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  • johnpaul191
    Apr 28, 07:41 AM
    1) As people said, it was an "old design" when most people not expect a new iPhone release every summer.
    2) They released a 3G iPhone as Verizon is releasing LTE devices. I wouldn't buy any 3G phone today and be locked in for 2 years.

    Now add the fact that Verizon customers (myself included) never knew when to expect a verizon iPhone, and sort of gave up waiting. Those points above are not nearly enough reason to do an early upgrade and pay full price for the "older" style iPhone. I'll probably get a Verizon iPhone when I am out of the contract with my Droid X, but that's not till Summer 2012.
    I do know a bunch of people that left Verizon for the iPhone that said they will come back, but are not going to pay those astronomical ETFs to do it.... especially to then buy the same phone they already have.

    Wait for a next generation LTE iPhone to show up and people to run out their contract, and I bet a lot of people switch to Verizon.

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  • AppliedVisual
    Nov 2, 04:43 PM
    apple says no, and i can confirm this on my new 2nd gen shuffle. there is a slight gap.

    Yep... Confirmed here too. But for the size, design and price of this little unit I just can't find anything to complain about. ...The laser engraving could have been a bit bigger, but hey I can read it just fine - just my name and phone number in case I lose it at the gym.

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  • pmasters
    Nov 11, 12:53 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Mobile/8B117 Safari/6531.22.7)

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  • neko girl
    Mar 2, 04:33 PM
    I've lost my faith. I thought we were #1.


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  • Messy
    Oct 6, 06:40 AM
    I really like that, gonna go make myself a version of this now! :)

    Hehe yea someone posted it in another thread, its a tshirt on threadless or something.

    Got it on the work PC now too. :)

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  • goober1223
    Apr 7, 10:22 AM
    It's obviously just to eliminate the jailbreak, as usual.

    To all of those talking about jailbreaking, that's unpatchable at this point. Remember that they found a boot rom vulnerability that they had been hoping for. Those can only be patched by hardware, not software. The only problem is that it only allows tethered jailbreaks, without an additional vulnerability to exploit to make it untethered. This jailbreaks all devices except the recently released iPad 2, so they just make a few updates and release a tethered jailbreak right away, and an untethered jailbreak when they can.

    TL;DR - Apple cannot patch the jailbreak with software updates, so stop worrying about it.


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  • Uberglitch
    Oct 23, 11:34 AM
    hahaha, very nice. And not only that, but you didnt write anything in Comic Sans! :p

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  • zen.state
    Mar 30, 06:09 AM
    Thanks zen.state. I'll look it up once the blasted screen turns up!

    This thread http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1127873 is asking about drive sizes for PPC machines but the thread on the apple site pointed to doesn't seem to answer the question definitively - at least to me but I'm kinda new.

    what is the max drive size for a PPC with with a ATA controller in one of the PCI slots?

    I have heard of the 2TB limit per drive before. I cannot confirm this 100% though as all my drives are less than 2TB. I have 3.5 TB total but it consists of 3x 1TB and 1x 500GB.

    I think 2TB drives are a great option for you. They can be had for as little as 75-80 each these days and 4 of them would give you 8TB in your file server. Not too shabby.

    I myself plan to buy a couple 2TB drives soon as I am running out of space even with 3.5 TB.


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  • ThaDoggg
    May 5, 07:15 PM
    I'm drooling over some of the Corrado pics that were posted. I've always loved those cars. I believe to this day they still look modern.

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  • fawlty
    May 2, 04:42 AM
    Thank you for referencing one of the greatest films ever!

    That post is going straight to the poolroom...


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  • PLamarine
    Apr 5, 02:38 PM

    Requires Jaiobreaking, but works great!

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  • mikeschmeee
    May 5, 10:49 PM
    The old guys in the second video are a little mistaken. The "432" badge on the side of the Fairlady has nothing to do with cubic inches. In fact, they were only 2.0L engines (122ci). The "Fairlady Z 432" was simply a special, limited version of the normal Fairlady. The 432 number stood for the "4 valve, 3 carb, 2 cam" specs of the 6-cylinder engine. This is similar to what Oldsmobile did with the 60's 442, which stood for "4-barrel carb, 4-speed trans, dual exhaust". The Z in the video has a more modern RB25 Skyline engine in it, whereas the original Z 432 came with the then-current Skyline S20 2.0L, 6-cylinder engine.

    lol I know eh! I didn't want to post that video but I just like how clean that Fairlady looks. I just want that video too. I want to see the Z they were taking about near the end with some crazy horses.

