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kevin federline 2011

kevin federline 2011. kevin federline 2011
  • kevin federline 2011

  • TonySwartz
    Nov 20, 12:20 PM
    Look at Shaw's other "rumors"...

    kevin federline 2011. kevin federline 2011. kevin federline 2011 fat; kevin federline 2011 fat. 4God. May 2, 12:35 PM
  • kevin federline 2011. kevin federline 2011 fat; kevin federline 2011 fat. 4God. May 2, 12:35 PM

  • chicagdan
    Jan 9, 03:37 PM
    I think the keynote was a bust. Waaaaaaaaayyyy to much time spent on the frickin' iPhone, and I'm the perfect demographic for it. My iPod 4Gen just died, and my Samsung Cingular cell is on the fritz, but there is no way in hell I'm paying $600 for a nano/phone combo. 8gig is not enough space, especially when you start putting any video content on there. Thanks Steve, I'll pass...:confused:

    I was thinking too that I'm the perfect demographic ... tied in Cingular customer, not terribly happy with my moto phone, Apple freak. I agree that the price is terrible and the memory too small.

    I wonder if video streaming to the phone might be announced before the product hits the shelves. The PSP can stream movies via Sony's LocationFree player. Maybe the Apple Phone will stream via a Slingbox or Apple Movie and they won't announce the functionality until later. Otherwise, I can't understand why they'd release a wide screen iPod without the storage space to hold movies.

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  • jimthorn
    Jul 18, 11:44 AM
    I think you can only do that in Text Mode with iChat AV. Audio and Video Modes are for 1-to-1 connections only.

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  • Kevin Federline

  • Warbrain
    Apr 4, 11:16 AM
    Stop with the FUD already. Businesses operating in the EU cannot do this. Just because corporations in the USA can, doesn't mean the rest of the world is the same... :rolleyes:

    Tell me, what market does Apple concentrate on?


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  • kevin federline fat again 2011

  • Killyp
    Oct 15, 03:03 AM
    Front cover of Massive Attack's 100th Window.

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  • fat kevin federline 2011

  • iaymnu
    Feb 20, 10:34 PM


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  • boxingtom
    Apr 28, 06:41 AM
    well i was wondering to download lord of the ring on my :apple:pple imac but will it run on it???:confused:

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  • Kevin Federline amp; Victoria

  • Sopranino
    Sep 27, 10:04 AM
    I've been a very satisfied customer of .Mac since its inception. I receive zero spam e-mails and I am delighted with the ability to create aliases. On top of that there is no advertising at all. I also have a couple of other web-mail accounts and they get zillions of spam messages even with their respective anti-spam filters turned on. I think that this update adds a little bit more polish on an already decent offering. I do agree with a previous poster that the iCal integration needs some work.



    kevin federline 2011. kevin federline fat again 2011
  • kevin federline fat again 2011

  • Glideslope
    Apr 4, 11:30 AM
    There may not be a "mass exodus" but you can rest assured that my family (4 of us) will be switching to Verizon and joining my Dad (who currently is with Verizon) as of July 1st. :D

    Enjoy your CDMA. "Let me check, gotta call you back". ;)

    kevin federline 2011. kevin federline fat again 2011
  • kevin federline fat again 2011

  • jafan pit
    Nov 23, 11:02 PM
    Lets face it, Mail on iphone blows when compared to blackberry. There is no security like blackberry has on top of the entirely inadequate mail program.

    You can't search well beyond the most recent emails. on a blackberry you can search thousands of recent emails and it just works.


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  • zin
    Apr 7, 02:29 PM
    Missile Command...

    Needs the Trackball, though... ;)


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  • Kevin Federline

  • berkut
    Nov 13, 07:02 AM
    And who used Shake that its loss makes an impact? Apple could cut Motion and I don't think many would care.

    Shake was used for a lot of feature films by a lot of the big studios.

    Nuke's now pretty much cleaned up in that space, as pretty much all the big studios (ILM, Weta, Sony, DD, Animal Logic, Cinesite, Image Engine, DNeg, Framestore, MPC, The Mill) have moved over to Nuke.

    The problem with "really" pro apps like Nuke/Shake (and to a smaller extent FCP) is that they are used in part of a pipeline. The customer knows what they want, and they want flexibility, customisability, programmability, and they want software to work the way they do.

    Apple doesn't really work like that - with the Pro apps they're slightly different, but in general their attitude is "this is what you need, do it this way. It'll be released soon and it will be awesome."


