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letter tattoo designs

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  • chinese letter tattoo designs

  • bigrobb
    Apr 16, 02:49 PM
    here is mine

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  • Tattoo Lettering Fonts

  • partyBoy
    Apr 8, 01:24 AM

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  • Henna Letter Tattoo Designs

  • speedylomeli
    Apr 9, 02:00 PM
    Why don't they just admit it. It's a security patch. Every small patch released in between full digit numbers tend to be security patches. The next real update will be 5.0.

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  • tattoo letters designs tattoos

  • Philalbe
    Mar 20, 07:09 AM

    Just to give a quick backstory; I spent years going back to school for design and at last I've finally acquired my degree. I now have a budding freelance business with a handful of small clients, all of whom are relatively civil, good natured and appreciative of my work.

    Recently a long distance client I really get along with referred me to someone. He hired me to do a logo for his marketing startup. He was pleased with the end result and asked me to take on a second project, designing a mockup for a website that he could then turn over to a developer. He set a time limit of 3 hours, because that's all he could afford. Everything was going fine till about 2 hours in. He liked the direction I was going in, so while I was waiting to hear back I did some small revisions (off the clock), just to satisfy my own design sensibilities. I sent them to him to see what he thought. He suddenly calls me saturday afternoon and from the get go, seems to have an attitude. He wants to go over all the revisions I sent him. So I scramble for my macbook. As I'm going through my folders in search of the files he starts getting flustered and belittling. I offer to call him back in an hour after I've gathered everything and before one of us says something we'll regret, but he wants to stay on the phone and takes an even more offensive tone. I'm a laid back guy, but I had enough and firmly reminded him that I was trying to design a site for him within a 3 hour limit and had been good enough to not bill him for all the phone time he insisted on and had even stopped the clock a couple of times. He then startled to backpedal and complimented me on my work and how fair my pricing was ($25.00 an hour). The conversation went on for about another half hour as in the aftermath we awkwardly discussed the project. I think I did a pretty good job of remaining diplomatic. I've now just about completed the project and now he's talking about having me design a business card:rolleyes: The whole thing has left a bad taste in my mouth. I know there can always be an element of stress with any type of work is, but that was a bit much.

    Sorry for the rant, but I felt like I needed to vent to fellow designers. Anyone else have any horror stories?:)


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  • Hot Tattoo Lettering Designs

  • JohnnyQuest
    Mar 31, 04:39 PM
    Are you guys not aware that Christmas was months ago? ;)

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  • Lettering Tattoo Pictures

  • lilo777
    Mar 31, 01:43 PM
    Soon we will only have one OS called iOSX

    OSX 10.7 has iOS features that were sent "Back to the Mac"
    iOS is getting OSX apps (Photoshop, Garage Band, iMovie, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Photo Booth.......)
    OSX is getting apps originally designed for iOS

    If you imagine iOS and OSX on a line


    They are moving in opposite directions toward each other.


    Eventually, they will meet in the middle and we will have either 2 similar operating systems or simply a mix of the two.

    I think Apple thinks that by taking the best of the two worlds they are creating a "better" user experience. I don't know if this is the case but I think that this is clearly the inevitable long-term outcome. Time will tell.

    Yes, I want to have the same OS on my phone and my desktop.


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  • lettering tattoo designs.

  • iSamurai
    Apr 25, 12:07 AM
    They should offer conversion kits especially when the polls show so many black iPhone owners are already sticking with their current iPhone.

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  • lettering tattoo designs.

  • sherlockaled
    Feb 15, 04:01 AM (
    Red for Valentine's Day
    can you please give me the link to your original wallpaper :D? thank you :)


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  • Tattoo Letter Designs - Tattoo

  • eljanitor
    Apr 21, 04:21 AM
    I guess no ones going to reply to this thread, so maybe it should be closed. I just wanted to know if anyone has any of their products and how reliable they are.

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  • Lettering Tattoos

  • Kyffin
    Apr 9, 11:51 AM
    Loving this- and Modern Times is such a good film too


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  • Old School Letters Tattoos

  • heyisti
    Sep 12, 05:47 PM
    And link to the pic and wall?

    Pic >> link (
    Wall >> link (

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  • Tattoo designs often

  • andi242
    May 1, 08:05 AM
    I was getting so much spam and crap

    one more thing Apple should learn from google (or any other running mail hosting).
    Spamfilters should be in place these days.


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  • single letter tattoo letter

  • AdamRock
    Feb 25, 08:29 PM
    no one cares.

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  • final Arabic tattoo design

  • Rowbear
    Feb 25, 05:52 AM
    Hi and welcome.

    I'm kinda new myself and love it :)


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  • letter tattoos designs. male

  • scan300
    Jul 3, 10:23 AM
    I did something similar once. Basically a combination of turning off then on the external drive, while connected and/or restarting my computer fixed this.

    Somewhere some deamon still thinks the drive is connected, it's just a matter of getting it to reset.

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  • jamieb63
    May 4, 08:59 PM
    Platelet donations take longer than blood donations (at least an hour longer in most cases). You can donate platelets much more often because your body regenerates them so quickly, in a matter of days instead of months. Some people feel temporarily light-headed after donating blood, which is why they insist that you rest and have a snack afterwards. That happens less often with platelet donations.

    One thing I didn't know until recently: A lot of donation centers encourage platelet donation because platelets have a shorter shelf life than whole blood and supplies can easily run low. But if your blood type is O negative (you're a "universal donor") and you volunteer to donate platelets, they'll likely ask you to donate blood instead!

    A Whole BLood Donation will take an average of 5-10 minutes once you're in the phlebotomy chair.... An automated RBC (double red cell) takes approximately 25 minutes in the phlebotomy chair - and a Platelet donation can vary quite a bit... dependent on your body mass, pre-platelet count, etc... average probably about 60 minutes.... In automated procedures, donors get saline back during the procedures, which is why the donors feel better vs. whole blood donors who don't receive any return saline....

    Red Blood Cells have a usual shelf life of 42 days - Platelets have a shelf life of 5 days... therefore, the needs are very different - All are extremely important! so ....wherever you fall in the spectrum, keep coming back!


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  • free tattoos letters tattoo

  • b166er
    Mar 25, 10:46 AM
    I hope I'm wrong, but I don't see iOS 5 offering us too much at this point.

    I wouldn't mind a new map app- yesterday I got lost, my car GPS sent me on a goose chase, and my iPhone didn't help much.

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  • Lettering Tattoo Designs.

  • leekohler
    Apr 17, 04:30 PM
    Heck I have said some crap to good friends of mine on the ice and they have said some crap to me. Even at my level of play there's emotion that sometimes gets the better of us.

    That's funny, because the ice team I started playing with (all straight guys except for me) recently kicked a guy off the team for using the F word repeatedly, and that was before I joined. I don't feel the need to use slurs when I play, and neither do they. They think it's cheap, immature and they won't tolerate it.

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  • Henna Letter Tattoo Designs

  • vvebster
    Feb 2, 09:46 AM
    February Desktop

    Feb 12, 03:07 PM
    Very nice selections, they are certainly very appropriate members to become moderators.

    However, do you think we can change edesignuk's official title from mini-mod to mod mini, more inline with Apple's product naming scheme? :p

    Good luck all of you.

    Oct 26, 07:27 PM
    The new interface is now available. It's sweet!!!

    And check out the new address book.

    Mar 11, 10:46 PM
    Oh, thanks.

    May 1, 02:25 PM
    Samsung is losing money in a lot of areas.


    Apr 18, 11:51 PM
    When I try to go to the guides site it tries to connect and then fails. Anyone else getting this problem??

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