53 AM
    No matte antiglare screens on the new iMacs. If you need matte screens, there's something you can do - add your voice to 1,300+ petitions at Unlike personal emails to Apple - which Apple just ignore, asserting everyone loves glossy screens - make it count by adding to the online petition where your voice will remain visible on the net until Apple listens. Remember, adding your comment to transient news articles on the net is fine, but those articles go out of date in a few weeks, and also there is no long-term accumulation and consolidation of numbers, like there is at a petition site.


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  • Keira Knightley Chanel Coco

  • KindredMAC
    Jul 24, 07:45 PM
    awesome news that they are going with a different sendor for tracking!!!!!

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  • Keira Knightley: Chanel

  • IJ Reilly
    Jul 10, 04:09 PM
    A bit harsh, aren't you? They're supposedly integrating better search features into the next version of Pages precisely to improve the researching component of writing. So it's not like I'm the only one who thinks that Pages needs more to better compare to Word. As it stands, I'll give Pages a shot if I need to do something fancier than writing for MFA workshops.

    Plus, I save a couple of bucks.

    Pages isn't Word. It doesn't try to be Word. For those of us who use Pages every day, this is actually a good thing.

    As for being harsh, it seems like every time a thread on subject gets started, someone says Pages is only really suitable for newsletters, and not for "serious" writing. I find that most of the people who say this haven't gotten much past the template selection window. They see all those newsletter and flier templates and assume that this all Pages is good for. They've probably never created a template of their own and so are missing one of Pages' most powerful features.

    Also, it almost never fails in these threads that someone says they'd be using Pages today if it only had certain features that it already has. I don't know that it's being "harsh" to correct the record, but if that's what it is, then I guess that's what I am...


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  • Chanel Keira Knightley

  • iliketyla
    Apr 14, 05:27 PM
    I saw one in the wild.

    Employee at an AT&T store in Charlotte, NC had one last week when I stopped in to purchase a car charger. He said they are probably going to be out soon, but mentioned that he is having problems with the proximity sensor. he said the screen display is staying on when he is on calls and that his cheek/ear are activating display controls. Could it be an issue with the bright white reflecting too much light into the sensor?

    Does a proximity sensor work off light? (Honest question, I'm ignorant)

    From personal experience with my own phone I thought it worked by doing exactly what the name implies, sensing when your face is close to the phone, not by determining how much light there is?

    keira knightley chanel. Keira Knightley: From Chanel
  • Keira Knightley: From Chanel

  • MacNut
    May 1, 11:26 PM
    Obama definitely will be re-elected after this. Kiss your asses goodbye Republicans.While I think he gets elected again he is not the whole party.


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  • Keira Knightly Chanel

  • arnop
    Nov 8, 09:25 AM
    Two tickets for the UEFA CHampion's League final in Wembley next year :)

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  • Keira Knightley Topless Chanel

  • apolloa
    Apr 22, 05:28 PM
    Nope, don't believe a word of this report, not one word. This will be next years iPhone if it's true, not this years. Why would Apple re-design it 2 years running when it's selling by the truck load?


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  • Keira Knightley was

  • gorgeousninja
    Apr 28, 05:40 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Aaaarrrrggggghhhhhhhh!! The white iPhone is slightly thicker than the black one... Heeeelllllllllpppppppp....we're all dooooommmmmed!!!!!!

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  • s.hasan546
    Apr 17, 08:35 PM
    When we say "enough" and "runs fine" we are thinking of apps that require minimal standards. Man, when we are talking about at least quality games such as WoW, SC2, and MMO's, the difference between 320m and the Intel GPU is the difference between "playable and not playable"

    my mbp 13" i5 plays those games just fine.

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  • Chanel: Coco Mademoiselle

  • timmillwood
    Oct 18, 04:37 PM
    Nice results especially as the street was forcasting around 50cents.

    �Looking forward, 2007 is likely to be one of the most exciting new product years in Apple�s history.�

    Oh yeh! I can't wait.:D

    so what will we see in 2007?

    D 5
    Apr 26, 12:19 PM
    Why is Apple always trying to make money with all their products and services, what other company does this ;)

    Why can't all Apple products and services be free, I deserve it :D

    Apr 16, 12:54 AM
    on my first gen ipad I had problems installing and had to do a restore, but after restore its working just fine.

    Mac Kiwi
    Mar 4, 05:09 AM
    Makes me wonder if he has always seriously mentally ill, but was always able to hide it with drugs and alcohol and kept refusing treatment.

    Apr 11, 03:03 PM
    How are you going to reduce the number of cables? It seems like you would still need the same number of cables.

    reducing the number of cables connected to his computer is what he would be doing. Just one TB could possibly handle all of the cables through a hub.

    Mar 31, 10:35 AM
    The rest of the design is not so bad but I wish Apple would get over the urge to make things look like their physical incarnations. I know there is a name for this but it escapes me at the moment.

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