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a drawing of jack sparrow johnny depp

a drawing of jack sparrow johnny depp. Johnny Depp
  • Johnny Depp

  • D4F
    Apr 28, 04:38 PM
    This is THE most retarded thread EVER hahaha

    a drawing of jack sparrow johnny depp. Tags: Johnny Depp as Jack
  • Tags: Johnny Depp as Jack

  • Orme
    May 2, 12:43 PM
    I really hope that it comes tomorrow as my apple store credit card is on fire waiting to be spent. ;) however @dpdesilva on twitter is rumoring that apple will delay imac refresh due to leaks and rumors being overshadowed by Bin Laden's Death. Personally I think it might be B.S. I care more about my Imac than the story of his death.

    Sounds like a load of bs to me.. someone is fame hungry.. Why would the news of Osama's death overshadow rumors/leaks of the new iMac.. they are both on totally different scales and subjects. One is world breaking news.. one is not and I don't see how it's going to stop people like me from being worried about other things like my life, daily routine and this iMac that I want ever so desperately..

    [Edit] and if it's true that the refresh is going to be delayed because of Osama's death.. THEY'RE SO LETTING HIM WIN!! :mad::mad::mad:

    a drawing of jack sparrow johnny depp. Jack Sparrow Johnny Depp
  • Jack Sparrow Johnny Depp

  • OdduWon
    Jul 22, 01:53 PM
    is'nt that because apple loads all the stuff you need to run it already? i know an windows formated ipod will work on either mac or pc, but mac formated wont wonk on windows. is this just some player hate'n by windows or is there a way to run a mac formated ipod on a pc? also i've experienced my ipods (windows formated for versitility) format get corrupted on my pc. i'll be using it one day and then booom! "this ipod is not formated for blah blah blah" never ever had this happen on my mac's. is this an apple issue with the correct windows format or with windows being windows? :confused:

    a drawing of jack sparrow johnny depp. How To Draw Johnny Depp As
  • How To Draw Johnny Depp As

  • NT1440
    May 1, 11:55 PM
    We took down who they thought was invincible. That will hurt their ego and their pride. Will they try to retaliate, sure.

    Who knows what information we may have found in that mansion that could hurt them.

    Source? Methinks projection is at play here.


    a drawing of jack sparrow johnny depp. Captain Jack Sparrow Drawing
  • Captain Jack Sparrow Drawing

  • twoodcc
    Nov 11, 11:18 AM
    looks like we've had a slow 24 hours

    a drawing of jack sparrow johnny depp. Johnny Depp Jack Sparrow
  • Johnny Depp Jack Sparrow

  • dubAdub
    May 2, 09:34 AM
    I suspect it will be an early Thursday morning update, particularly as today is a public holiday in so many countries.


    a drawing of jack sparrow johnny depp. Jack Sparrow drawing
  • Jack Sparrow drawing

  • cmaier
    Apr 22, 01:52 PM
    So we agree that their lawsuit isn't "a specific claim against a specific model". ;)

    No. They made specific claims against specific models. It's just that a few of the claims are against lines of products. But others are much more specific.

    a drawing of jack sparrow johnny depp. Jack Sparrow - Johnny Depp
  • Jack Sparrow - Johnny Depp

  • Badradio
    Jul 10, 01:15 PM
    I checked out Pages last year, but the lack of a thesaurus was a deal-breaker. The added wikipedia and google support is just a bonus for me - I'll be ordering this the day it's released.
    bluebomberman - I'm working on a novel right now, and I've found that less is definitely more. All I need are a thesaurus, spellchecker, page numbering and find-and-replace. Anything else is just a distraction, but everyone has their own work style - that's just mine.


    a drawing of jack sparrow johnny depp. A Picture Of Johnny Depp
  • A Picture Of Johnny Depp

  • Blakjack
    Apr 28, 05:36 PM
    This is worth mentioning, but I isn't worth complaining about.

    a drawing of jack sparrow johnny depp. Johnny Depp Captain Jack
  • Johnny Depp Captain Jack

