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  • Aetherhole
    Mar 15, 12:25 AM
    I will be at the Irvine Spectrum tomorrow morning for the opening. Hopefully there won't be too many people there!

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  • WeegieMac
    Apr 16, 10:04 AM
    or a troll or all of them.

    And now, lets get back to OS X.


    My only issue with Lion DP2 and the subsequent update is the animations (I sound like a broken record between this and iOS 4.3).

    Everything else is relatively solid thus far.

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  • rmwebs
    Apr 26, 01:53 PM
    here's another article for you.....


    Wow...are you really that narrowminded?

    I'm not for one minute, nor did I ever say that Amazons cloud is invincible. The point I was making was that if Apple plan on using 1 datacenter, they will not only make the service unusable outside the US, but also make it pretty unreliable. The Amazon outage was the first since 2008 and was caused by a network glitch. Not exactly your run of the mill outage.

    Either way, Amazons cloud will outperform Apple's, period end of story. You'd have to be a pretty delusional fanboy to think that Apple would have the upper hand in this market. :rolleyes:

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  • Mac Marc
    Apr 25, 12:37 PM
    How do you explain the MacBook Pros with the antiglare screens?

    Never going to have a matte screen lol


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  • roland.g
    Apr 12, 10:08 AM
    THIS! :rolleyes:

    Remember Back to the Mac. Let's gear up some Lion, iMac revision and other Maccentric rumors. Page 2 it or get a new 'iOS Nothing new to see here folks' tab.

    Maybe I'll start a blog and call it Risky SuperNova. Then I can predict nonsense and get quoted every other week on MR.

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  • MorphingDragon
    Jun 16, 08:47 PM
    Am amused, :rolleyes:


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  • bodeh6
    Oct 24, 08:22 AM
    What about those of us that bought MBP's in August? The upgrades weren't in the forcast! Ugh, I really hate it when this happens!

    Those who bought their Computer in August should be happy with what they got since that was what was the best available at the time. And what are you talking about not in the forecast? The previous revision was here for just over 6 months. From April 2006 to October 2006. How long do you want Apple to go with out updates?

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  • akbarali.ch
    May 4, 08:25 AM
    I guess the reason why iphone 5 is being delayed is something got to do with cloud + Lion + iphone + ipod touch + Celluler data.

    iPhone 4 had been a good selling phone just like the previous ones but if you look into it you realize that making iphone4 is a bit costlier than the previous iphone which will be even tough for them to bring down the cost to $100 when iphone 5 comes out. So they may want to delay it abit more. (Very less likely though).

    As you can see the ipad3G version have celluler data access as well psp NGP, and lots of tablet that are coming out are all having cellular access including psp phone & del streak. That leaves out ipod touch, that has only WIFI. As we know ipod touch is iphone, without a phone and even if they pack in the 3G chip to access data, then why not allow it make calls, but that would make another iphone. So i guess instead of releasing an ipod touch they might be planning to release a cheeper iphone which will be better choice than "Wifi only iphone". Which also help them sell more iphone and compete better with Android (i hope they dont do that)

    Whatever the cloud thing is, needs to be demonstrated, for that, they need the cloud itself, iphone & mac, with lion, all of which is needs to be there on the table right in one place. cloud is just about to be ready, atleast thats what everyone is saying.

    so when you combine everything and try to guess the release date, it comes clean, that the release will not happen in june-july frame,.. later. but not sure how late.

    or just crap everything.....I guess they haven't done selling iPhone4!


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  • iphone3gs16gb
    May 1, 10:34 PM
    I thank our special forces for killing and capturing that arab scumbag.

    The U.S. carried out its promise :)

    Now I wonder who is next?

    The President is addressing the American people!

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  • Ed91
    Mar 31, 10:48 AM

    I wouldn't mind this UI when iCal is toggles to full screen, but it just looks wrong next to everything else, and totally out of place. I seriously hope they reconsider. Seriously.


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  • extraextra
    Oct 18, 07:30 PM
    so what will we see in 2007?

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  • brepublican
    Jul 21, 05:26 PM
    On a side note, who actually voted negatively for this news item? It makes no sense
    Not that I did, but it doesnt have to. Besides, some people feel negatively about Apple's increase in share; there are a few cons...