    What kind of BMW do you recommend for a young bachelor business guy in a popular downtown location? I was thinking about the 3 series.



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  • marcelbobbe
    Apr 17, 09:15 PM
    I was the first customer in Naples/Fl who bought the new MacBook Pro on Febr. 24 in the  store;
    after a while I noticed flickering on my 24" monitor; it became black for a split second; the problem continued; Apple replaced my Pro without asking questions; the second Pro still had the same problem; I got my third Pro recently - the problem stills continues; I disconnected the monitor but the same on the Pro itself; I wrote to the store manager and I am waiting for their answer;
    I have heard about this problem from different sides.
    Marcel Bobbe - USA

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  • mrpaperknife
    Nov 14, 09:11 PM
    I really liked this one. I've tried many other apps that gather the Album Cover art for iTunes songs/albums but this is the best by far.

    It's called Clutter (http://www.sprote.com/clutter/).

    Launch Clutter when you have iTunes open. As a song is playing, Clutter automatically looks up the album art. Once found, under the File menu select copy to iTunes and BAM, it's there for the WhOLE album. Sweet.

    One note. If it doesn't find the art, just go under the File menu and choose "Find cover in Amazon". Just type in different variations of the artist or song and i'm sure it'll pop up.


    And to think that I spent all that time to manually gather album art! If I had only known! Ugh! :o


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  • philipt42
    Oct 11, 09:25 PM
    Cool idea
    I'll check it out

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  • Macaddicttt
    Sep 24, 05:36 PM
    I can't really give any advice here because if I were you, I wouldn't have been okay with him having sex to begin with...

    I guess the question is this: Are you okay with the fact that your son is having sex? If the answer is yes, then fine, he can sleep over at his girlfriend's. If the answer is no, then no he cannot go, but you should also be having a discussion with your son about how you feel about the subject.


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  • rrandyy
    Mar 27, 03:19 PM
    randy, are you concluding this is false advertising?

    No, the post I responded to talked about false advertising. I'm concluding two things:
    1) Just because something isn't criminal doesn't mean it isn't illegal.
    2) You don't necessarily need a grand jury to bring a criminal charge.

    These conclusions have nothing to do with the ebay listing. The poster I responded to said something about a grand jury and false advertising.

    Edit: As an "armchair lawyer," I would probably just sue for restitution. For the other armchair lawyers: Yes, restitution is a cause of action.

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  • alphaone
    Mar 13, 04:47 AM
    Yeah I'm running 6.34/a5. If it happens again then I will definitely look into it deeper, but I think it may have been just bad luck.

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  • mags631
    Nov 22, 06:51 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Mobile/8B117 Safari/6531.22.7)

    It goes to show you that they can still make a profit with $100 off. I guess the price gouging by Apple continues.

    If you are worried by Apple's margins, you shouldn't buy software or clothes.

    Feb 2, 10:40 PM
    I made this entirely on my ipad :) This is for fellow robotic dinosaur (Pleo) lovers :P I have about thirty Pleo desktop backgrounds on rotation.


    Apr 13, 07:51 AM

    http://img269.imageshack.us/img269/5294/bildschirmfoto20110413uy.png (http://img269.imageshack.us/i/bildschirmfoto20110413uy.png/)

    http://img163.imageshack.us/img163/3828/bildschirmfoto20110413u.th.png (http://img163.imageshack.us/i/bildschirmfoto20110413u.png/)

    Apr 15, 06:49 PM

    Read the introductory paragraph, especially the first line. Then count the new releases.


    /end of witty post of the day.

    Mar 27, 03:54 PM
    I thought something was suspicious just looking at their feedback rating before reading their description. I guess that is what you get for dealing with someone with a cloudy past and not reading what you are bidding on or buying, that seller needs to be banned from eBay.

    Oct 1, 05:58 AM
    Attachment issues :o

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