  • MaxMike
    Apr 12, 03:37 PM
    A fall release doesn't really matter to me. Getting a Verizon iPhone 4 next week with a different upgradable line. Then my own upgrade in November. Although hopefully the late release later in the year means Apple is working to put LTE in the iPhone 5 :D


    a drawing of jack sparrow johnny depp. Johnny Depp as Captain Jack
  • Johnny Depp as Captain Jack

  • mcmlxix
    Apr 13, 02:40 PM
    Only slightly off topic�

    Without using iTunes & ATV, does anyone know of a product where you can wirelessly stream the media contents of any shared volume to the TV? I would imagine such a product would need a PC/Mac side client as well as a TV attached gizmo�like iTunes & ATV. I have both anyway, but I was wondering of different options.

    a drawing of jack sparrow johnny depp. Johnny Depp#39;s Pirates of
  • Johnny Depp#39;s Pirates of

  • Cougarcat
    Mar 31, 01:04 PM
    I guess now that Macs are only 20% of revenue, we're getting the "B-team" developers and designers.

    Bad interfaces based on silly metaphors isn't a new phenomenon at Apple. May I remind you of this abomination?



    a drawing of jack sparrow johnny depp. Johnny Depp - Jack Sparrow by
  • Johnny Depp - Jack Sparrow by

  • iOS v Android
    Apr 28, 04:48 PM
    Oh god its the end of the world...WHOOOOOOOOO CARES

    a drawing of jack sparrow johnny depp. Captain Jack Sparrow by ~
  • Captain Jack Sparrow by ~

  • robeddie
    Apr 19, 06:33 PM
    thank you.
    Well said.
    A faster cpu is a luxary, but not crucial. But a slower gpu can be deadly.


    a drawing of jack sparrow johnny depp. from the picture: quot;Johnny Depp
  • from the picture: quot;Johnny Depp

  • shecky
    Oct 24, 08:57 AM
    is the HDD removable?

    The userguide online is still the CD MBP

    i am waiting on this and the "Technology Overview" to be posted before buying. just want to make sure there are no surprises :)

    a drawing of jack sparrow johnny depp. from the picture: quot;Johnny Depp
  • from the picture: quot;Johnny Depp

  • dethmaShine
    Apr 16, 06:58 AM
    First, OS X is very much like the last versions of NeXTSTEP was, aside from Quartz/Appkit frameworks and GUI layer. Foundation is basically what was shipping in the 90s, the kernel/BSD userland, etc...

    Apple has done a lot of work on it, and I've said so in my posts several times. I'm not diminishing their work in anyway.

    Yeah, OS X is pretty much the same. There's nothing that apple has put in it. Most of the frameworks are derived from NeXTSTEP. Happy now?

    Again, I'm simply stating that pissing over Google because they "acquired" and used "open source" is quick disingenuous in the face of Apple having done the same for both their flagship OSes.

    No one is pissing over google's work. It was a response to one of your s*****[censored] comments, here:

    By that same vein, what has Apple ever developed that's anything close to a OS ? And no, Mac OS X, a bunch of components bought/taken from the open source community doesn't count... it's just a Unix distribution with a GUI layer on top.

    You replied to a person who was talking about ChromeOS being just a giant browser which is absolutely true.

    You sound like one of those people on engadget who are always claiming that Apple has just been copying/modifying stuff and selling it as their own.

    How do you know ? You saw Android in 2005 ? You can seriously compare what Andy's company made back then to what is actually shipping now ? The evolution from Android 1.0 to 2.3/3.0 is quite astounding by itself, who knows what went on between 2005 and version 1.0 that shipped in late 2009.

    That's not what I meant. I meant that Google buys a lot of companies and makes a lot of acquisitions and sell their product as Google's. There's nothing bad in that. But there's nothing false about it as well. Developing/Not developing Android was never my point.

    Why even attempt to diminish the work ? Apple does the same acquisition, they use open source projects to quicken development. The histories are similar, the goals are similar. Why hate Google over it, and why do you think it doesn't also reflect on Apple when you do ?

    OK, which company doesn't? Apple does it too. But they are not buying other people's products and just selling them outright. You know you're dreaming when you claim that Mac OS X has very less to do with apple and much to do with every other thing they 'copied'.