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  • southernpaws
    Apr 22, 03:23 PM
    It will add a few more onces and drain a little bit more battery. That is what will happen and that is not a worthwhile thing to apple.

    It will drain a significant amount of battery. not a little bit more

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  • scruffybear22
    Jun 6, 06:29 PM
    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! My brother actually did this!!!!!!! This article is about my brother!!!!!!!!!!!! NO JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way, he is 10 not 11


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  • Jumpman2033
    May 3, 08:14 AM
    A very "noobish" question.....Are iMac's upgradable? The reason i ask is because my current computer is a Dell XPSONE 24 (all in one machine). It has been great, but is rapidly becoming outdated. I can no longer update my graphics card without issues and due to the machines design i cannot upgrade the graphics card. (power supply cannot handle anything better).

    I am really considering the iMac because i love the all-in-one designs and fits what i need. However, i don't want to be stuck in this same situation in 2 -3 years.

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  • xbuddycorex
    Apr 22, 06:15 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    I love it, don't know how I feel about a chrome back though.


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  • JordanNZ
    May 3, 08:02 AM
    How can it be TFT and IPS?!! That makes no sense quite honestly... Pish Posh...

    I think you're confusing TFT with TN.
    They're not the same thing.

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  • goobot
    Apr 28, 10:38 PM
    Using my digital calipers the white is .01" thicker, I am using the same case from my black iPhone and it seems to fit just fine. Didn't notice any difference till I heard about it.

    nice job

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  • willzzz88
    Apr 17, 03:55 PM
    No issues with any of those updates on AT&T.

    Actually the reason for the battery drain is Apple updated the network baseband vocoder to the latest support UMTS/HSPA+ and better cell hand-offs in order to reduce dropped calls to an absolute minimum on GSM and similar on Verizon...

    You get a trade off, worse battery life (some of it has to do with the software though, drain the BATTERY ENTIRELY, and recharge it should get to 80%-90% now... ALSO DO A SETTINGS RESET BECAUSE your phone is running on OLD settings PREVIOUS to 4.3.2) but improved performance in everything else or crappy voice calls because your iPhone can't use the latest network capacity enhancements AT&T/*insert GSM carrier here*/Apple has made or Verizon/*insert CDMA carrier here*/Apple has made.

    Personally I like PERFECT VOICE QUALITY on GSM/CDMA.

    When I'm @ work I charge on the computer/USB port anyways... Or in the car...

    Apr 14, 02:17 PM
    I just updated mine and there is a noticeable difference in speed with this update. It is much faster in opening applications and text messages.

    Apr 25, 10:31 PM
    I blame Appleguy for this. I have sold the sandwich shop. No sandwiches for anyone anymore!!

    You need my approval to sell the sandwhich shop which I (in God-form) have given you. Consider it denied.

    Apr 15, 04:27 PM
    I like the new iCal :o

    Dec 31, 11:47 AM
    i think you missed my point - it's about her probably having a mental issue thinking her goal is 'ok'.

    Raising healthcare is an issue - it's common sense that 'fit' people will probably have a smaller impact on healthcare than someone who is unfit. Being fit doesn't guarantee perfect health, but it's like having a flat tire on a car vs a car without a flat - which one is going to go farther and requires less repairs???

    You are absolutely right about her having some sort of mental dysfunction. Furthermore, she has defied logic and shows flawed reasoning or the inability to reason at all. She is opposing the norm of society, the ability to stay healthy, and the ability to have a better quality of life. With today's knowledge on obesity, she realizes she is running towards death, and runs to it with arms wide open.

    People in good physical shape with a good diet, as you noted, do not always have better health outcomes, but statistically speaking, people with a healthy BMI and a good diet almost always have better health outcomes. Arthritis prevalence and severity is a major issue for people who are class 3 (formally morbidly) obese. Obesity is one of the top risk factors for death and is the top risk factor for about 7 different deadly and/or debilitating chronic diseases.

    Apr 21, 11:59 AM
    It's good to see you in the game Jav.

    Aggie and Jav nice to one another == One or both are WW.
    Aggie and Jav mean to one another == Neither are WW.


    Not exactly... -aggie- and I have a history in this forum... so... when we do disagree its usually because its him or me on a mood. Mostly him, since he is old...:D:D:D:eek::D

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