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  • Kevin Federline Kevin

  • d0hutch
    Feb 1, 11:21 AM
    My February desktop

    kevin federline 2011. SEE ALL KEVIN FEDERLINE VIDEOS

  • ratzzo
    Apr 24, 11:49 PM
    This comes really, really late.. and with the iP5 around the corner. In all honesty, I don't see how some paint issues could have delayed this 10 months back :confused:


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  • stephenli
    Jul 27, 10:24 PM
    well if apple is going to rely on sony for bluray then they will have to wait cuz sony is gonna use them all up on the PS3

    Hay. PS3's drive is not BD-R drive. You can't burn disc in PS3. btw Sony have already shipped Bluray burners with their new VAIO.

    Why announce the support of one standard now when there is another competing standard?

    I heard that Final Cut Pro support HD-DVD workflow. Don't be sad. you can still buy an external drive.

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  • kevin federline fat 2011

  • jbanger
    Dec 1, 03:15 AM

    desktop courtesy of


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  • kevin federline fat again 2011

  • clarkent5477
    Apr 28, 11:04 AM
    Not the right reason...

    This is. People who are or were with Verizon are now:

    kevin federline 2011. kevin federline fat again 2011
  • kevin federline fat again 2011

  • bigjohn
    Apr 4, 11:45 AM
    i didn't pay $499 for my iPhone 4, I paid $299

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  • Kevin Federline#39;s girl is

  • masterkoga
    Mar 31, 05:21 PM
    They're idiots. Caught up in the "coolness" hype. Nothing more. And I don't consider weekend wedding photogs to be pros. I guarantee that any full time pro who needs to put food on the table does not depend on, much less condone the iPad to earn his/her keep.

    Yeah, right. Like I'm going to be processing 30MB RAW files on a freaking 64gb Web browser.


    No. Proofing and this so called "manipulation" belongs in a lab where meticulous care can be devoted to delivering perfectly color balanced prints�. Not a silly-assed iPad out in the field. And if said lab is out of reach then bring the lab with you in the form of something with more computing muscle�.

    in other words� get the right tool for the job at hand and the iPad ain't it.

    The iPad does nothing for me "in the field" that can't be achieved with a $99 portable DVD player used to show clients an enlarged preview. And photo journalists aren't allowed to use photoshop anyway.

    No joke.

    Look I'm all for new additions to the line of productivity apps for iOS products, but if someone walked into my studio touting their iPad with Photoshop or any other drawing, painting, video or audio app as a production station, I would laugh them right out the door. Do people seriously have any idea how big some of these files get? Not to mention the horse power that is needed to maintain a reasonable working interface? "Oh I can zoom in and do this, zoom out and do that..." Then they have no idea what timely productivity and deadlines are all about.

    In the current form this does not cut it on a professional level. It may get there, but not anytime soon.

    Aug 9, 09:41 PM
    My first desktop pic of my first mac. It is awesome :D

    Jul 9, 07:35 PM
    Anyone live in my neck of the woods? I plan on being there around 6 AM.

    Nov 29, 12:12 PM
    Honestly, I don't really see what the big deal is. Compared to previous demands of movies and music companies (variable pricing, etc.), asking Apple to limit the number of iPods the movie can be viewed on doesn't seem like an unreasonable request. How many iPods do you own? Yes, it is one more limitation, but I can't really see this limitation as dramatically effecting your ability to view the movie. And, if this small concession opens the floodgates of all of the major movie studios to begin selling movies on iTunes, then I think it's more than fair.

    Yeah, I don't care one way or the other. At my parents' house, five iPods are fed from a single computer. But only one of these is even capable of playing video. And how often are people watching full-length movies on iPods? Other than maybe traveling, they'll watch on the iTV or on the computer itself.

    On the other hand, it would add an unnecessary complication to things.

    Apr 7, 03:10 PM
    Hey, Apple!!!

    Can you PLEASE include separate email signatures for separate email boxes?!?!?

    Mar 19, 08:49 PM
    I'm from the UK, where capital punishement was abolished in 1969. Here in the UK we would love capital punishement to be reintroduced, a life for a life as they say. But it makes me wonder how someone can play god. Of course people who have murdered other people are kind of playing God, but in most cases, these attacks are not pre-planned, and really messy. Most murders are in defence or panic, also a lot of pre-planned. But someone playing God, deciding who lives and dies, I think it's kind of crazy sometimes. How can anyone be allowed to play god, how can 1 human, or 12 humans decide if another human dies in a controlled way. But I do agree that if you take a life, your life should be taken. But it still makes me think lots about it, I was in really deep thought about it a few nights ago. Here in the UK the law is fail, 2 years for killing someone. No common sense here in the UK. :mad:

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