    I will leave the rest of your post out and just report it to the mods instead. I suggest editing your post to remove your clear lack of respect. If you want to discuss the merits of each at the fine detail, I don't think this is the thread for it. Again, let's drop the Google hate and talk OS X instead.

    Are you the one who's talking about lack of respect? Just look at your post history. You call people fools; you tell them they don't know anything.

    Nevermind, please report. Thanks.

    Very well said, just like you insert pro-google comments in every other thread.


    a drawing of jack sparrow johnny depp. Johnny Depp / Jack Sparrow
  • Johnny Depp / Jack Sparrow

  • R.Perez
    Apr 27, 12:42 PM
    Nice metric you have there, $some people on the internet have said it, thus it must be true.


    I know right? We all know that everything that is said on the internet is inherently fact :rolleyes:

    a drawing of jack sparrow johnny depp. Johnny Depp Pirates of the
  • Johnny Depp Pirates of the

  • Moyank24
    Apr 28, 01:14 PM
    Still too early. But if you think my death is tragic, maybe, just maybe, you can be a stripper in my next game.


    I want to own the strip club.

    And didn't you see how upset and disoriented I was by your death? I lost all track of time.

    a drawing of jack sparrow johnny depp. Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp)
  • Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp)

  • bobthecat23
    Apr 24, 03:56 PM
    can we get a hell yeah? lower prices at&t can go burn in hell

    Oct 24, 08:43 AM
    as others have mentioned, i'm a little surprised that only the 17inch model has a 7200rpm drive option. i'm going to check with apple directly to see if i can get a custom 15inch with a 7200 drive. my audio apps don't work well with the anything slower.

    having said that, the ram, fw800 and dual layer burner are a nice addition

    That is weird but according to the website Apple.com in the specs page, the 15" has the following options
    -120GB @5400 RPM
    -160GB @5400 RPM Add $100
    -200GB @7200 RPM Add $200

    While the 17" has
    -100GB @7200 RPM Subtract $100
    -160GB @5400 RPM
    -200GB @4200 RPM Add $100

    Nov 3, 10:49 AM
    Here is another screenshot, go use your assumption skills of what these things will do. Apparently support for IR remote, iSight, etc. I don't have my Windows cd to install right now, but I will later tonight. Otherwise, I have to actually start doing some work =/. More updates later in the day.

    Looks like that toolbar is just listing USB devices to me. Doesn't mean any of those will actually work under VMWare. Is there a Windows driver for built in iSight or Apple IR?

    Nov 11, 11:04 AM
    One of my main reasons for getting the MB vs. keeping my iBook was Parallels.

    I develop for several platforms, so this was 'made in heaven' if i worked.

    Well, after a month of testing and developing I can say that Parallels has been an unqualified success.

    Currently I'm running Ubuntu, Solaris 10 (Dtrace, zones and ZFS rules, but that is another debate), and Win2k. Apart from an issue getting the screen resolution right in Sun's Java Desktop, I have had no problems whatsoever.

    Since I'm not doing any 3D work, graphics acceleration isn't an issue for me.

    It's the best 70-odd dollars I've ever spent.

    Oh yeah, to the guy with stability issues..... I have no idea what you've been doing to your machine, but I haven't yet had a kernel panic of any kind (nor a BSOD in Parallels), so I don't recognize the situation at all. And, believe me, when you rape a system the way I do, running a long compile in the background while at the same time converting a video (just to see the stress handling capabilities - I wouldn't do that normally, compiles take too long :)), you get a good feel for the stability of the system. This baby is rock solid.

    For the record: MB CD 2GB 120GBHD


    Nov 30, 06:13 PM
    i recently got a ps3 slim, does ps3 folding rely on ps3 linux?

    I think it does, but check the FAQ page (http://folding.stanford.edu/English/FAQ-PS3).

    Shoulda' read the next post first, duh.

    Mar 16, 11:37 AM
    Well at lease I will have one to trade at the Apple store once they get some more in...we shall see who has the last laugh.

    I will be at the Brea Mall Satruday AM if anyone wants to trade or PM me.

    But you still have to wait in line to exchange... So I don't know how having one to exchange is different from just paying cash? Except the fact you're down almost a 1000 dollars now with something you're not using.

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